Monday, February 13, 2023


 So, I'm only here for about 40 min today. Have a meeting at 3 and I have to prep first so...sorry! 

Sante are in England. Devon to be exact. The are going to find Esme's Nanny. 

Willow wants to get married but not in the hospital. She wants to go home  and maybe die there. They talk about it. 

Dr O stops the elevator to yell at Carly. She says she understands not telling Nina about Nelle but she cost her way too much time with Willow. They talk about Britt saving Joss. Dr O wants help saving her niece. Damn it, I really wish she would have tased Carly. Carly says she won't build a bridge between Nina and Willow but she will try to between her and Dr. O. 

Everyone talking to everyone before the ceremony. Dex shows up because he came with Sonny. 

Nina and Sonny arrive.  They talk to Curtis. 

Laura and Ava talk about Nikolas. 

Spencer and Trina talk. Her uncle Zeke and Grandpa want to meet Spencer. They shake hands. 

Liz shows up at the wedding. Terry is happy. So is Finn. 
Molly comes... Sonny and Taggert shake hands. 

Dex and Spencer argue and Spencer doesn't like him. Sonny comes out and wonders what the trouble is. "Your nephew is an entitled ASS' says Joss LOL.. They all leave. Dex and Sonny hang back to talk about the shipment coming in. 

Jordan tells to tell Curtis the truth. Portia tells her to get out. Jordan says, welp..Stella knows your secret too! Jordan says she figured it out by the DNA site and Portia says it's all HER fault. Jordan says she cares about Curtis, wants this marriage to work out so Portia has to tell him the truth to have a fighting chance. She leaves.  
Curtis comes to the door. He tells her he's glad they found each other again and can be open and honest (ha ha)...he leaves before she can say anything. 

That's all I have for today!! 


  1. Nicholas Chavez is wonderful playing the almost grown up Spencer but keeping the old bratty snob alive played so well by Nicholas Bechtel. So many Nicholas'.
    Everyone looks lovely at the wedding but I noticed that the use of botox is a bit liberal. Most of these women are just too young for that. Portia's hair is so much prettier in a curly updo. Jordan wins for most annoying.

    1. For once I enjoy Spencer being snobby since it's for Cam.

  2. A lot of funny one liners today!



    Sam: If I get back into that bed, we are going to end up making love. Which means we are going to fall asleep because we are jet lagged.

    ROFL! Oh Sam being jet lagged isn't the only reason why you two would be tired! *Wink* *Wink* *Wink* ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Dr. O and Carly:

    Dr. O: Alone at last.

    BAHAHAHAHA! Oh damn. I thought Dr. O would blast Carly until oblivion!! Now they are bonding? UGH! Dr. O crying in front of Carly?! No no no!!! Unless Dr. O is manipulating her? No. :(

    Mildew: Oh she wants to die at home. Yeah she don't want to get married at the hospital or the chapel. Oh? Why not Willow? Is it because that is exactly what you and Chase did? You can admit it.

    Mildew and Carly: Oh yes talk about the wedding. Will Willow be in bed at home when she marries Michael?

    Carly, Willow, and Dr. O: I thought at first Dr. O was going to use her visit with Willow to talk about Nina. :)

    Michael and Dex: 2 weeks eh? Gonna grab my popcorn! :)

    Portia's private room:

    Jordan and Portia: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Purtis: Their talk and then he walks away, Soapy goodness! :) I wonder why Trina had to be there to listen. Not really sure what the point was, but okay. :)

    Outside the chapel:

    Jex: Oh they haven't seen each other in awhile? Man Dex is looking good in that monkey suit! :)

    Jex and Sprina:

    Spencer: I don't like him!


    Jex, Sprina, and Sonny: Joss wins the line of the day.

    Joss: Your nephew is an inconsiderate and entitled ass!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sonny is so confused! ROFL!

    Dex and Sonny: Yes Dex can go now. He has Sonny's permission! ROFL!
    The chapel:

    Portia, Trina, Papa Sterling, Terry, and Zeke: Portia is shaking!! I am used to her straight hair now. :) Time to get married! Or not! :)

    Sonny and Taggart: Ooooo shaking hands! :) That's nice. I remember how they used to be.. They have peace now awwww. :)

    Zeke and Spencer: Shaking hands awwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Trina and Ava: Trina don't like the other side of Spencer! ROFL! Well, he IS a Cassadine, and he is being a good friend to Cam! :)

    The wedding: RA RO! Will Portia stop the wedding? Will Stella stop the wedding? They showed Stella in the previews! Will the Tribbles stop the wedding? Will Badger Bob stop the wedding? WHO WILL STOP THE WEDDING?!!?! I think I will! :)

    1. I think Stella or even Trina - I keep reading that she figures out something

  3. Portia has the most beautiful complexion.

    I hope we get a scene with Willow and TJ after the wedding. I like their friendship.

    I was cracking up Ryan's hair in the preview. I bet its a hoot filming the Ryan/Heather scenes.

  4. -----Liz seeing Joss will be interesting - although she probably isn't angry with her..
    -----Liesel finding out her daughter died saving Carly's daughter ----- she will seek revenge!
    ----I THINK this is right - Portia's brother doesn't have a job or it's shady or something?? Cause I hope he stays around!
    ----People magazine promo on the photo shoot of GH 60 years is so good - I keep watching it to see who is standing where, etc!!

  5. Trina will be thrown for a loop again when she finds out that Curtis is actually her father and not Taggart. Poor Trina and Taggart

  6. Willow is on her death bed but wants to get married in two weeks? I guess this will somehow coincide with Sonny's shipment and possible final takedown by Michael. So dumb. Liesl was a little too nice with Carly - we know what she is capable of. Sam and Dante scenes a waste of time.


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