Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fluke: A Look Back

Ok, know me, I HAD to go back and search old Fluke/Luke scenes.  VERY Interesting. And VERY VERY inconsistent.  I'm starting to think if it is DID or mindmeld this whole thing would fall apart in a nano-second. The only OTHER thing that could work would be a clone. One made in the Cassadine lab. HOWEVER, Clones must be born when the host is born to BE THE SAME AGE..
so, there's that. 
Identical twins we didn't know about? Sorry..different fingerprints. Did they switch fingerprints in the base FBI thing? Could be--but then it will take until MAY sweeps to explain what's happening. Is that really Bill Eckert in there and Helena made him THINK he really IS Luke?  (which would mean Luke is still alive somewhere). That was suggested awhile ago by me and brought up again yesterday by Patrix in the comments.  If Fluke is convinced he's indeed Luke, it still doesn't explain ANYTHING in the beginning of even middle of this. Or how he's been doing it for eons. or why. or anything. 

added: From an interview with Michael Logan in June of 2014:

TV Guide Magazine: You're clearly having a ball with this story and your work — especially in the scenes where Fluke met Luke — has been spectacular. I haven't seen you this turned on by the writing in years!Geary: Thank you very much. That's wonderful to hear. Doing Fluke has been a real cleansing after all my years of complaining and wondering what happened to Luke's black hat. To be able to take something this far and this dark has been a real joy after 36 years. Of course, we had to do it with a different character, since Luke is not a sociopath.

Take a look..I've found what I think are the telling videos. Until about December, we get no mention of Spencer history, btw.  I am convinced that until about Novemberish that Fluke was Bill Eckert. You'll see why: 

2/11/14: (it begins)  Scott and Luke trapped in Mischavage together..  WATCH HERE  This is when Heather was clearly the 'mastermind' He was even dressed like her (wig) 

3/7/14: I'm including this scene because of Fluke's treatment of Monica.  Fluke seems not to remember his Jazz Club. And he mentions the Outback. Like it's still around. He also drags up Monica's infidelities from the past. WAY PAST
**Note: EGG salad PAINTING is in the background!!!!!

3/24/14:  Julian meets Fluke in the stables   
Julian: You bled through Barret Industries..
Fluke: Which is why I need a legitimate company to front the business, one like ELQ. Which is why I proposed to Tracy!
Then he talks about being engaged being a pain because so many "hot women are out there that need my attention".

May 30th: Fluke in Mischavage...talking to Luke about taking over his life and keeping him ALIVE FOR HIS DNA if needed. "How did this all happen" I'll tell you it took a lot of planning. It took years to study you and your life so I could take over here in Port Charles...or as you say: Port Chuckles, ha, I love that". 

SUMMER: Tony is off... here

8/1/14: Fluke talks to Ava. This was the day we supposedly got a "clue" and everyone ran with the number at the bottom pointing to an episode number.  Ava discusses Alexis' house blowing up. Ergo, Luke if it's indeed Luke in there, tried to kill Alexis. (Forgot about that!)

****11/24/12: (Important day)  Luke almost breaks out...Fluke holds him at gunpoint. VERY interesting convo here. "It became imperative for Luke Spencer to disappear" I've been gone six months. Six long months.
"I convinced everyone that Jerry Jacks held me captive".. "We didn't give her back YOU or even ME..we gave her back a totally different husband...Larry Ashton"'
Which begs the question: WHY BRING LARRY BACK? 

at the 7:45 mark, We see Luke, alone after Fluke leaves ... interesting.  We have also seen Luke spit out pills. 

11/25/14: HELENA visits Luke in Mischavage . She pulls a knife on him and can't let him "Escape" This is when we thought the switch (Fake) happened. Alexis comes in to spring him out but it's not LUKE she gets out it's "Fluke" . 
"There simply can't be two Luke Spencers running around" 
Julian: This is where the switch happened... 

12/3/14: I'm including the Faison mask part because it makes NO SENSE to do this elaborate RUSE switch... IF Luke has always been Luke. Why bother?  Why have Larry Ashton and then have Faison pretend to steal "Lukes" life? So that "Luke" can get back in there--as HIMSELF? WTF? and sorry, they all believe Faison has been Luke--when he is a FOOT SHORTER? Um..okay then. 
PS. This is also the incredible story that had ANNA put Faison in a PIT for a year and not check on his ass. 

1/5/15: Bobby and Fluke. This is a big shift because the whole weird mention of Bill Eckert sends him nutty. 

1/7/15: Fluke and Luke in the basement. We now know this is a corpse that Fluke is talking to. Haven't seen a DID/split personality talk to a doll or dummy as themselves before. Not sure that even Is it an hallucination? If so, who dressed the corpse up? Helena? Why would she do that? (that uniform is NEW btw, that thing wasn't buried in that).
AND..the part that so doesn't fit: On the docks Fluke and Helena talk about the corpse. He knew it WAS A CORPSE. he knew it was a corpse, why did he talk to it? 

Analysis:  Quagmire. 

So..if this IS DID or mindcontrol or even Fight Club, which Luke is "real"? It HAS to be Fluke because he comes/goes from Mischavage. "Luke"-- has to be NOT real and we, as the audience saw him as an illusion in scenes of his own.  If he was never at Mischavage, who did Helena talk to and threaten? We know Fluke wasn't there that day--they switched them out. Why would the fake Fluke put himself in Mischavage? Unless Helena was trying to turn him "into" Fluke again? WTF.  **NOTE: What about Helena poisoning Luke..and Luke killing her? UGH...

Look, I love a good mystery. I love trying to find the clues and get into the story. But this? You can't follow anything because it doesn't FIT. Maybe I'll be bowled over and there will be some miracle explanation. If they go with clones I'll flip. IF they go with DID or mindcontrol, I'll double flip. Doesn't leave much, does it?
Seems "Fluke" was bent on getting ELQ and taking over Sonny's biz in the beginning, then it morphed to the whole Spencer childhood stuff. Tens of millions of mentions of Pat Spencer. 

BTW, don't tell me to lay back and "relax and enjoy" that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works! LOL.. mysteries need to have consistent things to be able to figure out! I loved when they switched Luke/Fluke out of Mischagage with Alexis. That was a great ruse---until it fell apart with the corpse in the basement.  I still say Fluke was supposed to be Bill Eckert all along. I'm going with that. The rest of this since late November never happened.

PS. To have Finola gone for this part of the story is a giant misstep. Yes, people need time off but then, you curtail things to match that. 

I did this today so I can link the Sunday blog here. Too much to get in one blog, especially when I need to bitch about St. Sonny of the Walks on Water. 

What say you about all this? I have seen so many I DON'T cares it's amazing. To think a year was wasted on this is sad. 


  1. "Finola gone" is a giant misstep?!
    How about the fact that GenieFrancis is gone altogether?!?!?!

  2. This is a great summary. I kept thinking yesterday that everything was out of whack. Maybe the last year will be a dream....

    It will be interesting to see how they redeem this. I just hope I can hang on long enough to watch it unfold.

  3. Laura hasn't been a part of this story from the get-go. Genie's been gone a long time. I meant that "Anna" has been around for the Fluke stuff.

  4. I haven't watched in MONTHS. The FLUKE stuff was the nail in the corpses coffin...was there even a coffin? LOL...I find the show to be unwatchable...I'll come back when there is a regime change...But keep up the good work keep me connected to the show I used to love!

  5. I read in SOD that the mentions of Patricia Spencer will play a role in this Luke/Fluke thing. They also did a poll on what people thought of the Fluke story and the majority of answers were that viewers were sick of it. You deserve a medal for going through all of this and trying to make sense out of it. They need to do those hokey flashbacks with the voiceover, if only to make many viewers understand what the heck this has all been about.

  6. I enjoy TG, even as Fluke, as long as he's on my screen, so can't get too worked up, except about the fact that this scam is doing harm to Tracy, and making her out to look foolish! (Imagine the years of therapy one would need, after something like this!)

    This SL has been far too plot driven, and not character driven. I hope they wrap it up soon, I don't even care anymore what the explanation is. At least if it's DID, Luke can get help, and resume his life, I hope. I've been waiting a year for a Luke/Tracy reunion, but I know TPTB will let me down.
    I still haven't gotten over the disappointment of the Thanksgiving switcheroo!

  7. Rumors of Erika S from OLTL playing Pat..but I think I started that one LOL :) Some big casting announcement Monday.
    I know RKK (stavros) is supposed to be back at some point too

  8. First, I want ot thank you Karen, for meticulously going through all these clips for us, it had to be nerve racking!! I am changing my mind day to day with this SL. Carlivati sure has everyone talking,and by his comments on Twitter, he is adding to the confusion. The resolution to this better be a good one, because if it is not outstanding, he will appear to be some kind of lunatic! This might be a diversion , hoping we wont see him making Sonny a saint, which is starting to piss me off. Im hoping they wrap it up soon also,its getting uncomfortable.

  9. Great work Karen! After Sonny's pardon I am expecting additional absurdity with the Fluke resolution. An intelligent and plausible outcome does not seem possible.

  10. Thank you! So much has (or hasn't) happened since #Fluke began over a year ago.
    So many different characters COULD have been FLUKE.
    I just have a feeling that Heather came out of the blue for a reason...

  11. I haven't been a loyal watcher in forever but i would have sworn this story has been going on for 2 years! It FEELS like forever.

    GH was good for a minute and even it really faltered. I don't know what tptb are up to. OLTL was amazing at the end. How couldn't that carry over to GH?

    Good luck watching this pan out Karen!

  12. Carrie said...OLTL was amazing at the end. How couldn't that carry over to GH?

    Because they tried to bring OLTL over to GH instead of trying to write for General Hospital. And when that didn't work they didn't know what else to do.

    Now they seem to think that if they bring in even more actors from other soaps it will improve, but that's not working either because the problem is with the writing.

  13. I have been sort of defending this story since the start. i figured even during some of the frustrating and inconsistent parts, the payoff was going to be some sort of nifty surprise. friday let the air out. now im sitting with my arms crossed and demanding they prove they care about my loyalty to this show and make some chicken salad out of this chicken shit.
    that having been said. i think you are dead on about a few things. and those things help me believe that maybe...just maybe..this isnt a did thing. that was not luke spencer that left miscavage the first time. who it was..i dont know. but when helena made the there can only be one luke spencer statement...i think that was the trigger. and our luke flipped a switch. he seemed really bent out of shape that everyone believed luke spencer could behave they way he did while he was being impersonated originally. i think his grimace at the use of jakes name is significant in some way. this IS luke now. but how he got to this place is the story they are planning on dragging out for a year next. and the two decade old skeleton could be any body they yanked up. the inital fake luke was learning his disguise...his history on the fly while luke was in the booby hatch being drugged and programmed. fluke destroyed his name and reputation. and everyone bought it. that has to be part of whatever was done to original luke...see how little people think of you. if he hated everything about luke spencers fam and friends. where is his contempt for lucky and especially laura. in fact when they were brought up by nikolas he brushed them off referring to them as those people. aside. the nikolas and lulu scenes were terrific. i finally accepted her as lulu. its not even her fault. all she did was chase her baby for a million years and talk to dante. she never got to interact with lulu spencer imoprtant characters. at least on a meaningful level. great stuff. i love the direction nik is going in. but back to fluke. for me they are on the clock. put up or shut up time. make sense of this. and it better be...above average

  14. Yes, thanks so much for linking to these clips.

    Ooh, I'm really irked at the Sonny pardon! Reduce the time he has to serve, give him perks, anything, but not an outright pardon! I don't imagine such a gesture really would go over well, for the governor, either. Utterly stupid choice.

    I'm not a Sonny fan, but was kind of enjoying Sonny in prison, the scenes with Jules.

    The best thing going at the moment, is Franco and Nina, and just because I love Franco's humor. I can tolerate Nina, with him.

    We do not need any new characters, IMO. Be gone, Ivy! :) She sounded like she couldn't quite remember her lines.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. You are such a speech-language pathologist (and I mean that in only a good way!), tracking down all the supportive language... Okay here's my take. The only way I could make sense of it. When we saw Luke in Miscaviage with Scott he was ranting and raving about the left handed boy. I don't see this as much as mind control, or DID as Helena reverting Luke backwards.... and then changing his history... go back to left handed boy times, have Luke not take down Frank Smith, not get the girl, so many things then that changed his course ... and then lead up to him perhaps being pissed that Sonny was the next in line for Frank's territory. So he doesn't care about Laura, Lulu... perhaps he thinks of Lulu as Scotts for all we know. With regard to the Luke being Luke by himself in Miscaviage, then having interactions with Fluke, then walking out as Fluke... I just see that as the transition of Luke with memory of the past to Luke with no memory or the new implanted memories (making sense of the Monica interaction)... all the way until his conscience was pleading with him in the basement. Just Luke talking into the proverbial mirror.. he has done that his whole life. I see him talking about the corpse as talking about the dead part of himself. He said he didn't want to talk about the identity of the corpse in the basement. The connection of Heather and Helena would have to be made... but other than that this is the only scenario that makes sense to my speech pathologist mind! Clues in Geary's interviews about wanting to take another look at Luke's dark side... something he has wanted to do since the LnL wedding days. I don't believe this could be someone else... if we are supposed to be looking at Luke's darkness. I find the theory both interesting and terrifying... considering this either has to be a story where Laura fits in... or recons their whole life together. UGH. Scary!

  17. ... oh and the Bill Eckert, stuff.... just red herrings... how many times did we think we stumbled upon the left handed boy... even Mrs. Whitaker once! I am sure the Pat Spencer stuff has been brought up because Luke witnessed something horrible which has always been there in his head... or he hurt her himself... and that has been there too, making it easier for hit to access this side of himself.. but just red herrings, extending the story... all the good stories of the day had them!

  18. Unknown, I'm trying to wrap my tired brain around your post - ha. If your theory is true, why would Luke not care if Bobbie died? Luke always loved Bobbie. I do wish they would bring Laura into this, although I know that won't happen. Nor do I think this story will EVER make sense.

  19. Yes, I would agree that back in the day Luke loved Bobbi and protected her... however who knows that whole scene prior to the LHB we had the Roy Deluca death.. in a recon who says Helena couldn't help Luke decide that Bobbi resented her brother (which she honestly did for a while) blaming him for his fiancés death. There have been a few other times they were at odds.. a cold, dark, evil, mean, unsatisfied, greedy Luke might not have made up with her so easily.

  20. WUBS: Thank you for this recap!!! This is some WSB-level sleuth work. I agree that it appears the FLuke's identity switched midstream, the ONLY thing that, for me, didn't seem to fit with FLuke being Bill was his actions toward Kiki. I don't remember Bill being creepy. But it could be the creepy rapist part of Luke peeking out.

    It takes a lot for me to not enjoy a Luke-centric story and I'm over these FLuke shenanigans---I REALLY hope there's a payoff.

    UNKNOWN: This is a fantastic theory!! Like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Is this who Luke becomes when remove all his memories of experiencing love?

  21. MegaSoap.. never heard of that title before, or saw that production.. but just looked it up... yep that's what I was kind of thinking. We have had several Laura mentions the last few weeks. I haven't given up all hope yet that we get the next chapter in the tale that made GH.... well GH! There is no doubt that Helena was responsible for Laura's breakdown.... with her being at the 06 wedding. Well anyway that's the only thing that makes sense to me... particularly given Geary's comments.

  22. You are amazing to read! I can't fathom any of the foolishness that's been going on. Last year I had read on another site that an Alzheimer's story might be in the works for Tony and I thought how sad that would be.
    At least the premise would be real and may have shown us some terrific that I've been subjected to this nonsense I'd rather be crying about a lost mind than science fiction.

  23. spot on analysis! The Luke storyline has insulted my intelligence for some time now, and the corpse in the basement, and the talks that FLUKE is actually the 'real' Luke!! There would be no explanation whatsoever that the writers can sell to me that would make sense if this is the case. After many years watching the show, pretty sure this will be my breaking point.

  24. Great write up! And it explains exactly why I'm so over this FLuke storyline. I seem to recall Helena and FLuke on the docks or outside the Elm Street house, discussing "the basement" and Helena said she'd taken care of the problem. Next we see it's a corpse in there with Dante. I thought that meant she took the "real" Luke and stashed him somewhere else...

  25. You forgot to mention the scene where Johnny saw Fluke for the first time and touched his face and said he looked exactly like "him". That tells you right there this IS NOT LUKE. At this point have no guesses. I just want to KNOW WHO IT IS. LOL

  26. I agree with your comments regarding Fluke was Bill E at the beginning of this story. I felt the Pat stuff and childhood house thing were added to the story after the fact and not part of the original story. My thoughts on that got me a few head shaking looks/comments however the writing for me felt as if the story had changed direction. I desperately hope mind control & clones are not part of the outcome for this story.

  27. Wait, how do we know for sure that it was a corpse Fluke was talking to? Because the corpse was there when Dante woke up? That doesn't mean the corpse was there the whole time. It could just be a red herring.

    It will be disapointing if Fluke does turn out to be Luke because there are a lot of situations that would make no sense if they were the same person. The man has said more than once that he is not Luke, including saying it to Luke which would make no sense since Luke is a captive. The mind control scenario doesn't add up because Luke is too flippant with Helena. He's certainly not submitting to her. One thought that has gone through my mind is maybe this IS the real Luke, but the Luke we've known ever since the late seventies isn't the real Luke but was brainwashed to think he was (ala John Black but without the face change). That would certainly be an interesting twist but it doesn't explain the fingerprints (but that can be faked as much as anything else).


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