Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Put My Tender Heart in a Blender

20150214 0903(48)
Well, I've started this blog over about 4x so far. Trying to find the words --or any words so I don't sound redundant. Not sure it's possible. The entire Fluke story had me arguing on twitter, being nasty in the blog and being sad about the show. Valentine's Day was entertaining but in a strange disconnected way with cameos from other ABC actors. The rest of the week was pretty dull. So, all in all...normal week. 

Ok..I have a few left over chocolates from Vtines Day that I'm going to eat. All the caramels are gone, so I have to go for the maple creams :shudder: 

**Song in title: Eve 6's Inside Out. Describes what happened to me listening to the dialog on Monday. 

20150209 1423(18)

Monday was the day that absolutely tore me apart. Listening to Fluke rant/rave about being "LUCAS LORENZO SPENCER" like it was a rotting fungus. I already did a giant bitch down there about the show so I won't do it again here. Let's just say I totally heard it as TG's feelings on his character and the viewers that have enjoyed "Luke" over the years.  He moaned about being seen as a 'hero' when he's really a bad guy. Lulu visited in jail and things just got progressively worse. 
I can't for the life of me figure out why they want to go there. Mocking-out early Luke lovers and the Luke/Laura story line isn't doing it for me. Upcoming flashbacks pretty much conclude that this is indeed, Luke. 
Even if it's NOT the way they are going and my complex yet lovable Luke is being held somewhere, I still feel like I've wasted WAY too much time on this story. WAY WAY too much time.
I get it, "Luke" has been an asshole, we have glorified a rapist, a con man and drunken child killer.  Geary has the character tied to him forever.  Great.  Give me a bitter old guy grumping around for months on end. So compelling.  Will some weird sci-fi story 'save' this? Some Cassadine weirdness? Some DID from his childhood?

Enough already. It's not even fun to try to figure things out any longer.  When Scotty yelled at Lulu that Luke raped Laura, I got  it.  GOT it. Thanks. Great. Done. Move on.  

20150213 0645(11)

Helena got her immunity. Nik basically set it up so she is going to 'confess" or tell everyone the truth about Fluke/Jake.  Seems to me she signed the paper and really doesn't have to do anything. Nikolas is playing all sides and because I'm not sure where he's coming from, I'm confused. Will Helena fess up? Supposedly she does let Nikolas in on some of the secrets. Which he'll stew about until the next sweeps week.    

20150209 1415(21)

Sonny got his pardon. Sonny went back home and got a bunch of stuff to bring Avery to live with him. Sonny got Avery! Morgan was all happy for Daddy. Carly was all happy for Sonny. Carly and Sonny were all happy together. blah, blah.. Only Kiki was realistic and got Alexis over to plot some strategy to maybe save that dumpling from a web of crime and possible coma.
20150210 1439(30)

Now he can ruin this poor kid's life!  Michael's all mad at Sonny again, thank GOODNESS. I couldn't deal with it if he was forgiving.  I almost died laughing when he said "I'm going to make him pay" because we all know that's Sonny's line! 

20150210 1429(28)

On to my FAVE part of the week. Franco's entire "I lost my arm" Was JUST BRILLIANT. If I only saw on thing his week on the show I would have been happy. GOLDEN. Making fun of Franco for his "Franconess" was....priceless. Franco basically thought he was in 127 Hours and cut off his arm. Then he thought Nina was Anne Hathaway at the Oscars. Bahahha!!! Sure these two are as isolated as they were in the cabin again, but don't care. Great scenes. 

20150210 1437(12)

Maxie helped Johnny get away and Nathan found out. She was very upset about it all but stood her ground for being a friend. Nate ended up not arresting Maxie for this which is a good thing because Spinelli showed up Friday with real life baby Harper playing Georgie. Spinelli has broken up with Ellie so he'll be in PC for awhile. Rumor has it he helps solve both the Fluke and the Jake boondoggles. 

20150210 1448(21)

I'm going to talk about Carlos for a minute here and maybe it will help you understand what I look for in a soap. I LOVE the intensity for which Carrrrrlos loves his Sabrina. Sabrina is boring and doesn't do anything for me but the whole  "guy that will sacrifice anything for his love" is gold. Intensity.. his passion even though she won't have anything to do with him? Yep. I dig it. Carlos will probably go back into the storage closet until next time he's needed so..bye-bye.
20150211 1518(32)

Ric went to represent Jake in his hearing. He told Jake to plead guilty to get a lesser sentence. Is he doing it because of Liz--OR... is he part of the larger conspiracy? Liz comes on and tells Jake NOT to plead guilty because Nik is talking Hells into confessing. So, what does he do? He pleads not guilty. Ric is pissed. 

20150214 0829(21)

Little Harper Rose Barash made her debut on Friday. She's adorable and rambunctious! Babbling-- playing. It will be fun to see her with Kirsten. Bradford is also back for awhile. I'm happy. Yes, I bitch and moan about the size of the cast but he needs to be there. I could kick off about 3 other people to have him.  

20150214 0850(6)

Valentine's Day had a bunch of actors on from "Baby Daddy". It was pretty fun-- it was a total stand alone thing for the most part. Barbra Jean from "Reba" was great. Olivia found out she's pregnant. Alexis goes to Julian and ditches Ned. Lucas stands on the nurses' station and declares his love for Brad.  

20150210 1454(5)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Totally isolated from anything else on the canvas but just GREAT in terms of dialog and delivery. Franco living the Real Franco's life is so awesome. PLEASE to more and go into MORE of Francophile. 

20150214 0904(3)

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz.. oh what a relief it is!! Olivia... oh Olivia! 
20150214 0957

FACE OF THE WEEK: Olivia, minutes after chugging the Alka-Seltzer 

And on we go. Michael Easton is staying-- although I'm wondering what they'll do with him? Rebecca Buding's character? Maybe those two will hook up. Don't know.  Just when I thought the Fluke thing was going to be all tied up this sweeps, we're led down another path and waiting. The ratings have been really decent, BTW. So despite my friends in real life who are texting me they are done, and what I'm seeing online--there are people loving this.  Which of course, is great for the show. GH does have one of the best casts and dare I say dialog writers.  So, more of the same to come I'm sure. Hang in there. I'll be trying to. 

PS. GH writers won the coveted Writer's Guild Award... read it here: The Wrap 


  1. Cosmo, did Geary's speech make you cringe or..naw?

  2. They have got to cut that too large cast! And PLEASE, no more new characters!

  3. Thank you Karen for another insightful blog. I do not understand AG's stance on "Luke". I almost feel like he wants us to hate him? Why. In some way I feel like a kid learning there isn't a Santa Claus. Whatev... this Luke stuff is like a dagger that is being twisted in the heart of GH :(

  4. Ive stopped watching but still read this blog. The reasons I have stopped watching are well known by anyone who has read my comments over the past few months.
    - Hate the fluke storyline. I do believe this is the actor dictating his storyline. If so, despite being a huge Luke/AG fan for many years it is time the show cut them both lose. Kill Luke.
    - Hate Sonny. Always have. Him being redeemed I can not deal with. Put him on death row.
    - Hate newbies. With the exception of Jordan and Ava (and Dr. O in small doses) I can not stand any new character introduced over last 3 years. The boat should have exploded with Silas, Kiki, Madeline, Nathan, Franco, Nina, Eve (or whatever Emily-clones name is), TJ, Shaun, Sloane, Sabrina, Carlos all killed off. Re-signing Silas is more than I can handle. Signing on a new actress (Rebecca Buding) unless she is Sarah Webber, Brokklyn Ashton or established character is unnecessary.
    - Hate the treatment of female vets. Some like Monica are hardly used. Others like Anna and Tracey are dumbed down. Cartini seems afraid of strong, mentally stable women. Don't even get me started on Laura missing from this whole storyline (goes back to my AG dictating the storyline theory).
    - Hate the writing of the kids storylines. Piss poor behavior and romantic storylines? I think Cartini needs to seek counselling.

    I will continue to read this blog but the show I have watched faithfully since 1979 is going to need to do a major turn around before I tune in again.

  5. Maybe the Nina/Franco scenes were clever but they really have no place or purpose on the show. TG could just retire by disappearing, like Luke always does, rather than have a whole different personality. How much longer will it take for RP to learn how to act? Maybe he should watch Rick Hearst. Not a fantastic week for sure.

  6. The only thing redeeming GH for me at the moment is that Spinelli is coming back. Maybe we'll get a decent storyline. I'll watch to find out.

    If this is the real Luke then what they've done to another iconic character is unforgivable. They seem to want to make us hate all the old GH characters so that we'll move on to all their newbies.

    And they keep bringing them in. They don't even do it one at a time and give us a chance to get to know them as they work their way into the canvas. They just throw them in by the truckload.

    And when we do start to accept one, like Sloan, they replace him for no good reason and bring in a pouty mouthed clone. I don't understand them at all.

    I agree with friscogh about them seeming to be afraid of strong, mentally stable women. I also hate what they've done to Tracy and Anna. They should be the matriarchs of the show, not Ava and Dr. O.

    As for the kids "piss poor behavior" is an apt description. I get that some people find this funny but a constant diet of anything becomes unpalatable after a while. ( And our Nicholas would never put up with that behavior. That child was being raised to be a Prince. Not a dictator. lol)

  7. So excited about Spinelli and loved seeing baby Harper. You could tell by the way Kirsten was holding her that this is her baby. Very natural. Not excited that Maxie used such poor judgment -- yet again. Why would she risk losing all that she's worked so hard to have? Always her own worst enemy.

    Listening to Fluke/Luke or whomever he turns out to be was painful. Even Luke at his worst had a sensitivity chip. Helena removed it. I'm ready for her to move on.

  8. Lots of criticism posted here.

    I don't find the show boring--too much going on--but I'm not altogether entertained either.

    Actors always seem to prefer playing bad people, but that's a cliche. It is really harder to make a good person interesting--that's a real challenge and Geary should know it. Ryan Pauvey is managing it well--he is so good it has become a fault, has such principles he messes up himself and knows it, leaving him torn. Sabrina, on the other hand, is good but colorless and boring. Felix was good, but fun and likable.

    Luke was never altogether good or bad and that made him unpredicable and fascinating. He was cynical and amoral, but fun and good hearted, and capable of deep, faithful love and loyalty. He had his own standards (as Nathan does now), but only Laura seemed to understand those standards. As for the rape--forget it. It was written when Luke was destined to die trying to carry out a 'hit' Frank Smith ordered. That suddenly changed due to some backstage alterations. And few other soap ladies ever loved their man like Laura loved Luke.

    I'm a bit disallusioned at this point. I've heard Geary discourse on how he dislikes reading mail and listening to fans as it might influence his performance. Well, flying in the face of what the fans loved about the character is neither kind nor productive. I don't know how they will correct the present situation, but correcting it is necessary.

    I suppose one answer to all this is that Smith's men actually killed Luke instead of Bill Ekert and all this time he's been Bill.
    Eww. I hate I even thought of it!

  9. I couldn't stop now. Spin is back!!! And that, could almost fix anything (as long as they can write his speech correctly) And the Franco stuff is awesome.

  10. Luke and Laura should have gone years ago in my opinion. Personally, Geary should go and Tristin Rogers should have been lured away from Y&R. I'd take the Scorpio family anyday over the Spencer family. Besides, we need Anna and Robert in PC to clean up the massive amount of villains running loose! There's no balance anymore.

  11. I didn't cringe but it's clear they were breaking the 4th wall.

    Geary was basically addressing all the fan theories and saying it's LUKE!

    He also confirmed he's been evil for at least 20 years since meeting Julian n WP.

    Latest theory is that Pat Spencer returns, was raped by daddy Tim, and Bobbi is Pat's daughter. Also, Rebecca Budig is Pat's other daughter, and Bobbi's sister.

  12. <>

    I've seen it posted that Rebecca is coming on in a "killer" role, with the word killer in parentheses. I'm hoping that means they'll do a "Loving" style serial killer story and half the cast gets killed. LOL


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