Wednesday, March 23, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Roxy Gets Wardrobe!!

That's right... Dr.'s his name? Oh yeah, FINN's service chameleon just got fitted for his new wardrobe.
Oh, don't let anyone fool you. In his first ever sit down, former "Tuco from Arizona" makes it perfectly clear that when The Producer came looking for a new cast member, he didn't care what sex the reptile was. 
"He just popped me in his pocket and off he went... didn't even ask me about my gender...guess he was in a hurry"!! 

Feast your eyes on these new duds for our Dude "Roxy"...  

Tuco is not sure he'll be able to wear this dapper outfit... but is hopeful for the Nurses' Ball. 

Inspired by "FINN" ... our friend gets dressed in his sharky-best! 

Roxy (aka Tuco) refuses to speak of this. All he would say is that it was for a scene with Franco. 

Inspired by Dead Duke, Anna made this for Roxy, as a tribute to the Scott. (He hasn't yet mastered the bag-pipes)

These are all the looks so far!! Tuco is also hoping to get a bigger habitat than the plastic transport cage they are using now. "Maybe something in Burbank with a View". 


  1. hahahaha. Those are hilarious. Can we expect people to now start saying that Roxy looks familiar? lol

  2. PRICELESS! Love it, Karen! :-D

  3. BAHAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE IT! Hmmm so let me get this straight.. Tuco the male is playing Roxy the female lizard? :)

  4. I love the outfit for Franco lol


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