Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Kiss and Tell

There were a LOT of characters on this week. COVID? What COVID? lol..which is great for us and I'm glad they've figured out how to do the show that appears almost seamless. They didn't even use rubber dolls! LOL 

Oh, Pennsylvania played heavily into this week's show so I'm going to go get some Amish donuts for us all. You'll thank me later. 


Hey, we're on again! 
Looks like it.. what's up? 
I'm breaking up with you.
What? When did we even see each other? 
Off camera, it was really fun but you know...
Okay then. What about the dog we got together?
We got a dog? 

THE 'I FORGOT ABOUT THIS'  OF THE WEEK: Um, okay. Hey, I'm all for seeing Kin and Jackie no matter what. It just kinda came out of left field, no? 


CAPER OF THE WEEK:  I was so confused with Friz until they stepped off the elevator..and looked like the cat that ate the canary. Yep, loved it. And I LOVE THAT LIZ WAS IN ON IT. She Gives NO Fs right now. Manipulated by both Ava and Nik, even she knows this is a delicious twist. Also liked how the writers framed this in the end. Had me guessing and scratching my head.  The fact Scotty asked for more money was fun. Franco loved it...Liz not so much. I can't wait to see how it ends! 

USLESS CHARACTER OF THE WEEK: Bye, Sasha. Chase can be all flirty with Brook Lynn now and well, Willow and Michael are perfect mayo sandwiches together so take your drug problem and go. Maybe she can OD like Neil. 

RUNNER UP:  Oh, Julian. I love you...and I love WDV. The writers just don't know what to do with you. I'm tired of the sad sack going around town drinking at bars. I'm tired of the "Good to not so good Julian".    I think he needs to lose the bar and move in with Ava and Nikolas. Get his mob groove on if only to help take down Cyrus. Something, anything. 


UNEXPECTED PAIRING OF THE WEEK: Oh, remember these two? Used to be 1/2 bro and sis but now not related. Still have each other's backs so to speak. Valentin goes with Alexis to the Neil memorial where she's told by his brother it's her fault he OD'd.  When Alexis left that room crying, it was just heartbreaking.

GUILT OF THE WEEK:  Molly talks to Stella and realizes she may not have been SO wrong to lose faith in TJ when he was kidnapped. Question is, should she had jumped the first guy she saw? Meh, she's young and you know, why not? 

FIGHT OF THE WEEK: Ned gets drunk and decides to rumble with Val in the alley over ELQ.  Alexis is also ordering a drink at the same time. Interesting. 

BOYSCOUT OF THE WEEK:  Oh, cute and even wants to get a part time job to help with family finances!! He doesn't even give in to temptation of kissing Joss at the coffee shop. Awww. Sorry guys, I like my characters with edges. I liked a troubled Cam. This is just.. boring as all hell. The teens are dull. I'm not sure if it's the trend now to write kids like they are all moral centers with no angst and don't mess up but damn. Soaps aren't after school specials. I know MANY will disagree with me but being a teen of the '70s this is just. snooze worthy. 

: Beauford T. Martin, about to realize he has something from Nelle that could change his world. 


Dante wants to come home but can't now?

Chase tells everyone Nelle was found..ON THE PENNSYLVANIA SIDE OF THE RIVER 

Carly tells Jason and Sonny about her not going to Nelle right away. Chase wants a statement

The homecoming dance is near: The 4 are going as "friends' they want to? 

Lois tells Ned she erased Olivia's message to him. Ned gets jelly of Robert 

Ned drinks at the Rib, fights with Valentin and Alexis orders a drink 

Sasha is buying drugs 

Now that Nelle is dead and her body is on the PENNSYLVAINIA SIDE OF THE RIVER, Chase thinks they can drop the pretense about scamming Michael and Willow. 

Tad Martin Gray hears NELLE was FOUND ON THE PENNSYLVANIA SIDE OF THE RIVER and realizes he has a letter from her to be opened "at the time of her death" 

Liz, Franco and Scotty blackmail Nik and Ava for money with kissing photos 

Neil's brother tells Alexis she's the reason he OD'd 

Robert, Ethan and Olivia are on their way home. Ethan is going on to Antigua 

Scotty and Bobbie broke up! 

NEWS: Yes, Kim Delaney is playing Jackie Templeton. Who is that you ask? She's Laura Templeton's sister! Who's that you ask? Oh, when Laura went missing they teased us for weeks with a look alike in the shadows. It was Janine Turner!! Then her sister Jackie came on and she was an ace reporter. Think Margot Kidder as Lois Lane in Superman. That's what they were going for. Anyway, Lulu was thinking about seeing a famous journalist and. well, Jackie must be famous now!  If they could have gotten Demi to do a fun cameo this might have made sense. Now? Weird. 

NEXT WEEK: GH is preempted by.. BASEBALL. You'll either have a game for a rerun of GH. Check your local listings. :EYEROLL: 

SCOOPS:  Not many because of BASEBALL but check Diagnosis Daytime for all of them. My big question is: Will Ned and Alexis.. you know? Hook up? 


 I REALLY wish Kim D was going to be Chases' mama and the lost love of Finn who cheated on him with his dad. Could Jackie Templeton be one in the same? Sure. Why not? 

Get the Nina daughter story OVER with. Send Nina and Jax to Australia. Jax can pop in now and again to see Joss. Nina? Bye. 

Sasha OD's and further kicks off the Cyrus, GH drug story 

Do something with Julian that has teeth. 

Get Britt on more and get that hospital up and revolting against she and Cyrus

Get the Molly TJ story really ramped up, show them at home and feature them a lot. I guess this means keeping Brando but at least make the guy an undercover DEA or something

Drop the "Carly is guilt-ridden over Nelle"'s not believable. 

Ok! So that's that. Oh, did you know Nelle was found on the Pennsylvania side of the river? LOL It was said no less than 8 times in 2 days. It's killing me. Even Joss said it after her phone call. Who says that? She'd be all: Nelle's dead. Her body was found. Period. 

I hope you have a good Sunday. It's a last blast here of really warm weather. We'll probably get one more in October but this will be nice to get out there and grill. 


  1. I read that because Nelle was an athletic swimmer THAT is why we keep hearing Pennsylvania side of the river but we need to SEE THE BODY! I don't believe it.
    SASHA needs to go go go !
    maybe Neil's brother killed him - I still think it's the ex-wife, but maybe Neil's brother did it - and there is lots of money for him to receive....still think Alexis is gonna be charged....
    Made NO sense that we saw Bobbie and Scotty break up when we haven't seen them in forever---------how is that diabetes going, Bobbie?????

  2. I'm thinking that maybe they're going to have Scotty (or Bobby) hook up with someone else and they need to have them free of significant others; hence the breakup.

    I hope they make faster progress on the Nelle case this week and that the ridiculous Carly guilt is gone.

    Julian needs to bop Tad on the head and steal that briefcase. With Nelle's letter gone they'll be free to have him in a decent storyline, and maybe Dr. O and Brad too.

    And I definitely want Sasha to OD and be gone.

  3. Jackie was on way before Laura look alike. She was Robert’s girlfriend. She went all fatal attraction on him when they broke up. She left. Laura look alike was created after Jackie. Then Jackie returned.

  4. Another great SS! The week's shows were pretty good. Some things are a bit confusing.
    Maybe Jackie Templeton is Chase's mother.
    I do not believe that Nelle is dead, regardless of what side of the river she was found. And isn't Port Charles supposed to be in northern NY? Notice that Chase never says he is going to confirm her ID. He just mentions that someone ID'd her and he was there to "follow up".
    They are doing a fine job considering all the Covid obstacles.

    1. Oh that I'd like! Chase and Jackie T as mom and son...nice tie in!

  5. By the looks of my tv guide we are having a new episode on Monday and baseball for the rest of the week. ( ಠ_ಠ)

  6. Check Nelle's body in the autopsy. If there is only one kidney it must be Nelle. I hope not, though the actress could come back as Nelle's twin.I like seeing Carly twist in the wind.Could Michael or Willow ever say to Wiley - "I am glad your Mother is dead!!? Michael got over Sonny murdering his Dad real quick and the Corinthos family has a way of keeping kids away from the other parent.

  7. Good Surgery, and the Pennsylvania side of the river was cracking me up! Thanks for the laugh. I enjoyed this past week, and not looking forward to baseball, sigh....

    I think we saw the last of Ethan on Friday, which makes me sad. I always liked him, but didn't realize how much. I wish he would come back more often!

    I'm voting for Sasha to OD, too. Dang she's worthless. And seriously, BLQ needs to change that facial expression. She's got the perpetual look on her face that she just smelled sewer gas!

  8. BTW, they have mentioned Jackie Templeton a few times over the years, ever since Frank Valentini took over. She has "hit it big" since leaving Port Charles and is in the same league as Woodward and Bernstein. I think Star Manning was the first to mention her.


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