Friday, February 6, 2015

Dem Bones

Sonny's gonna BE OK!! WOW, who saw that coming? He Speaks! WOW!  Morgan is all mad that Michael isn't seeing Sonny.  Then he shows him a pic of Avery. 
at the end? 
WELL...guess what? He's PARDONED by the Governor. Right in GH hallway. YEP. St. Sonny is..... out.

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Olivia uses the wheelchair for Dante to cover her baby belly.  :) So funny.  Dante then goes to Tracy's to tell her there were bones in that cellar.  Tracy runs off. 

Nathan sees charred bones in the morgue. Dr. O tells him he should be a farmer instead of a policeman because of the danger.  Tracy comes in later.  They are going to test the bones. 

Hells IS IN JAIL in her silk suit, opposite Fluke. This is unacceptable.  Sloane walks in and Helena is like: LET US OUT.  He says he can't because they'd all be exposed then. Fluke is like "Run my fingerprints" (Sorry I missed some, I was napping) . Luke says it's "all going to come out anyway and to buckle up". 

Silas and Kiki hug over Ava.

Ivy went to Wyndemere to bitch at Nikolas. Then, Lulu goes to bitch at Nikolas too. "What did you know, when did you know it". Thank GOD they were on today It's awesome. 

AND..anyway..the end of the show, the bones are decades old, Fluke says they are indeed Bill Eckart's and the fingerprints MATCH for Luke Spencer.
So, Luke is Luke. WHY THE FLUKE RUSE THEN? Why even pretend to switch Fluke/Luke? WTF.

Even if it's a mental issue or DID or Fight Club sheeze it makes NO sense. 



  1. Still don't believe it's Luke.

  2. An entire year of nonsense for this? Another tired, old DID / mental illness story! Time for a break for me. I'll skip the show and just read the blog.

    I know I'm getting old but I don't remember Governor Cuomo being replaced by a guy named Gatling. Who is writing this mess?

  3. I'm really disappointed. Usually GH has better payoffs than this. I just don't know why anyone thought this ish would be good. Sonny's fans are happy though and I guess that's all the matters. To heck with the rest of us.

  4. We know that Jason's fingerprints were tampered with in the police data base, so it's possible that Luke's real fingerprints were previously replaced with Fluke's fingerprints, therefore, they now match.

  5. Ok, let's say it's NOT Luke then.

    Even Fluke believes he's Luke. The bones ARE not Luke's they are too old. I don't think that's fake.

    Either way, it's been too long and too painful for me to even care. The quagmire of this is just frustrating and isn't not a good story.
    Just like Sonny getting pardoned today.
    NOT a good story. Sonny saves some people and gets off his murder charge. In one day. In the hospital.
    have at it.

  6. The only scenes I remotely enjoyed were the Nik/Lulu ones. I think it's time for a LONG GH break for me.

  7. by the way, SID is saying next week or in the next "weeks' we'll find out how Luke became Flue or whatever. So it IS Luke

  8. Dr. O said the remains are decades old and are Luke Spencer. Nathan said the prints of the person in jail are Luke Spencer's.

    I know I suspend belief for soap stories but this makes no sense. Am I missing something? Have they made rubber hand "masks" for the fingerprints?

    If the plan was for it to really be Luke "gone bad" from the beginning, why the circuitous route? That could have been an interesting story.

  9. It is certainly NOT the Luke I know and love. I have TG's first day on tape and thru all his L&L days (I didn't tape when they returned in the 90s), but I KNOW Luke and this Fluke was never inside real Luke...not at all. This is NOT the payoff. Too early in sweeps!

    But getting Sonny off because he saved the governor's daughter and some other people??? He's a murderer, and not just once. He is slime, a criminal lord, a maggot, a creep, a dimpled despot. He is NOT redeemable, yet they keep trying. Give it up! And pardoned this easy is totally UNbelievable. Never happen for one with his long record.

    I used to like the actor playing the comish, but why are they slathering his hair with goop--looks awful. He was always pretty good looking, but not with his hair all plastered down with goop. But maybe they need his to look more icky.

    I also wonder how Nik got screwed up. I think all this started at Miscavesh or whatever that place was. Was Robin experimenting?? (Sorry, but it is puzzling.)

  10. Jail: So Jay Leno's robotic son Sloan shows up and can't help Fluke and Helena. Well, not right away anyway. Helena thinks it's a big mistake to run the fingerprints? Why?

    Karen says Fluke says they are indeed Bill Eckart's.

    He said that?!!?! I must have missed that or don't remember. I'm so confused.

    Wyndemere: Oh look! Poison Ivy is all pmsy! Nik doesn't seem to care about her at all ROFL! I guess they are over! Hey Poison Ivy, are you going back to Sloan? Oh that won't be very good. He looks like he could be your father now. He went from being 35 to 45. Lulu is pissed too! Nik acts like he cares with her! :)

    The hospital:

    Sonny's room: Carly wins the line of the day!

    Carly: Why don't you try calming down, and show a little empathy.

    BAHAHAHAHA! Awwww Carly is acting like a mama! :) Yes Morgan! Have a little empathy for the golden child! :)

    Dante and Olivia: The actress is hiding her baby bump behind Dante and her red coat ROFL! Glad to see she is awake! :)

    The morgue: Dr O wants Nathan to have a safe job hahaha. Oh look! The bones!!!

    Toe bone connected to the foot bone
    Foot bone connected to the heel bone
    Heel bone connected to the ankle bone
    Ankle bone connected to the shin bone
    Shin bone connected to the knee bone
    Knee bone connected to the thigh bone
    Thigh bone connected to the hip bone
    Hip bone connected to the back bone.

    Hey where are the teeth?!!! Are the perfectly white teeth gone?! Awwww! :( When Nathan said the prints are Luke's I thought he was talking about the bones. So the finger prints are Luke's. I'm still so confused. I'm so dizzy.

    GH hallway: Well hello Poison Ivy! Oh so your daddy is the Governor! Oh what did you say? You are pardoning Sonny?!!?! WOW! IT'S A FESTIVUS MIRACLE!!! And great casting too! The actor who plays the governor, looks like the actress who plays Poison Ivy! They look like daughter and father.

    McSilas's home:

    Starki: Mikey?! I need you! Things are bad! You are still the person that I want to talk to! My mommy died! You were always the one who I could always talk to!!!

    Oh come on Starki! Michael is still the person you want to talk to? Liar! Morgan has always been the person you want to talk to!!!

    Mr.Bomb: Oh my darling. We didn't kill anybody yesterday in Port Chuckles.

    Bombette: It's okay sweetie. We still have Ohio to go to.

    Mr. Bomb: That's true.

    Bombette: Let's go to Ohio, get married, have sex and have baby bombs.

    Mr. Bomb: Okay! And then we can bomb people and then go to Texas and live there.

    Bombette: That's a plan!

  11. Wubs, you're absolutely right. Fluke/Sonny the hero is not good story. There really isn't much else to say...

  12. Ugh! They need to bring back Anna Devane. Sonny's release is mind boggling. Are they in an alternate universe, too? Speechless!

  13. Unanswered....
    Who is Patricia/where is Patricia/ WHY Patricia!
    Why was the Elm street house in Bill Eckerts name

    Here is a scenario I could live with....
    The "over 20 year old remains" - They belong to Patricia Spencer. (why would we even know there was a Patricia if she did not play some part in this)

    Fluke IS Bill Eckert, but Eckert doesn't know. It's a Helena experiment. She convinced Bill that HE is Luke, but the reason he went nuts whenever "Eckert"was mentioned and when his grave was dug up was he has memories of his real life. (Like Jason/Jake). Fingerprints mean nothing in this corrupt world.

    Bill Eckert may have witnessed Patricia's death in the basement when they were younger.

    Luke is still being held by Helena somewhere..... (I hope)

  14. Wow Patrix, you're good - I like it! I might actually be able to live with that, too. But my hopes are not high.

  15. Did anyone else notice that the paper with the opposite pictures of Sonny and Luke had a HUGE caption with VILLIAN? Um... the word is VILLAIN!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and Luke is Luke sucks. Blechy and sloppy.

  16. "LSV422 said... Sonny's release is mind boggling. Are they in an alternate universe, too?"

    Yes! In bizarro world!!!

  17. I'm glad Sonny is free. I'm enjoying the show not because it realistic but it's entertaining. I have a stressful life and GH has always been my way of escape. I'm interested in seeing what happens next with Luke.

  18. As a fan of the tv shows, Benson and Soap, I chuckled when they heard the Governor's name was Gatling. Benson DuBois must still be the Lt.Governor...and wait a minute.. Felix's last name is...DuBois ::head hurts::

  19. Could the bones be Tim Spencer? His DNA would match Luke's I think. (I don't know that much about how DNA works, but father and son?)

    And why did Luke get all upset over Bill Ekhart every time the name was mentioned?

    But this is NOT Luke. No way. Not in a million years.

  20. I said mos. ago Fluke's tale wd either be the best of this century of as bad as Casey the alien.

    Calling Lumina, anyone?

    Add the Sonny pardon crap- I mean, this is SUB-GUZA bad!

  21. I think we're getting ReRon's Two Todds tale writ in GH form.

    Luke, Fluke and Bill were triplets. Bill is dead, Luke is stored, and Fluke was the real Luke- who we thought was Luke was an imposter.

  22. Major crime story and no Anna.
    Major Michael story and no Monica.
    Major Sonny story (again) and no Kristina, Max, Milo, or Mike.
    Major Luke story and no Ethan, Lucky, Laura, or Lesley.
    But we get Ivy. And Sabrina. And Silas. And Nina. And Franco.

    I can't waited to see what the demented perverse mind of Cartini comes up with Valentine's Day. Morgan asking Kiki if he is as good as Michael. Spencer reading 50 Shades of Grey to Emma. Maxie discovering Ethan is wearing a mask and is really Levi. Ivy revealed as a resurrected and reprogramed Emily-bot. Tracy wandering around wondering who she has been having sex with for the last year. Franco and Nina twerking each other in straight jackets. Sonny buying Carly a dress and then having her in the back seat of the limo. Heather reinacting the Sleepless in Seattle organism scene by thinking about a blt. Sam and Patrick having sex while Jake watches and steals all the black t-shirts. Epiphany and Milo, Lucy and Duke, Felicia and Mac, Monica and the Judge, all having romantic dates - off camera. Silas wandering around biting peoples necks.

    Ah, love in the afternoon.

  23. "Cosmoetica said...I think we're getting ReRon's Two Todds tale writ in GH form."

    Oh no!!! I hope not!!!! I like the two Todd's storyine, but not here with Luke!

    "Luke, Fluke and Bill were triplets. Bill is dead, Luke is stored, and Fluke was the real Luke- who we thought was Luke was an imposter."

    UGH! I so hope not!!!

  24. I did float the Bill THINKS HE IS LUKE.. awhile I get that. Now with the Fingerprints?
    Who knows. Yes, they can be switched easily.

    The only part of that also is, this has gone on for years.
    I'll include it in my analysis up there too

  25. Pardoning Sonny is disgusting. He killed a legacy character. For a second I thought it was one of those fantasies Cartini likes to try to trick us with. Make us think it is happening and then "Psych!" The whole scene was laughable. The hackiest of hack writing. It was like a bad prison melodrama from the 1930's with Humphrey Bogard and Edward G. Robinson. Sonny happens to "save" the governor's annoying, spoiled daughter so he is absolved from murdering A.J. Quartermaine, who some viewers actually cared about. I had such high hopes for this writing team when they took over GH and loved the first year with the return of the Nurses' Ball. Now we are down in the depths of Guza territory.


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