Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sonny the Flying Fish

20150204 0730(22)

DOCK FIGHT! Yesterday's Tracy and Helena scenes were so funny. Loved it.  Hey, this is the only time you'll see Sonny dressed as a cop. LMAO

NUSlone is on... Julian is arrested. He tries to tell Slone that Ava is in the river. 

OMG..So, Jake tells Sam the bomb is on the boat. THEY ARE IN THE PCPD. What does she do? CALLS Patrick! yes! Does she yell to the cops to call the coast guard? WTF? NO..and Ivy has Nik's phone and won't answer it. No answer. SO? What does she do? She calls Lucas then hands the phone to Jake. Who TELLS them where the bomb is.
Do they yell?
No..THEY GO FIND IT BEHIND THE BAR and stand there. LMAO Then, Michael runs out!

Meanwhile, LULU finds out Dante is at GH and STANDS THERE, MOUTH OPEN. 
 DUHHHHHHH. SHe finally runs.  Goes to Dante's room. Dante tells her about Fluke and the dead guy in the basement of the house. 

Sonny talks to Fluke for AGES. Then he goes to save everyone on the boat! He gets the bomb from Michael and JUMPS OVER WITH IT! Sonny didn't THROW it...he Jumped with it LOL. That's him up there. Jumping the shark
Oh did I say that??? LOL
You didn't think that Sonny would pay for murdering AJ for long did you? Michael is all "MY DAD saved us" Boo hoo..wah wah... Yah. 

Later, (after Sonny leaves) Nate has Fluke at gunpoint--and MICHAEL jumps out of nowhere and Fluke gets away. 

Franco injects the LSD and it takes an age to kick in. Good Lord. Then they kiss..LSD Sex coming? No he starts hallucinating.
I just can't. a Peter Maxx poster.
The police got in there and he was all nutty.

AT the endish--Patrick bursts into the interrogation room and tries to strangle Jake. LMAO

You know, I seriously do NOT understand why Soaps can't be shot/filmed like the dramas that are now on TV. They still look like they are made in the 70s with the same editing, lighting...and the suspense?
Um NONE. LOL.. That bomb thing was painful.


  1. Karen,
    The picture says it all. Just perfect.

  2. For me it's the crazy lack of attention to details that makes me crazy.

    Like today, the bridge, that bridge is supposed to be some historic truss bridge, but the dang thing is only 3 feet wide at most? Not wide enough for a car or a train or even a horse and buggy to cross.

    And bar at the Haunted Star... Someone takes the time to make up witty labels for the almost empty liquor bottles, but there is not one beer tap on that bar? And what about a cash register? Does everyone drink for free?(Actually that would explain a lot).

    And the police scene. All the police there, and not one siren or flashing light. Have some darn intern at least flip a light switch on and off a few times!

    I was screaming at the TV today to damn Sam to just run out of the room and say something to someone! It's a police station! They have radios and cop cars!

    And Franco, how did it take so darn long for an injection in the neck to work? I wish they just let him keep going with the ramblings as that was the most entertaining part of the show for me today.

    Sorry, but I might just be done with this show after today and the mess of it all.

    I now apologize for this rant.

  3. Todays show was probably the stupidest and most frustrating show I have ever watched.

    Ron and Frank need to be fired. They have made GH a complete joke. The story is so stupid and anticlimactic. Not one person of this bloated cast of characters is going ever going to die.

    Everyone character on this show is corrupt or stupid. There is no one real, they are all caricatures of people and are fools. They are writing a farce not a soap opera. Half of the characters need to go, I don't even care who at this point.

  4. This "Sonny the hero" garbage is complete garbage. I think viewers and the show needed Sonny to pay for his crimes more than then they need that character. This just feels like a complete FU to the audience. #sorrynotsorry

  5. Hey Karen,

    Didn't this show Jump the Shark years ago?

    Any whoooo...

    You mentioned about filming these shows like the 70s and why they cant be filmed like nighttime dramas.

    how about this for a suggestion:

    Friday nights are dead nights on tv. Why not cut the show down to 30 minutes every day M-F and then on Friday night, have a big 1 hour drama show that tidys (sp?) up the week and can be big and drama filled like the old nighttime soaps (Dallas, Dynasty). There can be a cliffhanger that concludes on Monday's episode. This hour long once a week show can also have lots of guest stars, actors from GH past, singing contestants voted off an island, etc.

    Some former viewers that cannot always invest in a daily show anymore can tune in on Friday nights. Also, we can rent a hotel room in a casino in Atlantic City and have champagne parties. (we actually did that every wednesday when Dynasty was on. stop laughing)

    As always, my 2 cents.

    I am sooooooo glad I missed today's episode.

  6. The current showrunners are out of ideas - when their OLTL Big 3 got taken away from them it totally made their heads explode. Seriously, that was the turning point in Cartini's tenure right there.
    Really disappointed in them for the mess that the show has become because the first year they were there - GH was back on the map and a force to be reckoned with.

  7. Frustrated with the stupidity.....
    1- If Sonny is going to be a hero, Have the bomb strapped to Michael and Lucas tied up below deck. Sonny then saves them and HAS TO with the bomb and jump out TOWARDS the deck as it explodes. (I am dying at the idea that he jumped in the water instead of throwing it. AND what purpose did Michael serve? He can't throw? He was going to jump in the water like his idiot "dad".
    2- You all already said it... ITS A POLICE F'N STATION!
    3- fLuke - at least shoot him Sonny. Then Helena can save him from the docks while you are at the boat.
    4- When did the Hospital, police station, waterfront, bridge, mental hospital all become in 1 minute walking distance of each other?
    5- And the most important and frustrating of all of this.... where were the normal characters for this big event? Monica and the Q's to support Michael., Sonnys crew (Shawn, Duke and even Jordan) to support him, the "regulars" to support Port Charles fundraiser, AND ANNA!!!! She doesn't have to be commissioner to be a functioning member of the community.
    For something called "sweeps", this has been the worst few weeks I have seen.
    I'm frustrated because they could beef up these story lines with ease, yet they chose garbage. I think I quit.

  8. Why isn't Rosalie there? Isn't she Michael's assistant?? Wouldn't she be there?? Do you ever wonder what the actors think of these stupid story lines?

  9. The haunted Star: Oh there is Poison Ivy! Poor thing thinks Nik isn't interested in her! Oh she has got Patrick's phone and hits ignore when Sam calls! Hmmm does she work for Helena? :)Geez everyone! Why aren't you running!!! There is a bomb!!!!!! I Michael has to get rid of it!! No Sonny got rid of it! Michael calls him dad!! He still wuvs his dad. The bomb wins the line of the day.

    Bomb: Nobody died on the Haunted Star! Son of a bitch!

    I can't believe people are still standing around after Michael takes the bomb out! Aren't they afraid there might be another bomb? I guess not! And poor Lulu can only have 1 conversation at a time! Her head is spinning! She can't talk about her father who isn't really her father just yet! She needs to know how her hubby is!

    The pier: Sonny shoot Fluke and then get the bomb! Nate almost had Fluke but then Michael had to rush in! Fluke is all happy like a little girl that the bomb went off. But he didn't even skip like a little girl awww. :(

    The bridge:

    "Karen says NUSlone is on... Julian is arrested."

    Oh is THAT who it is?!!?! I was wondering who the hell that stiff robot is!!! if this new recast is going to stay, then he better relax and not be so stiff. Why is Fluke there walking on the bridge? I was thinking he had Luke hidden in the bridge somewhere. Nope.

    The hospital:

    Dante's room: It's okay Lulu! You CAN run up to him! Poor Dante can't go on the boat! Oh oh he fell!

    Shadybrook: BobTodd and Nina kiss! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! I thought they were gonna have LSD sex too. Oh oh BobTodd is having an LSD trip! ROFL! Oh look all the colors! ROFL! I think I'M having an LSD trip too! Those colors are so funny! ROFL! I hope that scene wins scene of the week on Sunday Sugary! :)

    BobTodd: Oh look! Far out! I see blue and purple and pink! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    I guess he hasn't seen any bugs yet. Hahahaha! Time for BobTodd to be wheeled out!

    BobTodd: Oh wheels! Can I pop a wheelie? Oh please?! OH LOOK! BLACK!

    Police station: Sam leaves a message to Patrick about the bomb?! SERIOUSLY?!!?!! And Jake Doe had to tell her to call someone else!!!! What the hell?!

    Sam: Oh Patrick sweetie? I think you should know, that there is a bomb on the boat. I hope you get out. And if you do get out, I can't wait to have sex with you tonight! Okay goodbye my love.

    Superman Patrick just flies into the room and attacks Jake Doe!!! But then Jake Doe is a lot stronger!!! ROFL!

    Patrick: Get off of me!


  10. I know it's ridiculous and doesn't make much sense, but I love all the hokey stuff. They could never film with the quality of a night time show. They film 250 shows a year vs. 25 for a Grey's Anatomy type show. They basically have 1/10th of the budget of a "nighttime drama"

  11. I understand that JPink, I really do. But, maybe just in the basement? 1000watt lights don't need to be used. The pacing and tempo could be more exciting. I do love "hokey" and campy but today just made me mad. LOL

  12. The best scenes were with Sam and Jake. Mixed feelings about the rest.
    I still refuse to believe that Fluke is Luke, I'd rather the corpse be Luke.
    If I saw a bomb anywhere, i would run like hell, not hangout.

  13. The Sonny worship and non-throw were ridiculous, sickening and, yes, predictable.

    The Sonny pimpers are in orgasm that their mass murdering, serial raping, terrorist supporting, bomb planting (himself), treasonous drug lord is a hero, again, and the fawning by fans, and even the characters is disgusting.

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  15. Well, that bridge looks like the same bridge where Jason used to meet Elizabeth.

    As for the police scene--I just think that there is some agenda of Slone's that's the reason they showed up with no sirens and managed to arrest Julian. I think they aren't behaving like cops for reasons of a some conspiracy.

    I really do think Maurice should NOT have signed the latest contract. Sonny is so tired and finished as a character--there is absolutely nothing new to say or do with him except punish him for all the sins and all the boredom he has put us thru. I once stopped my subscription to SID because their worship of Sonny and Maurice was making me ill. I know I shouldn't pick on Maurice--he's an actor and actors need to work, but it is time to get out of GH and try something else. When he still shows up on any popularity polls I scratch my head...

    I know Ron and Frank can do a good show but I admit this current stuff is too dark for me and too over the top. I want to tell them, 'Stop bringing everyone back to life, don't bring Kimberly Mc back again--it is only painful to see her go again, and also Heather, we've had enough of her now, good as she is, and cut back on the less interesting members of the cast, like Sabrina, Bart, Carlos, and some of the villians--there are too many and too much confusion trying to get them all on. You have excellent leads in Jason T, William D, Dominic, Wally, Chad, Ryan. And in Rebecca, Nancy, Kelly, etc.
    Let's see some normal life for them now, scenes where they share their thoughts and concerns like real people, let's have stories about the corporate stuff Michael is doing, how it affects Monica, Tracey, etc. Interesting hospital stories, too.

    And much much more of Anna and her life, her apartment, job, relationships. Anna is your true leading lady, practically the best actress in the business. Use her. I want to see where she lives, I want to see her back as Commish, I like her with Duke, whatever. Get back to some reality, PLEASE!

  16. You would think with all the barware Sonny is always throwing, he could have hurled the bomb very effectively!

    I feel bad that good actors are handed such sheeze!

  17. "Soaplover says cut back on the less interesting members of the cast, like Sabrina, Bart,"

    Bart must be less interesting, cus I don't remember a Bart. :) Who is Bart?

  18. Absolutely absurd that Sam is at the PCPD and she doesn't run out yelling "bomb on Haunted Star" but leaves a voice mail for Patrick. If Sonny survives his dive that will really be a stretch. And the police wouldn't even attempt to have a woman who fell into the river rescued? I am getting ticked off, too, that Anna isn't around much now that we have the new, unnecessary commissioner. Nina and Franco have no purpose in the scheme of things at all. Dante was telling Lulu she was the most important thing to him but what about Rocco?

  19. I co-sign just about everything everyone has said. Campy is one thing but this was abominable. "Sonny is a hero." "Sonny saved us." Bleccch! By jumping in the water with a bomb, so he must have landed 2 feet from the boat, instead of Michael hurling the bomb as far as he could? Why jump? This is how they redeem a murderer. Michael Quartermaine will be Michael Corinthos before we know it. That didn't last long. Pretty soon Sonny will be elected mayor.

    The actors do their best but even the best performers seem to be having trouble making any of this convincing. The direction seems poor too. You can almost see people waiting to do a certain bit of action instead of it seeming natural. For me Nathan really brings down his scenes. He's been on over a year now and his performances seem almost as wooden, he cannot convey concern or urgency (this is my opinion, I know some people like him and that's OK, we all have our likes and dislikes :) ).

    I FF'ed Franco & Nina as I do not like the characters or the actors, but I could see the pyschedelic effects around Franco, that seemed stupid because he is the one having the trip so why does he look like that. He and Nina are both psychos and I'm not entertained by them at all. I've been watching GH almost as long as it's been on the air and I'm really dismayed at what I've been seeing lately.

  20. Yesterday's show was pure garbage.

  21. Soaplover said..."I really do think Maurice should NOT have signed the latest contract. Sonny is so tired and finished as a character--there is absolutely nothing new to say or do with him except punish him for all the sins and all the boredom he has put us thru."

    Mo seems like a nice guy but I can't help but agree with you. Sending Sonny to prison & keeping him there would have been a nice end for the character. This "Sonny the hero" stuff is nauseating. It's story like this that started tanking ratings in the 2000s and got the show mocked by fans and critics. I can't understand why anyone in their right mind would think this is a good idea.

  22. In my listing I put 'Bart'--I meant Brad. He is so uninteresting to me I couldn't get the character's name right. Sorry. I cannot understand why they would cut Felix loose and keep Brad. Felix was a likable character, kind and funny.

    I don't like to pick on actors as actors, but sometimes their characters are brought down by the combination of writing and acting. Most of the actors on GH are first rate, but they have to interpret right and writers have to write the characters so the actors can do that and sometimes it simply doesn't happen. I disliked agent Sloane from the beginning because he seemed so clinched-jawed and grim. There was nothing the least warm about him, so his first kiss with Anna disgusted me. They need to give Duke a better story and get him back in the running.

    And again, they REALLY need Anna as the show's leading lady!

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