Thursday, September 3, 2020



Busy Busy Day....just came here to say, can't watch live! Drop comments and such!! 


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  2. Katie the carrot? That should say Karen the carrot! :) Haha Just kidding. :)

    The plane:

    Robert and Olivia: Olivia is skeered to see her son, and she knows Robert is skeered to go to Holly's memorial service. Robert schools Olivia about the history of Luke, Holly, and him!!! :)

    Olivia: Holly Sutton sounds like the perfect woman for you.

    Uh no no. :) Anna is the perfect woman for Robert!! :)

    Jasam home:

    Sam, Alexis, and Spinny: Okay this dream of Alexis's has gone on for 4 days!!!! Wake up Alexis! Wake up!!!! :( Okay it's not a dream. :( I didn't hear that he was leaving!!!!! :( WHOA! Jasam has Tribbles too!!!! On the coffee table! :) Spinny left and Sam talks to Alexis about Brando... Then about Molly. Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: Great she had a one nighter with a drug trafficker. Great.


    Metrocourt lobby:

    Anna and Alex: Oh come on! Alex sounds strange. Like this is a set up or something! Cus Alex's voice sounded so fake.

    Anna and Finchy: Anna going to see Alex, but Finchy doesn't want her to! As long as we don't have to see Alex, then Anna can go.

    Turning woods:

    King Cyrus and 1 of his henchman: That guy is always around King Cyrus!

    Sonny and King Cyrus: They are bonding. :) WHOA! BRICK!!!! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! :) Did you see Carly yet? If not, go see her and then flirt with her. :) I'm sure the Tribbles will be happy to see you too.

    The hospital:

    Nurse and Finchy: What in the world?!!?!?!?! Bobbie and Monica no long work at the hospital because King Cyrus fired them!?!?!?!?! :0 :0 :0 :0 I did NOT see that coming..

    Alexis and Finchy: Alexis had to tell Finchy that Neil is dead. Poor Alexis. :(

    Maxie's private room:

    Maxie, Hiney, and Doctor: Oh goodie an ultra sound.. Oh goodie they can hear the heart beat.. *facepalm*

    The park:

    King Cyrus and his henchman: Ohhhhh! King Cyrus tried to get Brando to work for him, but Brando said no. King Cyrus got someone to do something to Jason's bike!!! Hmmm is King Cyrus setting Brando up? :) I wonder if Brando IS an FBI agent.. Brando is innocent with the bike, and when Sam finds out the truth, she is going to feel so stupid.

    The garage: Boy! Brando is being harassed by a lot of people today! A cop, One of King Cyrus's henchman, and a couple of them.

    Brando and Spinny: Spinny tells Brando that his car is a block away and it's not working. While they are gone, Jason puts a bug in the garage.

    Brando and King Cyrus's men: Oh oh! Brando is being beaten up!!!!

    The park:

    Jasam and Spinny: They are seeing him being beaten up!!! I think Jason wants to help Brando!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine and watches as Sonny schools Katherine!* Yeah Sonny! You tell her! HA! :)

  3. OBVIOUSLY setting it up so Sam and Brandon hook up.....I really thought Brando was going to be a FED working with Cyrus/refused to harm Jason, etc. If he isn't 'somebody', then obviously it's a storyline for Sam and Jason...……...cause you know, they can't ever be happy for some reason.....WHERE is Kevin and WHERE is Kristina?

  4. Katie the Carrot is 'new' to me but I loved Mr. Potato Head.
    I'm fine with Sam and Brando. Jason on his own is so much better.
    My guess is not every actor feels comfortable and/or they only call in small groups to tape at a time.

  5. Um, why is everyone wearing winter clothes?

  6. This show has been ruined. So Anna doesn't seem to have a job and is now a dumbbell. Alexis lost her career and now Monica and Bobbie lost their jobs. Do these writers hate women?

  7. Oh and Lucy and Sam are doing stupid stuff too.

  8. Is Neil really dead? He's not one that I wanted to leave the show.

    1. "lindie says, Is Neil really dead?"

      Apparently so!!! Unless this is a very long dream!!! ROFL!

      "He's not one that I wanted to leave the show."

      Yeah me too.

  9. Bravo to Doc Finn for speaking the truth to dumbed-down Anna. Sheesh!

    Loved the scenes with Robert and Olivia. I could listen to Robert tell stories for an entire episode.

    Alexis is playing "numb" very well. I think Mumbles looked disappointed that Alexis didn't holler at her for being stupid about Valentin. I couldn't quite tell because she wasn't emoting! Nobody cares Sam, go ahead, live your life. HA!

    Monica and Bobbie fired off screen? Umm, ok.

  10. Someone said Lisa Locicero had a crush on Tristan Rogers. Think we all do.


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