Wednesday, September 9, 2020



Image we are!! I'm sick of almost everything right now so an hour with you all is going to do me good. 

Alexis and Julian. They are waiting for the police to turn over the needle. She's like "You FOUND it" interesting. She said that Neil must have been lying to her while they were together. He leaves, calls Sam and tells her to get over there. 

Jordan and Cyrus. She wants to know why he killed Neil. He's like NO I didn't..Neil WHO?? Then he says he's not into drugs..ugh. 

Kids at Charlie's. Joss tells Cam she knows he and Trina kissed. Cam's like, great. thanks. 

Trina talks to Ava. I love them together. Portia comes in. Portia tells Ava Trina can work at the Gallery but she's going to watch her closely. 

JaSam. Sam's figuring out she was an idiot to trust Valentin with her shares of ELQ and that Cyrus fired Bobbie and Monica. It was a dumb scene, imo. They go to see Alexis. 

Metro Court with Carly and Bobbie. Bobbie's mad she got fired. 

Valentin and Martin Gray talk.  Then Bobbie goes over to yell at him.  Martin Gray tells them to leave him alone. BRICK walks in. Bobbie leaves to go out to dinner with Scott.  

Jasam gets to Alexis' house. I think she wants to be alone. I'm wondering where Danny and Scout are. 

Julian breaks into Martin's office. Ava keeps watch. He is looking for the letter Nelle left incriminating him.  Martin and Val come around the corner, Ava's texts don't go through. She pulls the fire alarm. 

Martin has Nelle's letter in his briefcase, btw

Cyrus calls his man "Walker" and asks him to find out where "Neil Burns got the drugs to OD on" so..he didn't do it?? hmmm...


  1. If Valentine ends up with that briefcase I'm going to be really disappointed. he has too much power as is right now. I hopw Julian or Ava get it and then Julian can get on with his life and out of this hole they've painted him in.

    1. Seriously agree with you about Julian. How many holes has he been in the last few years? It's kind of stupid now. :(

  2. There have been rumors of a higher up that is foreign that Cyrus is working under.

  3. This thing with Neil and drugs makes no sense

  4. I still want it to be Neil's ex----------and Alexis is blamed for it....
    SO weird this whole storyline with Neil......wonder if the actor just wanted to leave?
    and I forgot - SURELY Fionla isn't going to be allowed to take 3 month vacation when she just had several months off?

    1. Yes, the actor wanted to leave, he got a new acting job. :)

  5. Jasam's home:

    Jasam: Sam is whiny again. She must be in pain because her lips ARE puffy.

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Julian: Wow Julian is there!!! I'm glad Julian is there for her. :)

    Alexis and Jasam: Alexis is depressed!!! :( No no no Alexis! Cyrus did it!!!!!

    Alexis and her glass: I'm confused. Was that water? Or vodka?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Bobbie: BOBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Good to see her! :) She should work at Mercy hospital, then get her job back at GH!

    Carly and Brick: Hey he isn't flirting with her! Oh wait there ya go. :) Brick has got to meet the Tribbles and the Tribbles has got to meet Brick! :)

    Bobbie and V.C.: Bobbie really wants to punch V.C. hard! HAHAHHAHA! Oh my Marty is protecting his new love and defending him, and putting his hands on his shoulders. :) I love Varty! :)

    V.C. and Marty: Onto more serious business for Varty! :)

    Charlie's bar and grill:

    Joss and Cam: Cam's carona hair has grown more! :)

    Joss: I know, and now that you know that I know. You don't have to keep any secrets from me.

    Yeah okay Joss. It's really none of your business that Cam and Trina kissed.

    Joss, Cam, and Trina: Okay Joss! Stop talking about the kiss!! I don't know why you keep talking about it. It must really bother you!!!

    Portia and Ava: Mama bear vs mama bear. :)

    Ava and Julian: Yeah Julian! Ava could have killed Nelle for you!!! :) Now give each other an inappropriate kiss! ROFL!

    Outside Marty's office: This was a great scene!! I love how Ava couldn't text Julian to get out because the power was down hahahahahaha! Then when she pulled the fire alarm, Marty was so scared, I laughed so hard! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Did he pee his pants? ROFL!

    Marty's office:

    Marty and V.C.: Oh there is the Nelle letter! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! :)

    King Cyrus's home:

    King Cyrus and Jordan: Jordan 0 and King Cyrus 1 million. You can't win Jordan! He is very smart, smooth, and slick! :) In fact, he wins the line of the day.

    King Cyrus: Who the hell is Neil Burn?


    King Cyrus on the phone:

    King Cyrus: A doctor Neil Burn overdose today, I want to know where he got the drugs that killed him.


    "Karen says, so..he didn't do it?? hmmm..."

    I am so confused. Maybe he did do it, but the writers are trying to get us off track? To surprise us that it's really him? *shrug*

    1. Alexis said "one day at a time" then she drank water. She was envisioning a shot of vodka. Kind of like I did at work yesterday, lol! :)

      And seriously if Ponytail didn't do in Neil, who did?

      I thought Joss was really weird yesterday. I couldn't figure her out!

      Ava was awesome!

    2. "Julie H says, Alexis said "one day at a time" then she drank water."

      Oh yes I know she said that, but was confused if it was water.. :)

      "She was envisioning a shot of vodka."

      Yeah that was pretty vodka! ROFL!

      "Kind of like I did at work yesterday, lol! :)"


      "I thought Joss was really weird yesterday. I couldn't figure her out!"

      YES!!!! I so agree! She was acting weird. Like it really bothered her that Cam and Trina kissed.

      "Ava was awesome!"

      She was!!! :)

  6. Based on recent dialogue, it seems Cyrus either has a connection to Laura's past or the Webber family.

    1. "Kevin says, Based on recent dialogue, it seems Cyrus either has a connection to Laura's past or the Webber family."

      Wait what?!?!?!! What recent dialogue?

    2. When Lulu and Kevin were chatting at the hospital, Kevin said something like, "He sure seems obsessed with your family."

    3. "Kevin says, When Lulu and Kevin were chatting at the hospital, Kevin said something like, "He sure seems obsessed with your family."

      Yeah I remember him saying that, but I didn't think anything of it. Hmmmm. Maybe there IS a connection..


  7. Speaking of the Weber family, who is Elizabeth's mother?

    1. Y'know, I don't think we EVER have been told that. I think once (in the '90s) they mentioned her first name. That's it. Weird.

    2. Carolyn Webber (mother; revealed in Nov 1982)

  8. Today's show.

    Holly's memorial:

    Olivia and Robert: A Robert and Holly flashback! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) OH MY! HOLY COW! Holly called Robert for help!!!!! She needs his help!!!! He can't hear her well! GAH! Then he finally realizes it's Holly!!! She hangs up! He gets a contact of his to find out where the call came from! Olivia has this look on her face like she is thinking he is crazy! NO OLIVIA NO! Port Chuckles is the land of people coming back from the dead!!! His contact calls him, and the phone call is from MONTE CARLO!!!! Olivia is going to Monte Carlo with Robert!!!! Olivia insists and calls Ned and leaves him a message.

    The park:

    Liz and Nik: Liz is still playing Nik! Pretty shirt Liz has on. Didn't she wear that before? Liz is all oh I miss you! I want the connection between us back! THEY CARONA KISS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND someone takes their picture! :)

    Joss, Cam, and Dev: Joss is acting strange and is having eye sex with Cam. She SO has feelings for Cam! :)

    Cam and Dev: Cam is not a blind boy! He realizes Joss is into him! :) Dev has this I know something you don't know smile! :)

    Ava's art gallery:

    BobTodd and Ava: BobTodd is playing Ava.... They carona kiss, AAAAAAAAAND someone takes their picture!

    Jewelers's hotel room:

    Nax: Nina has this alert on her phone about Nelle.. Man Nina is a nervous wreck! Between this Nina alert, and this half heart necklace thing!!!

    Nax and the jeweler: SUCCESS!!!! :) They are getting closer and closer to her daughter. :) Thank you Jeweler guy! :)

    Turning woods:

    Carly and Ned: Carly is getting alerts on her phone about Nelle too. Ned needs to talk to Sonny really really bad! He needs to badly tell Sonny about what Olivia is up to! Because you know, she is 13 and all. I don't think Ned telling Sonny about Dante is really his place. I think Olivia should tell Sonny.

    Mike's room:

    Mike and Sonny: Man this is so odd!!! One minute Mike is on his death bed, and the next he is talking and walking and having a grand ol time, and then the next he is on his death bed again. Up and down. Very odd.

    Stella and Sonny: STELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Stella: Sometimes when a person is close to passing, they get this final burst of energy.

    Okay.. Well, but then he is getting a lot of final burst of energies, and it makes no sense. Oh oh! Mike can't breath!!!! Oh no! He has pneumonia!!!! :(

    Stella and Mike: Mike is on oxygen. :(

    Stella and Sonny:

    Sonny: It's the end isn't it?

    Stella: Yes.


    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to February 1993.* Court for Bobbie and Tiffany for custody of Lucas! Part 1. Part 2.

    Hmmmm. That judge! She sounds and looks just like the actress Carolyn Hennesy aka Diane Miller! :) Check it out!!! Is it her?!?!!?!!

    Sidenote: For the past few nights, my feet have been cold when I have been in bed. It makes me think of Neil!!!! Also look at this!!!! Rick Moranis and Ryan Reynolds in a new commercial!!!! Just seeing Rick Moranis in anything makes me smile and feel good, because he hasn't been around in many many many years! :) I saw this on twitter and looked for it on youtube.

    1. LOVED the Holly Robert flashbacks! And I'm really loving Olivia tagging along to Monte Carlo. Ned will be so po'd!

      Mike and Stella were the best, I got the sniffles. I'll be a mess when he finally passes, reminds me of when my dad passed away, which is still too fresh. :(

      That flashback of the judge sure sounded like Diane, but it couldn't be her! Thanks! :)

    2. "Julie H says, LOVED the Holly Robert flashbacks!"

      It sure made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

      "And I'm really loving Olivia tagging along to Monte Carlo. Ned will be so po'd!"

      Me too! Yes Ned will be! Then mom and dad will argue again. :(

      "reminds me of when my dad passed away, which is still too fresh. :("

      I'm sorry. :( When did he pass? *BEARHUGS*

      "That flashback of the judge sure sounded like Diane, but it couldn't be her!"

      Why couldn't it be her? Damn now I want to know who that judge was!!

      "Thanks! :)"

      You're welcome! :)

  9. I have a bad feeling that Britt is going to be the new chief of staff given Finns reaction in the coming attractions for tomorrow.

  10. Please remind me what Dante's PTSD is a result of. He was a cop/detective for years with no apparent problems. Or is it made up for plot purposes.
    It will be sad to see the death of Mike and the end of one of the best story lines. And Max Gail.

    1. As I recall he was undercover and he cover was blown. He was tortured and brainwashed to do someone's bidding. He keeps flashing back to some job he's supposed to complete.

    2. Yes, he had been in Turkey trying on some assignment trying to save Lulu from someone. Then he was captured, etc. Sonny went to Turkey to save him, that's where he met Dev. It was a full story, not a plot device.

      Sam and Jason ran out to go see Alexis. Weren't their children upstairs? They don't even try to explain who is watching their children . . .



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