Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Canada VS USA

 NOTE: Canadian viewers saw a different show today ! IT had Finn, Liz, Violet. LOL not sure what happened! 

Brick sees Sonny. Sonny is the one that had Jagger beat up.  He hates Cates. Tells Brick he's not smart and gutless. Talks about him not being able to deal with Stone's illness so Sonny had to step up. Then Brick mentions Dex. He says he failed with him. Sonny tells him that Michael hired him. Then they laugh about Ava being around. Brick leaves.

Ava walks in. She tells Sonny she saw Nina "Nina wants you" she says. They eat. He says he's sorry she had to 'go through that". 

Laura and Jordan talk about Cyrus. She's basically asking if Jordan thinks Cyrus is reformed. Then about Sonny and him beating up Cyrus. I have absolutely no idea where this convo is going. Laura leaves. Then Brick comes in and brings Jordan flowers. Asks her if she can come out and play. Dear GOD. Tells her he's so sexy she'll have to sign a waiver. Tells her that since he saw her taxes 'He can show her his" with a sly grin. THIS IS GROSS AND DISGUSTING. 

Joss and Trina are jogging and having fun and DEX comes along --shirtless. Trina finds out he's working for the PCPD. She's surprised. She's also not sure why Dex and Joss broke up. She says Spencer is dead, they need to make up because they love each other and are here. Trina leaves. Joss talks about how great it is to have Jason back. Dex misses her...

Maxie is upset about Lucy's performance on the HandH show. Felicia says it was bad LOL Maxie says Deception is back in the black but she's running almost the entire company. Fe wants to know who's taking care of HER.  Maxie says no one..Felicia is concerned. Then they talk about Maxie and Spinelli. Felicia finds out they kissed and Maxie says she loves him but doesn't want to break his heart again.

Greg goes to the doctor. Dr. Cramer is in an emergency and TJ takes over the appointment.  Greg talks about his medications and Finn is taking good care of him. Then they talk about TJ and Molly and the baby (due in August). Greg knows because of Alexis. 

Yeah I couldn't watch the rest. 


  1. Sonny's fake Italian restaurant:

    Sonny and Brick:

    Sonny: Dex Heller is dead to me.

    YAY!!!!! :D Now throw bareware Sonny! :D

    Sonny and Ava: Ava wins the line of the day.

    Ava: The other one who mustn't be named.


    Ava: I really like living with you.

    Awwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Sonny: Yeah I like it too.

    Awwwwwwwwww! :)

    Maxie's office:

    Maxie and Felicia: Great scenes, but I thought Maxie wasn't mad at Felicia and Spinny anymore? Hmmm well okay then. I love that Felicia talked about Mac and the past. :) I miss Mac. :(

    Jordan's office:

    Laura and Jordan: Laura has been enlightened about Sonny! Hahahaha. I love Laura's and Jordan's hair, and I like that Laura is doing her taxes. :)

    Brick and Jordan: They are adorable!!!! :) Brick you still got game. :)

    Jordan: Ooooo she is smiling! She likes Brick!!!! :D Oops I typed Dex at first! ROFL!

    The park:

    Trina, Joss, and Dex: Dex shirtless YAY! Trina was being nice to Dex at first. Love that! I love how Trina was talking! YOU TELL THEM TRINA! :)

    Joss and Dex: Oh Dex why did you put your shirt on? You two just have zex where you are! Come on!!! Enough talking about the same things.

    The hospital:

    Gregory and TJ: Oh what the heck is the point of this?! I don't care! Although Gregory did give good advice, but still! I don't see the point of the scene unless Gregory finds out he has been misdiagnosed! The baby is going to be born in August? So Krissy is 5 months already?! DAMN!

  2. Brick and Jordan adorable??? I found their scenes totally cringeworthy.
    Maxie and Felicia had a nice conversation.
    Sonny is becoming hard to watch. I do hope he is arrested for the beating he gave Cyrus. I was taken aback by those scenes. And his meds were fine then.
    Not much else.

    1. "Brick and Jordan adorable??? I found their scenes totally cringeworthy."

      Hahaha. I like them together.. Sorry! :)

    2. We don't know how long they have been messing with Sonny's meds. That said, I like most of the town treating him for what he is -- a criminal.

    3. I stopped watching after the Brick/Jordan crap. I might not watch today!

  3. Karen...Nathan Varni just issued an apology to Canadian viewers saying that it was human error that ran the wrong show for them today. They will see what we saw today tomorrow. Wonder what show they saw. An old one perhaps.

    1. I always record both so after reading about the glitch I checked the canadian channel and watched it too. Good thing I didn't automatically delete it today after I watched the Boston channel. lol

    2. I saw a clip online between Elizabeth and Gregory from the Canadian show. I don't recall that scene in a past episode at all.

    3. They actually saw a cobbled episode! It HAD the Joss/Dex/Trina scenes and NOT THE REST. It wasn't old. BUT --how did they end up with jumbled scenes?

  4. I cannot figure out what has happened to GH.....BIZARRE writing
    --------HOW has Greg never met TJ?
    --------STILL waiting on Spinelli to see Jason
    -------HOW does Brick not see Sonny off meds? I am SHOCKED that Sonny DID have Cates beat up - THAT shoulda be a clue.............wonder if they ARE going down the road of Sonny going to jail?
    -------as Karen said, Wyndemere was sold = dropped storyline.....
    ------Joss + Dex = as the saying goes: Lead, follow or get outta the way......they repeat the same dialogue all the time -----------------and Trina should be back in school.
    ----she who must not be named WAS a great line
    ----just sad.....

    1. I am so wishing and hoping that it is revealed Brick is a traitor to Sonny.

    2. I was thinking the same thing! But I actually like Brick so not sure if that would ruin it for future returns. I wanted Brick to see Jason but Jason better see Spinelli before Brick!!

  5. I did enjoy the scenes between Maxie and Felicia today. Maxie is acting like her old self for the first time in a long time. I wish that, once everything shakes out, Maxie ends up in charge of Crimson. She deserves it.

    1. I did too and I probably didn't gush enough because I was stunned at the bad writing in other areas LOL

    2. Maxie SHOULD be in charge of Crimson. That would have been a perfect move for Drew to make - but instead - they gave us Drew and Nina rug burns. Gross,

  6. I enjoyed Flea and Maxie too, and yes the old Maxie is back. I like it!
    Nope, Brick and Jordan were icky.
    Spare me from Sonny. Same old crap, with the "off his meds" excuse. If he's going to act like a tool at least have him toss some barware around. And yes, I vote for him going to jail. I'm so tired of him.
    I enjoyed TJ and Gregory, too. It's now officially late in the game but I'm still hoping for a misdiagnosis.


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