Tuesday, February 24, 2015


UGH Jake...Carly, Sam and Liz like him--JUST LIKE ..Jason! WOW..there's a story! Ric is like: Liz, are you into Jake? Liz doesn't answer.  Cameron comes home. They eat his swag bag. Cameron misses Emma. "Relationships are hard" .

Nikolas and Patrick just sit there and drink. The fire rages on. 

20150224 0724(37)

Emma and Spencer stand there and look at the fire. Then get out. Then Spencer goes back for his robe. Then gets trapped. Emma runs up stairs and gets Daddy and Nik. Nik goes down stairs and Spencer is on the floor.  Patrick brings in the fire extinguisher and Nik gets Spence out.  Not responsive. Tomorrow's previews show Nik and Emma crying in the hospital.

Olivia/Ned and Julian/Alexis blabbed over the WHO'S THE DADDY crap for way too long. Did you realize that BOTH of Dante's parents are having kids after he had a baby. What is Rocco to those two? 


  1. All I can say about today is that Nik has a crap fire alarm system and those rooms at Wyndemere must be amazingly soundproof.

    And the boy who plays Cameron has really come a long way with his acting ability. He seems much more natural and confident now.

  2. Rocco is Avery and this new baby's nephew...

  3. I guess no one ever told Spencer about the door in the bookcase. I wish Helena had come through it and saved him.

  4. I was thinking that he was going to go through that too, helkatmat.

  5. The hospital:

    Jake Doe's room: Is Sam drawn to Jake Doe again? Or should I say redrawn? :) Billy Miller sounds like he has a cold. Wow their scenes are boring. Oh Carly?!?! Where are you?! Please come back and interrupt them!! I'd rather Carly come back to talk to Jake Doe! Or have Sam angry with him again.

    Liz's home: RIC!!!!! :) Oh come on Liz!!! Just forgive him for crying out loud!!! Don't just sit there and be quiet!!! Tell him if you have feelings for Jake Doe or not!!!! UGH! Cameron explaining why Lucas couldn't leave Brad and Joss in the car alone! ROFL! Yes Joss I agree with you!!! NO REMAKES!!!!

    Alexis and Julian: Julian wins the line of the day!

    Julian: So I just did things in the last hour that would make Caligula blush.

    ROFL! Did you break Alexis's back again? Hahahaha. Yes Alexis! Ned is NOT the father of Olivia's baby! :)

    Kelly's: Gee Olivia practically hissed at Ned for that pie! ROFL!

    Olivia: NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! Hey waitress? Can I get a bigger piece of the pie?!! Thanks.

    Ned: Uh Olivia, it was my pie.

    Olivia: Sorry Ned, but I'm eating for two! The pie is mine!

    Pie comes.

    Olivia: NOM NOM NOM NOM!


    Patrick and Nik: They had a nice scene together. :) Nik talked about how he had amnesia, which I don't remember that, then he brought up Emily. Oh yeah I remember now!!! Oh don't ruin the scene Nik talking about Emily! UGH!

    Emma and Spencer: Oh NOW Emma smells the smoke!! NOW the fire alarm goes off! No Spencer don't get your robe!!!! Oh no!!!!!! Spencer is stuck! This was a great scene!!! What? The fire extinguisher is in the kitchen? Well you should also have one in the living room too!!! Yes Emma good girl go get help! No Spencer don't try to squish the fire with your robe!!!! Oh no don't throw the robe! Oh crap! SPENCER NO!!!! That little guy is a great actor! the way he was laying their limp. Felt so real! I hope they don't kill Spencer off!!!!!:( The preview for tomorrow! OH NO!!! :'(


    Burnin down the house


  6. During the fire I kept thinking, 'What a good excuse to redecorate that musaleum! It has always been ugly and musty and depressing.

    I was also thinking the kid would have disappeared by the time Nik got to the firery room and they would turn up in the tunnel. Kinda disappointing. They surely would not kill off that sweet kid who is such fun on the show...and such a good actor! Naw...

    When Sam and Jason got together, it didn't interest me at all because I never cared for either of them. Now I like Sam much better and I really prefer this Jason, but I like him far better with Liz than Sam, and I prefer Sam with Silas (that pairing being the reason I like Sam now).

    I am hoping Jake will be a new Jason and therefore no longer a match for Sam. Free Sam up to be back with Silas--they were very good together

  7. I have to disagree Sam is awesome and Jake and Sam are sizzling together!! I can't stand Liz and how she insinuates herself in Jake's life, she needs to go or go be with Ric and leave JaSam alone!!! Sam and Jake/Jason have awesome chemistry, I was worried at first, but seeing them together I can see the chemistry, which is quite awesome!! I can't wait till they have more scenes together and he finally knows he's Jason and can be with his family again and Liz can just go suck it!!!

  8. I agree soaplover. I see no chemistry with Jake and Sam. I really don't want to see them back together.

    As for Liz I wish they'd just stop playing musical guys with her and pick one.