Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Dance Dance Dance


SAVOY: Portia and Curtis' rehearsal dinner. He flew in her father and brother "Zeke" Both FINE looking men. Sterling is her Dad's name. We also find out her mom needs a caretaker. Zeke gives her a brooch from her mother. She's sad she can't be there. 

Trina talks to Marshall..he says Epiphany is on the West Coast looking at medical schools. (sniff)

Molly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She and TJ look good together. Trina wants to know when Esme will be arrested or face charges. Molly said she might plead out or not even be charged. 

Brad comes by and tries to give Curtis a giant envelope of money from Aunt Selena.  Curtis says thank you and invites Brad to the party. Brad says he's too sad. 

Liz goes to walk into the dinner but runs into Drew. 

Laura says she'll officiate the wedding. 

Laura and Liz talk at the bar. Laura wants to know why she and Nikolas were arguing at the hospital. 

KELLYS: Laura is talking to Deputy Mayor and tells her Valentin and Anna died and she's upset (Laura is setting her up). She says whoever is responsible killed a lot of people. She mentions how upset Charlotte is. Irene gets really shook about it and says she's sick and has to leave. 

 Taggert and Jordan are talking about their Ex's getting married. They both say they let the other go. OH !! Laura tells Jordan that Stella is too sick to do the ceremony?????? Yep. Stella is out. I guess due to the secret. 

CHAPEL  Poor Spencer is still there!! LOL! Victor comes in to talk about Liesl and losing children. He tells him Valentin is dead and he died trying to help others. "You should only trust Cassadines". Spencer tells him about going after custody. Victor says it's a great idea because if Nikolas loses everything, he will 'come back to the fold".  Tells Spencer he's a true Cassadine. 

WYNDEMERE: Ava beans Nikolas. She says she didn't mean it. Wants him to wake up... Austin is at the door. He comes in and Ava sends him out to find the "sitting room" on his own while she's in the other room with Nikolas LOL.
OMG Ava drags Nikolas all the way to the stables!! Locks him in the shed. Austin is standing behind her of course. Ava's scared that Victor will go after her when he finds out. She's talking like Nikolas is dead. 

SAFE HOUSE;  Felicia talks about when she was "dead" and haunted Ryan and they should do it to Victor now. Technology is GREAT. 


Irene tries to leave Victor's employ he says no way!! And Felicia says they are going to "haunt" Irene. Irene goes to her car and on the radio is Anna says "you're next Irene, you're next"

Austin says he's going to help Ava with the Nikolas situation

Spencer shows up at the party and sees Trina dancing/ 


  1. BIG YES to MW and RH working together. While Ava is perfection, if they take a bit of Austin and add it to a little Franco and throw in some Todd...he will be a fantastic character. I can see them in a long term situation. I hope.
    I liked TJ with Trina. Sorry. I like Molly, even though she is too young and pretty to be playing with her looks, but they had a nice chemistry.
    Always love a good haunting.

    1. Speaking of looks, Liz and Anna are 2 of the most beautiful women on the show. But both of them are so thin, they must wear size 00. When they wear low-cut shirts, you can see their ribs. . .

    2. "Zazu says, I liked TJ with Trina. Sorry."

      But they are family! :) If Tolly break up, and Mildew break up, then TJ and Willow should be together.. TreeJ!!! :D

    3. If Trina is really Curtis' child, doesn't that make TJ and Trina first cousins?

    4. "lizwebberfan says, If Trina is really Curtis' child, doesn't that make TJ and Trina first cousins?"

      YES! :D

    5. curtis brother was not TJ father. It was the other guy who went to prison ,can not think of his name.

  2. The ending with Irene is EVERYTHING!!!
    two medical problems I have even though I am not in that field:
    ----NO PATERNITY test with Esme's baby still?
    ----Austin the DOCTOR doesn't check out NIK? I think the body is gonna be gone----enter Mason blackmailing Austin.............
    -----LOVE Trina's dress......

  3. Thanks to channel 5 in Boston GH was only on for the first 5 minutes here. Then there was breaking news for a arraignment of a case there. But don't worry fans of Jennifer Hudsion. they switched over as soon as her show came on.

    1. Oh no - you HAVE to watch especially the ending - and all things Maura West!

  4. They never give any warning. They don't post anywhere else, or another time you can watch. They take it off anytime something happens. GH is an irrelevant show to them. It's really annoying especially when you consider that the only people watching that channel, at that time, are watching a soap opera. THe rest who want news are watching a news channel.

    I just watched on a Canadian station mufasa. The networks here know how to scroll information at the bottom of a page. And I wonder if they're gong to pull another popsicle pete scenario and he is going to mysteriously disappear.

    P.S. Didn't see any melee yet. Only one unbloodied body. lol

    1. The scene with Irene in the car was so good!

    2. It really was. Perfect payback for her. lol

  5. Some funny one liners today!


    Nik and Ava: Ava wins the line of the day.

    Ava: Are you breathing?!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Did you want him to answer you? No Ava I'm not breathing. ROFL! Geez Ava check his pulse!!! Okay good you did.

    Pawtucket Holtster and Queen Ava: I thought he was going pretend to go to the other room and then sneak in to see what she is doing! :)

    Queen Ava and Nik: Dragging him! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course she can do it! She is the queen! :)


    Nik and Ava: Nik looks pale.

    Pawtucket Holtster and Queen Ava: HA! I knew he would show up to see what she is doing! :) Oh come on Ava! You don't know that Nik is dead! Hahahahahaha. Awwww Pawtucket Holtster is going to help her. :) #Jolt. :)


    Laura and Irene: Laura set that trap up really good. :)

    Jordan and Taggart: They really should be a couple. We can call them Jaggart!!!! #Jaggart!

    Laura, Jordan, and Taggart: WHAT?! Stella is ill? Yeah right. I highly doubt it. She just doesn't want to marry Purtis while there is a secret looming.

    The hospital:

    Spencer and Victor: Poor Victor. He is so sad since his son "died". Oh but thanks to Spencer, talking about taking baby Ace away from his dad, it gave Victor a spring in his step! :)

    Irene and Victor: Ooooooo Irene! You can't get out! Victor will kill you when you even try to get out. He will get some Tribbles and they will eat you!

    The Savoy:

    Portis, Zeke, and Sterling: Ooooooo! We get to meet Portia's daddy and brother!! YAY! :D 2 handsome men. Mama is sick? Awwww! :(

    Portia and Zeke: Hmmm. So her mother never gave her the brooch when Portia got married the 1st time? That's odd.

    Trina and Mr. Hat man: PIFFY IS LOOKING AT MED SCHOOLS IN THE WEST COAST? YAY!!!! That means they are not killing her off!! THANK YOU WRITERS!!! :)

    Mr. Hat man: Trina why are you hanging around me?


    Tolly: Okay why are TJ and Molly having this type of conversation? It was very odd. Is this foreshadowing?

    Liz and Drew: Liz got her hair crimped! I love it!!! :)

    Liz and Laura: Laura wants to know the truth! Laura, YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! :) But seriously you don't really want to know. :)

    Curtis and Brad: Curtis you must really trust Brad! The way Brad was acting, you would think he was pulling out a gun! ROFL!

    Purtis and Laura: Laura is going to marry them? Why can't Lucy? Oh wait they think she is dead nevermind. They don't use priests to marry people anymore!! I wonder why that is.

    Portia calling Stella: Hmmm is she really napping? Nahhhhhhhhhh. She is avoiding Portia's call. :)

    Dancing: GO TRINA GO TRINA GO TRINA! :) Ooooo Spencer is watching and smiling! :)

    The cabin:

    Felicia and Vanna: Oooooo a haunting!!! Yes!!!! A haunting we will go a haunting we will go! :) Not Victor? I was thinking then she must mean Ilene!!!! :)


    1. I SO wish I would have screen shot the pic Real' posted on MLK Day at THE wedding and I even asked him WHO are those good-looking guys????? Now we know!!! They are keepers, please!!!
      Yes, the ending was everything with Irene.

    2. I'm waiting for Pawtucket2 to turn up next. lol

      Réal looks really good. Nice to see him back again.

      Trina dancing in that circle surrounded by all the tall men looked like a little girl to me. The hat didn't help. lol

      I was so happy that they mentioned Med School for Pfiffy too. *sniff* She's just going to be away at school, starting her next chpter.

    3. "mufasa says, I SO wish I would have screen shot the pic Real' posted on MLK Day at THE wedding"

      I wish I could see the picture too!!! I don't remember seeing them.

      "They are keepers, please!!!"

      Yeah they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

      "Di says, I'm waiting for Pawtucket2 to turn up next. lol"

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No no no! :) His name is Mason! So Mason Jar! :) He used to be a tree that Pawtucket was talking to in the woods remember?! :) Then Mason Jar turned into a human! :)

      "Réal looks really good. Nice to see him back again."

      Oh yes.. He looks REALLY good. :)

      "Trina dancing in that circle surrounded by all the tall men looked like a little girl to me. The hat didn't help. lol"

      HAHAHAHAHA! Well, they are all taller than her! So of course she is gonna look like a little girl compared to them! :)

      "I was so happy that they mentioned Med School for Pfiffy too. *sniff* She's just going to be away at school, starting her next chpter."

      *Sniff sniff sniff*

    4. Sonya said: Victor "will get some tribbles and they will eat you."

      Well, Dr. McCoy did tell Captain Kirk that they ate just about anything. He also said that they seem to be born pregnant. Are they planning to take down Victor when they become an army of tribbles? They can drive him off the parapet.

    5. "Gary says, Well, Dr. McCoy did tell Captain Kirk that they ate just about anything."

      Hehehehe perfect! :)

      "He also said that they seem to be born pregnant."

      They are?! I don't remember that. Hmm well no wonder there were tons of them! :)

      "Are they planning to take down Victor when they become an army of tribbles? They can drive him off the parapet."

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Great now I have the visual in my head! :)

    6. Sonya, I used to watch Star Trek reruns every Saturday as a kid and my ex is a huge Trek fan. I've seen that episode so many times. Plus it is one of my favorite episodes.

  6. For you Mufasa.


    1. Ooooooooo thank you Di!!!! :)

    2. WOOHOO - thanks Di - YEP that was the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. You're welcome. I knew exactly which one you wanted. It's been deleted so a little hunting was required. Now you can save it.

  7. BTW Our little Wiley had a short part at the beginning of 911 Lone Star last night.



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