Sunday, April 21, 2024

Sunday Surgery: FALSE DOSAGE


MESS. That's all I have right now. I actually turned off the show on Tuesday after the Brick and Jordan nonsense. Only watched Wednesday by FF on Hulu. Such confusing and confounding dialog. 

Get your goods and let's go! 

Where do I even start? That's what is tough to do lately. So many random things colliding together. Scenes are longer yes, but they don't really 'gel' in a way that feels like a story. This week also saw Canada getting the wrong show on the wrong day and then having the right show the day after. Not much was noticed at all in story progression which means that those 2 shows were interchangeable time wise. *sigh* 

SUPER DUPER DEX:  I'll take the easy way out and begin with this hilarious "montage" of Dex doing the physical part of his PCPD test. IN A PARKING LOT. Ok, budget is tight but.. but...???  AND he's the only one? I really hope you've seen it because even the music is something to behold. They REALLY should have just told us about it and not shown us. By the way, not only is Dex AMAZING he was in the top 98th percentile to EVER in the history of EVER to finish that well. The writers just couldn't help themselves. This after we've seen him skulk like a 10 year old playing hide and seek and miss about 55 shots with gun. 

SLEAZY BRO BRICK:  On another note, not so funny was Brick doing his lame "flirt" with Jordan. I needed to hurl myself back to 1983 when I was bartending to even imagine a less-zexxy guy with less gross pick up lines. :SHUDDER: THE HELL ? AND he's Sonny 'guy'. Why would Jordan even look at him?! Sure she wanted some info but HELL-NO. I'm not having it. It's not cute; it's not banter... it's pervy.  By the way, this would be an exact video your job would make you watch for "What is Sexual Harassment".  

HOME AND HEARTBURN:  WHAT did I just watch? Lucy Coe totally botch a pitch for Deception on national TV? Um, Lucy has always been flighty but having her harp on and on about the Nurses' Ball was just uncomfortable. Painful. Maxie and Brook try to get Scotty to help her out and when that fails, Sasha has to come in (wearing her farm gear) and save the day. Lucy's oblivious and thinks she's trending on social media for doing a good job. I guess it was supposed to be light and fun? I found it clunky and just desperate to get Sasha back in as The Face. 

THE JARLY SAGA CONTINUES :  The biggest thing of note this week in the Jarly front is that Carly saw Jason's tattoos and asked him to explain. They tearfully talked about when he was gone for 2 years and just how horrible it was. He could think about everyone else in his life in PC but couldn't bear to think of her until after that was done.  They talked about Sonny and his whole Nixon Falls adventure and about the future --which seems to be 'let's just be soul mates at the moment".  Carly also had a broken stove we heard about SO MUCH that I thought we'd have a gas explosion. She needed Jason's help to chase off the City inspector.  Oh, and yes, Jason also bought her half of the hotel back and OMG but Carly took it. :eyeroll:  

MORE CARLY:  Of course there's more!! There's JAGGER!! You know, the chem test of all chem tests. I wanted to mention this scene because  I found it so puzzling.  He actually accuses HER of having him beat up...and then flirts and gives her his phone number. Joss and Michael sat there with their mouths open watching. They were all of us. 

FUN MAXIE AGAIN:  Not sure what's happened but dang, Maxie IS BACK! She's just doing "Maxie" all the time now! Loved this scene where she just couldn't take it anymore. Felicia comes in and they talk about love, life and Spinelli. A lot of Mac chat as well and we are all hoping he's doing well in his recovery for sure. He's needed!! 

DANGER DANNY: Oh, what a rebel! He's sneaking around town and goes into his Dad's room to take a peek. He sees some skin care and even tries on his Holy Leather Coat!!! Of course, Jason catches him. What will happen?? Will he ask to learn to drive a motorcycle? Nah, I think Sam's just going to read him the riot act. 

AA DONUTS:  I liked Alexis and Finn back in the day. I also like that they are friends now. I'm pointing it out because Finn with Liz is not THIS.  So, there you have it. Oh, also they used an old Kelly's box for the donuts which leads me to believe Carly can't afford new ones LOL. 

TRINA :   I guess we should be happy that Trina was on at all this week and wearing such a jaunty blazer. (I approve). She was with Ava so that made it double great. She's thinking of getting her own place an then Ava suggests she and Joss move in together off campus. Um.. She said HER OWN PLACE. BUT!! Whatever.  Trina also got to supervise the Joss-Dex scenes in the park. Hopefully she'll get her own story soon? Maybe? I know NC is out (for now, who knows) but there is so much more to tell with her character. Like a nice art-heist mystery. 

LIZ AND THE BOYS:  Well, at least Elizabeth was on this week. The boys went to cook while she and Greg talked about Jake. Why wasn't he cast as Jeff Webber again? Other than that, it was just... no movement. Should have been Scott there, btw. yeah, I said it. 

ANNA, ANNA, ANNA:  I probably could do a full on blog just about Anna's psyche now and what is going on with this character. Between her and Laura I just give up most of the time. They seem to have had some sort of "epiphany" about Sonny-- and want him to PAY. Is Maurice retiring because... where will this go? Will they all of a sudden forgive him because he's off his medication? Anyway, in a truly strangely written exchange, she basically orders Molly to bring charges against Sonny. Molly's like: Whoa there... I mean, my sister, his daughter is carrying my baby! Not to mention she's his niece. Anna doesn't care. Doesn't want Robert to do it because..why? He'll be too mean? Doesn't want the other 3 ADAs to take it because it HAS TO BE MOLLY.  Maybe she thinks Sonny won't harm Molly if she does the prosecution???? I honestly have no idea what's what.  

AVA, AVA, AVA:   Oh geesh. WHERE To start. Ok, so we know she's up to something with Sonny. Is it love? Lust? Trying to take him down? Just wanting to be back in the mobular life? Getting full custody of Avery? This week she even found out that his meds are operating on 1/4 of the dosage and SHE DIDN'T TELL HIM IMMEDIATELY.  But then, she was all concerned about him cutting out everyone in his life (seemed genuine) and trying to get him to see that people were loyal to him in the past. WTF would she leave him with Avery if she knows about this meds? I'm.. I don't get it. IT's really bothering me. SO much potential with the direction of this and they just blew it. 

WEDDING WONDERS: Since they talked about it non-stop all week, I'll include some recaps for you. Let's see. Oh, the seating chart is a big worry (which it is in most big weddings), Lois wondered about Greg paying for the rehearsal dinner and Brook and Chase are honeymooning in Florence. Yes, Chase sold his truck to do that. Alexis can't be Greg's date to the wedding so he'll sit by Tracey at the head table. Oh! And THANK GOODNESS Sonny said YES to attending!! Lois is sure he won't bring Ava. You know he will. Heh. By the way, I think Dex will be invited too because Chase invited him to his bach party next week. DUN DUN DUN 


Anna tries to pressure Molly into taking the Sonny Corinthos Case

After all these years, Laura and Anna try to figure out Sonny

Cyrus makes a statement about Sonny's assault on him

Brick reveals that it was Sonny who had Brennan attacked

Jason finds out that Michael hired Dex and shows Carly's his tattoos

Jason also gives Carly 1/2 of The Metro Back

Danny sneaks into Jason's room to look at his personal things

Maxie is at her wit's end with life; Felicia tries to offer advice

Greg and Liz talk about Jake 

Finn and Alexis pledge friendship

Bachelor party is going to be at the ax-throwing place. 

Dex is the most best ever goodest police cadet in the history of Port Charles

Bennett isn't sure Dex can BE a cop given his past 

Sonny finds out Dex is going to be a cop; freaks out

Trina wants to live off campus 

Joss is sad because Dex is going to be a police officer

Jagger accuses Carly of having him jumped....then flirts with her. Carly likes it 

Carly's stove at Bobbie's is broken

Nina finds out Sonny and Jason are enemies....whoops

    I'm ending with this thought: I understand they want a 'reboot' to happen because of new writers and the like. I'm really trying here. 2 weeks now I've cringed from the dialog (especially men to women). Next week is week 3. Is it 3 strikes your out? Oh you know I always SAY I'll leave and never do!! I love ya'll too much right now for that! 




  1. What a week! Hard to write a SS but again you did a great job!
    Anna ordering Molly to prosecute was weird. the whole Sonny turn-a-round is weird.
    Knowing MB deals with being bipolar irl it is strange that the disease is manifesting the way it is in Sonny. He has no highs. Just a menacing ugly change of personality. Even his physical being says "I'm sick".
    Maxie is back.
    Have the darn wedding already. GH needs some cheer. It is so dark I was thrilled to see Carly and Olivia be so happy about the MC.
    Brick just has to be the one out to get Sonny. It would work in so many ways.
    I had to laugh at the few Emmy nods. The writing team and Hatman. Really?
    Have a nice Sunday.

  2. BTW...I miss those email notifications from here. It enhanced participation. Any chance of checking into why they are no longer?

    1. Hey!! I have No clue!!!!!!!!! I'll look and see if it's on the editing board.

  3. I repeat - I must have missed Joss getting back with Dex - RU kidding with 'don't have me his flag'????????? I need Dex's family to come in town and be interesting....
    and I repeat Trina said she wasn't going back to school - so TOTALLY CONFUSED about living off campus when she is NOT IN SCHOOL
    -----I'm not sure the new writers are even TRYING anymore after that first week or two of good scenes.....too much yapping...
    -----I need THIS week for Ava to tell Sonny about meds/Anna to realize Valentin is Pikeman/Chase to MENTION his mom/Bennett to be onscreen more and then a list of people to go away....
    -----so much mess I can't even type it all.
    Karen you can't leave us....

    1. I didn't hear Trina say she was leaving school so yeah, the "off campus" remark is strange. Plus the girl said "ALONE" lol. I'm not going anywhere unless my work schedule in Sept. dictates I can't be here a lot. So far for 12 years I've managed to get off by 2 (used to be 3pm which was so much easier!!)

    2. she told Curtis and Portia after the 'service' for Spencer that she wasn't going back to school or France - or really she was gonna do nothing.....they said 'whatever'....I dunno...

  4. A little late, but your SS was a thing of beauty. I couldn't agree more!
    Brick is icky.
    A gas explosion would have been nice.
    If I was Molly I would have told Anna to shove it.
    Love our Maxie and her on the floor was spot on!
    I don't like what's going on with Ava. I love Ava. Writers, fix this now!
    Carly and her men. Maybe that should be the new title for GH.
    I am looking forward to the Brase wedding and Lois's nails were freaking scary and awesome, lol!


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