Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hanging Around

"You gave me the Phoenix"...says Jake to Sam. He remembers that he was in her place. Flashback to kissing her. Sam is all @@~!!!!!!

House blowing up. Dante goes to GH..Nate is ok.  Dante is probably going to be OK.  He wakes up later to tell Liz about the bomb on the yacht. 

Helena knows that there's a corpse in the basement. Luke says he's "free now to do what he was born to do" He and Hells talk about how much they hate Port Charles. She said if it wasn't for Spencer, Nikolas and "now you" she'd be gone all the time. Tracy walks out.  Helena kisses Luke.. Tracy is like WTH. Helena leaves. Tracy says are you "Faison or Ashton" and he yells "I AM LUKE SPENCER"!! 
Tracy goes after Helena....

SONNY finds Fluke and holds a gun on him. 

Johnny blabbing, holding a gun on Sonny. Johnny is shot by Julian. He runs to Carlos who...

Carlos blabbing holding a gun on Ava. Ava gets shot in the shoulder/boob area , but is still standing. Maybe it's her shoulder? She falls off the bridge. You know prolly "Presumed Dead" ..NOPE she's actually hanging from the underside. LOL..I guess Carlos didn't wait for a splash? Sonny finds her. He tries to help her up...but she falls in the end. So that "presumed dead" thing might still hold.

Carlos and Johnny run away. 

Heather blabbing, holding a needle on Nina. She gut checks Heather, Franco struggles with her.  He gets the needle and holds Heather at gun point.  Then he lets her go. THEN he decides to inject himself with the LSD. I guess to stay with her in the nuthouse.



  1. That was enought LSD for the entire audience of an Grateful Dead concert. What a long, strange trip he'll have.

  2. Oh dear, this Franco thing. I'm laughing so hard, that I just can't...I can't (breathe that is)

  3. the Franco thing is just crappola. LOL

    Maura West has a vacation coming up

  4. I'm wondering what kind of a contortionist Ava would have to be to fall off the bridge backwards and end up under the bridge in that position. lol

    And what kind of hit man are you Carlos? Two to the torso, one to the head! Even I know that. lol

    If Ava survives it will be beyond stupid.

    Same with Franco. I'm sick at the thought that this is just another excuse to have RH acting like a clown. We get way too much of that already.

  5. perhaps the children (Spencer, emma etc) are now writing the show? These "action" sequences belong in a Roadrunner cartoon . This is so incredibly cheesy and it keeps getting worse.

  6. I thought today was pretty intense. I liked it!! I like Sam figuring out the Jake/Jason thing.. I was all screaming come on Sam!! You know its Jason!! GET YOUR MAN!!

  7. Pentonville accident site:

    Julian, Sonny, and Johnny: This was great. Johnny was going to shoot Sonny, but Julian shot Johnny to save his wuv Sonny! Yes Johnny run away! Run away and come to me! I will take care of you! :)

    The bridge: Oh Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos just shoot her and stop talking! Altho I do love to hear you talk and love the little song you did. :) Oh he shot her!!!! Was it on the boob, on her arm, or on her heart? When she fell over the bridge, the look on Caaaaaaaaaarlos's face! ROFL! Gee you want her dead right? Or maybe not. Sonny shows up and sees Ava hanging around! Hahahha. Awww Ava was too weak and lost her grip!!!!

    The haunted star:

    Maxie and Lulu: Yes very strange about Dante. And very strange about Luke. Uh huh. Uh huh. What was REALLY strange, was that yesterday Lulu kept trying to contact Dante, but then she left her phone on the bar!!! HUH?! WHY?!?! If you are trying to get ahold of your husband, why leave your phone on the bar?!!?!?!

    Sabrina and Patrick:

    Patrick: I am really glad that you and Carlos found your way back to each other.

    Wait what?!!?!?!!?!?! They did?!!?!?!! YAY! :)

    Michael: Grumble grumble. Sonny escaped. Grumble grumble.

    Bomb: *Snicker snicker.* You have an hour left people. *Snicker snicker*

    Hmmm where is Poison Ivy? Yesterday she was all oh where is Nik? I hope he didn't run off with that woman he is with.(Yuck) Now today nowhere in sight.

    The pier: Helena wins the line of the day!

    Helena: As you live and breath. Unfortunately.


    Helena: Luke would never hurt me. And I would never hurt him. Right my darling?

    Hmmmm was that a brainwashing phrase for Luke?

    Fluke: I am NOT Faison! I am not Larry Ashton, and I am NOT Bill Ekhart. I am Luke Spencer Damn it!

    Hmmmmmm. Maybe this isn't a DID storyline. Maybe Luke is being brainwashed by Helena.

    Nightmare on elm street home:

    Bomb: 15. 14. 13. 12. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.



    Oh no! The poor skeleton died in the blast!!!! :(

    The hospital:

    Gee too bad we didn't see the bomb go off. Glad Dante is okay!!!

    Nina, BobTodd, and Heather: Whew that was a close call with Heather and the needle! Come on Nina and BobTodd kiss! :) My jaw dropped when BobTodd injected himself with the LSD needle!!! I love it! He only did it to stay with Nina!! I wonder what kind of one liners he is going to say all hopped up with LSD. :)

    Sam and Jake Doe: This is strange. Sam went from YOU TOOK MY PHOENIX AND I WANT TO KNOW WHY?!!?! To oh I want to help you! Helena Cassadine?!!?! Everyone is saying bomb now! :)

    Commercial for soap opera digest: That voice over lady, talked about which one of your favorite characters is going to die? She sounded way to excited! ROFL!

  8. "archeobot said..That was enought LSD for the entire audience of an Grateful Dead concert."

    ROFL! Good one. :)

    "What a long, strange trip he'll have."

    Hahahahaha. And all the one liners he will say! :)

  9. I'm assuming that Heather had enough LSD in there to kill a horse. She wasn't planing to just get Nina high.

  10. Since Tracy was a mob boss once, and ran a mob, I am kinda surprised she doesnt carry a gun in her purse. She could have shot Helena if she did. Why does no one ever stand up to Helena? She is a frail old senior citizen. I could break her in two with two fingers.

    S P E C U L A T I O N - - - - -

    Ok, so Ava survives the fall into the water. This is GH after all. She swims towards spoon island and just when she gets to the shore she finally collapses because she realizes she got shot in the upper chest and her arm doesnt have a lot of strength. (unless of course, it is dangling from a bridge). She washes ashore and Helena grabs her and whisks her to the basement of Windermere. She is kept on ice and for the next 2 months she is conditions and reprogrammed. And given a new face with extensive plastic surgery. She then returns to Port Charles for May Sweeps as...

    wait for it....

    Pat Spencer (played by Susan Lucci of course)

    She is then programmed to destroy the Spencer family. (By then Laura and Lucky would have returned)

    She gets really close to killing everyone until...

    wait for it...

    The REAL Pat Spencer shows up. (played by Erika Slezak) and she saves the day.

    Implausible? Hell, it is so much better than the drivel we've been watched the past few days.

  11. OK, let's start a petition: Delacorte Dave and K.D. Maskens will replace the writers on GH immediately. Dave, your story line is hilarious, and would be so much more fun to watch than the drivel we have now. And Karen, you have been writing GH scripts for a long time, all of which are 1,000X better than what is going on.
    It will never happen, but having a fun daydream gives me something else to do while the show is on.


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