Wednesday, February 1, 2023

SIgma Spencer Pi


Carly rushes in to see the Giant Baby. She's being played by TWIN BOYS!! Awwww. Anyway, Michael says that Wiley wants to name the baby Ashoka. BOBBIE COMES OUT! She's going in with Michael while he holds her. 

Willow goes to "heaven" and sees Harmony "Come to Mama" she says. She says Nina's not 'really' her mother, she is. Also calls her Kali. Inga looks GORGEOUS. Harmony keeps trying to get her to go to the light. Willow finally takes her hand. They walk. 

Michael finds out she's in the OR. He's nervous. 

Joss, Carly and Bobbie go in to hold the baby.

Portia walks in on Stella and Jordan talking! DOH!! Stella doesn't say anything yet. They go to pick up her wedding dress. Portia gives Stella a family bracelet to wear at the wedding. Stella says she can't accept it. She says that Trina should have it for her wedding someday. Portia says that Stella can pay it forward ...Stella talks about keeping the secret from Curtis and Tommy about their father. Portia asks if she'd do it again. 

Curtis sees Nina at GH. Says he knows about Willow and he's  happy. He'll see Nina in the memorial. 

Caroline is telling Liz the ENTIRE STORY THAT NIKOLAS hired her to take care of Esme's memory. Liz is like WOW what? Caroline says he's up to no good. Then says she's sorry and calls Liz "Elizabeth" awww. 

Spencer and Trina keep looking at Nikolas' confession video. She says it would destroy Nikolas' life to use that video. He's like: SO WHAT? She says that there's a reason Ava is doing this and it can't be good. He says he won't go to the police but will just use it against his father. Trina says he still loves his father. 

Nikolas tells Esme she can trust him. He tells her they had 'something' together and that's why they slept together. OH he wants her to sign a paper to give him the baby until she's out of prison. Esme keeps the paper overnight to make up her mind. 

Willow hears Michael calling her to "come home" ...and Austin comes out and tells Michael Willow is going to be ok. She's on a respirator and Michael tells her to wake up. 


  1. I think Stella may end up keeping quiet. She will realize that Curtis is part of Trina's family now and *grumble *grumble* Portia seems so happy to be part of the family now. ( at last) Telling the truth will only tear them apart.

    And I liked Heather asking Esme what was going on in the preview. I hope Esme tells her about Nik wanting her to sign the paper giving him the rights to her baby...and in Heather's mind, her baby too. Maybe the Hook will take him out next and Nik will be a goner for real.

  2. COMPLETELY forgotten about Stella lying about Marshall ----- she may keep quiet - maybe Jordan tells TAGGART and he says something HOWEVER now that I type it the pic Real Andrews posted on Instagram of wedding day they were all in tuxes.....unless Jordan tells him at the wedding----------only Stella and Jordan are the choices!!

  3. Caroline's honesty was refreshing. So rare on GH, or any soap.
    That is a big baby.

    1. agree about the honesty. cause its not going to happen with carly or joss. my least favorite characters.

    2. yes it was good even if her motive was getting her daughter back in her life - I liked it!

  4. Ashoka????????? Huh? Where did that name come from?


  5. Spa jail:

    Vampira and NuNik: Vampira wins the lines of the day.

    Vampira: That's a lot. I'm supposed to trust you?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No!!! Don't trust him!!! Nik is a lying liar that lies!!! Don't sign the papers!!

    The hospital:

    Portia, Stella, and Jordan: Portia and Jordan have the same hair. Twinsies!!!! :)

    Sprina: Spencer listen to Trina!!!! :) She is dead right! Hmmm I wonder why they moved to the chapel to talk privately. That is weird.

    Sprina and Jordan: Trina! ROFL! Are you testing Spencer?

    Spencer and Jordan: Hmmm Spencer will you throw your dad under the bus? Or are you going to prove Trina right that you wuv your dad? :)

    Ghost and Willow: Wait a minute!!! is wearing black not white! Don't trust her Willow!!!! She is evil!!!

    Bobbie, Joss, Michael, and Carly: BOBBIE YAY!!!!!!!! Great to see you Bobbie! Bobbie is a great grandmother of another baby awwwww! :) Hmmm Osoka Walnut Corinthos! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Michael and Osaka Walnut Corinthos: Awwww welcome to the Port Chuckles world Osaka Walnut Corinthos! :) Hmm wow big baby! :) And she has her fingers in her mouth. Teething already? She has teeth already? WOW! ROFL!

    Bobbie, Joss, Carly, and baby Osaka Walnut Corinthos: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Pawtucket Holtster, Nison, and Michael: Willow will be okay! YAY! :D Hmmmm so I guess there will be no baby switch. Baby Ace isn't born yet. How many months is Vampira? 6?

    Liz and Caroline: Liz's hair! She had a haircut. I like it! Mama and Liz bonding. :) Yes I'm glad she called you Elizabeth! :) I mean you are not a lizzard so she shouldn't call you Lizzy.. Can her mama call her Liz?

    Liz and NuNik: RA RO!

    Curtis and Nison: Awwww so sweet that Curtis invites Nison to his wedding. Of course! Curtis and Nina are besties. :)

    The fitting place:

    Portia and Stella: Stella are you going to tell Portia that you know?!?! Can't Portia tell that Stella doesn't look happy? The last time Portia got married was in her 20's? So she is in her 40's now! :)

  6. Panting Harmoney as the doting mom is kind of sickening.. Even though I loved the actress. Why she would be negative about Nina when both of her babies were stolen is strange.

  7. Meant to mention no Phyllis scenes with Nina yet unless I missed it

  8. Those baby boys are just adorable, huge, but adorable. But like Di said a few days ago, I wouldn't want my new born on a Hollywood set. :)
    I've missed Harmony (at least the actress) and she did look fab. I am very glad though that Willow didn't go into the light, lol! I'm one of the few that like her and Mikey. Plus I want to see her to tell Neener to get lost.
    I giggled at the Sigma Spencer Pi sorority. Poor baby doesn't stand a chance!
    Jordan and her hint dropping is getting old. Spill it or shut up. It's none of her business anyway. Elizabeth and her mom had great scenes. Momma is really trying. I hope Liz just rips into Nik today. And I'm already tired of Trina playing the good angel on Spencer's shoulder. And she's getting to be as nosy as Jordan and Aunt Stella.

    1. I guess the writers couldn't figure out how to have her say no because we saw her walking into the light, then we get a scene with Michael being told she's ok. Even that had to be be done offscreen. I wanted to see her tell Harmony NO you were never a mother to me. You were my trafficker.
      (And, I agree, the actress looked fantastic. ) And I giggled at the Sigma Spencer Pi sorority too. lol

      I was puzzled as to why Trina sent Spencer to the police. She was trying to talk him out to leting the info out, wasn't she? Very puzzling scene.

    2. "Di says, I was puzzled as to why Trina sent Spencer to the police. She was trying to talk him out to leting the info out, wasn't she? Very puzzling scene."

      Because she knows he won't do it! She was testing him. If he doesn't throw his dad under the bus, then he still loves his dad! :)

    3. She's taking a chance. lol

    4. Yes Di about Harmony being a trafficker

    5. "Di says, She's taking a chance. lol"

      Hahahahaha. Nahhhhhh! She knows him very well! :D

  9. Harmony looked beautiful! That baby is so cute but definitely didn't come from Willow's little bump - huge! I love the looks Spencer gives Trina. The Esme actress is doing a fabulous job and loved Carolyn opening up to Liz.


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