Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's DAY!

WHO REMEMBERS OYRISH? welp..Alberta does! HELLO on St. Paddy's Day-- I've had a few Guinness. SO. sorry. 

Sonny finally acts like a parent to Krissy and says he's going to tell her Mom about "what she's hiding". She thinks it's the gay thing,  but he just says she got kicked outta school. Great scenes. Krissy breaks down, tells them what she really did.  You have to watch.. it's good. They still think the professor is a guy. :giggle:
Best part? Molly telling Sonny to STFU Yaaaaassssss!! 

Dr. O telling Franco he'd be good with kids. She gives him Leo to watch-- and he's adorable with him of course.  THEN he takes a phone call and leaves him in a laundry cart and walks away.
GUESS what happens? GUESS.

yes, he's gone. 
OH a nurse took him to the nursery so Olivia found him. 

Black Tshirts talking in the Garage Apartments. Sam wants a divorce.  Thinks it would be best if they 'moved forward and got to know each other" Jason says ok.

Crimson.. Julian deflects the whole printer thing. Nina decides to run a contest for "real women" To build a Crimson (TOLD YA!!) and they are giving $1000 to first 5 to put it together first.
Ok then!

Black roses for Kiki. I think Sonny sent them to intimidate Ava


  1. I remember Oyrish. lol

    The scene with Sonny and Krissy was good but I thought Sonny handled it very calmly. He had every reason to be disappointed. She got kicked out of school for propositioning her professor and didn't even tell her parents she wasn't at school any more. She lied about the reason she was home and kept pretending she was back at school. Was he supposed to be proud of that behavior? Molly told Sonny to STFU because she was working with several more layers of information. I'm sure if Krissy had told the whole truth Sonny would have handled it differently.

    I was disappointed that Alexis didn't say she was disappointed by her behavior too.

    Franco looking for Leo was hilarious.

    The do it yourself Crimson issue was a nice save too.

  2. P.S. Does anyone else think Sonny had that note sent to Ava?

  3. No, I think Paul sent them...

    This has been a great week to watch..... :-)


    I want to forget her!!!!

    The hospital:

    Olivia and Dr. O: Dr. O has a plan Stan! :)

    BobTodd and baby Uncle Leo: Awwwwwwwwww! Sweet scene!!!! Oh he is on the phone with Nina!!! He changed his mind about having a baby! YAY!!!! Oh oh I think he is going to change his mind since he lost Uncle Leo!!! ROFL! That cracked me up! He puts the baby in the laundry basket! BAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

    BobTodd and Dr. O: BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: Have you seen Leo?

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! Awww poor BobTodd. Awww come on don't let one mistake make you not want to have a baby! You learned from this. You won't make the same mistake again. Can you imagine BobTodd changing diapers? That would be a HOOT! :)

    Julian and Ava: More of the too close inappropriate chemistry scenes with them. :) Oh a black rose. I wasn't sure who would send her that, until the previews for tomorrow with Sonny. Now I am thinking he sent it to Ava.

    Julexis home: Great scene with Kristina and her parents!! Hey Molly! Have respect for your uncle Sonny and don't be rude!!! Come on Kristina tell your parents you are gay or bi or whatever! Just tell them!

    Carson home: So basically,

    Ava: I want my baby!

    Carly: No I want her!

    Ava: No I want her!

    Carly: You can't have her she is sleeping.

    Ava: I want her!

    Avery's thought bubble: Why is everyone yelling? Where is daddy? I want my daddy! I need my diaper changed! I want to play with Leo!!!

    Crimson: There ya go!!!! A do it yourself thing! That is using your noggin!!!! :) Do you really think Julian is talking to that printer guy? I don't think so. At first I was thinking that Maxie with her cape and Nina figured out it was Julian sabotaging but now I am not so sure.

    Jason's garage apartment: Wall and paint chit chatting. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    "Karen says Black Tshirts talking in the Garage Apartments."


  5. I thought the Kristina Sonny scenes were very realistic. She went for the tears and was trying to get out of it..AND really anxious about the whole thing. He was calm but did read her the riot act (appropriately so) and my laughing at Molly was just..because, you know, telling Sonny ANYTHING is fun to me :)

  6. "kdmask said...and my laughing at Molly was just..because, you know, telling Sonny ANYTHING is fun to me :)"

    How dare you uncle Sonny! Don't talk to my sister like that! ROFL!

  7. How many days in a row has Sonny been on? I NEED MB TO TAKE A VACATION! But yes - good scenes with Kristina.

    So no one at Crimson called the printer until Julian supposedly did? Okay then ... I laughed when Nina called HR. Seems like it's only Nina, Maxie and Dylan there.

    Jason and Sam really bore me. I'd much prefer to see Laura going from room to room at Wyndemere, looking to see what the key opens. ;-)


  8. Michelle Latta asked.. Who is Oyrish? It is Siobhan, Lucky's Irish Lass..... Erin Chambers played the part. Siobhan met Lucky in Ireland when he went undercover as Ronan O'Reilly to track down the Balkan. She was eventually killed because "she knew too much".

    Loved the Christina and Sonny scenes. I thought Chrissie did a great job... it seemed so 'real" to me. And Molly's mouth getting involved, was pure spunky Molly. Loved it all.

  9. Thanks Pat, I had forgotten all about her, didn't like that storyline so that's probably why. I agree, Lexington did such a great job and I love that Molly came to her sisters defense. Wonder how Sonny and Alexis will react when they find out Parker is a woman

  10. "Michelle Latta said...Dern auto correct **Lexie"

    Gotta love auto correct! ROFL!


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