Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Father Son Tag Team"

Demi Moore in new Harper's Bazaar.. just thought you'd like to see it..

Lulu visits Fluke...and tells him Sonny was pardoned. He looks ill. Tells Lulu to beat it. Turns his back on her. 

Carly and Sonny. UGH..shut up!!!! They are all googly. Gag

Maxie and Nate are fighting over the Johnny stuff. 

Helena and Nik...she seems to like the attention.  He wants her to say she Mind Melded Fluke. She says Not until I get immunity. Scotty comes in and Nik tells him to sign the immunity-- or he'll get him out of office.

Kiki calls Alexis. She takes photos of baby Adorbs to send to Kristina. Who you ask? Oh that's Alexis daughter and Avery's 1/2 sister.

Alexis says she could have a case against Sonny because he's such a mobster. Then CarSon show up to take the baby.

Snooze meter today: 2 Warm Milks ...I couldn't finish. Seriously, I have to go take a nap. Good lord.

If anything happens, I'll write later. 


  1. Nice Demi Moore pic. Thanks for that!

  2. Jail: I'm dizzy. But thank you Jake Doe for sticking up for Lulu! :)

    Police station waiting area: Oh my!!! Nik!!!! The way he was talking to Scotty, damn that was hot!!!! I just want to tear Nik's shirt off. :) Oh look, it's robotic Sloan, and he looks like he is smelling something rancid.

    Courtroom: Ric wins the line of the day!

    Ric: I'm sure The lap-dancers at the lizard lounge are still going to be there for you Scott. Don't worry about it.

    ROFL! But Ric! Like what Scotty says, all the good ones will be taken! :)Oh oh are Ric and Liz over? :'(

    Maxie's home: Nate is right Maxie!!!!!

    Sonny's home:

    Here is more of yesterday's conversation.

    Sonny: Jake? From State Farm?

    Carly: Yes!

    Sonny: What is he wearing?

    Carly: Khakis.

    Sonny: That sounds hideous.

    Carly: Well he is a guy so.

    McSilas's home: Oh Alexis!!!! I'm so disappointed in you! Disparaging Sonny? Really? The father of your daughter? *hangs head in shame*

    Oh and Karen, you said Sonny got a puppy! What did he name that puppy? ROFL!

  3. Karen, I work late on Thur. night, don't know anyone else's excuses :).

    WHY would anyone believe Helena and offer her immunity--not just because of her millions of evil deeds, but because of how she promised Tracy Luke and gave her Lord Ashton? How could anyone in their right mind even consider this?

  4. "how she promised Tracy Luke and gave her Lord Ashton?"

    Speaking of him, where the hell is Lord Ashton!?!?!

  5. I'm curious at to why fLuke was feeling hot while in his cell taking to Lulu.

  6. I've stopped watching.

    1. The Fluke story needs to end NOW. I've heard both Tony Geary is pushing this storyline and he is the reason Genie is not back. If either are true it is time to give him his wish and kill Luke off.

    2. Sonny is not a hero or a character I compassion for in any way, shape, or form. TPTB need to lose their hard-on over this man and have Sonny pay for his crimes. The story I want to see most is Sonny facing the death penalty. (I know they don't have that in New York except for killing a police officer - which according to Taggert Sonny did).

    3. I am BEYOND tired of the parade of newbies. They could have got rid of Kiki but instead recast her. They brought in an Emily look alike, but as a snobby bitch. Now they are bringing on yet another import from another soap.
    Kiki, Silas, Franco, Nina, TJ, Shaun, Madeline, Nathan, Eve or whatever the Emily look alike is, Sloan - don't care for any of them.
    Ava, Dr. O, Julian, and Jordan can stay.
    Put Heather and Helena back in the closet. no more evil or crazy characters (don't bring Stavros back)
    Ramp up airtime for Patrick, Lucas, Monica, Bobbie, Liz, Tracey, Anna, Ric.
    Bring back (or recast) Robin, Jax, Sarah Webber, Dillon.

    4. Stop dumbing down vets (Anna, Tracy, etc.) to meet the cartoonish level of the new characters. I think Cartini is afraid of strong, smart, women.

    5. Stop writing romance for the child actors. Ick.

  7. I don't usually get on the internet at night, but your site is the very first one I go to at work after I log in :-)! I enjoy the friendly atmosphere here.

    helkatmat, I wondered if Luke was hot because he's wearing a latex mask! Although I know they said no more masks.

    Blackmail is a soap staple, but I wish the writers wouldn't go there so often because it is becoming a crutch to get them out of unbelievable situations.

    I still can't make up my mind if Luke is really Luke or not.

  8. helkatmat said...

    " I'm curious at to why fLuke was feeling hot while in his cell taking to Lulu. "

    I was wondering that too. And he used a towel to wipe his face. I was afraid he was going to grab Lulu and wrap the towel around her neck somehow... but he just walked back to his cot. There has to be something significant about the heat and the towel. Could be for a DNA check, but they have plenty of other ways to get DNA besides grabbing his towel.

    I am convinced that Fluke is not Luke.. He even said what some of us have been thinking, about Julian knowing him years ago, and that couldn't have been him living the life of Luke in those days...

  9. I read this at TVLine today. I know you'll all be happy as we don't have enough new faces on GH now.

    General Hospital

    Baby Daddy’s Melissa Peterman and Derek Theler, as well as Cristela’s Cristela Alonzo, come to Port Charles in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  10. "helkatmat said...I'm curious at to why fLuke was feeling hot while in his cell taking to Lulu."

    I noticed, but it didn't register to me. Now I am wondering why he was hot!

  11. I haven't watched all of yesterday's show yet since I had to watch the ABC Thursday night line up, but had to mention that Liz (and Nik did call her Liz!) looked stunning this week. Sonny looks like he is trying to look like Rick (Andrew Lincoln) on The Walking Dead, but he just looks sleazy and short. LW seems to have gotten bigger than him. No chemistry there either IMHO.

  12. LSV422 said...Sonny looks like he is trying to look like Rick (Andrew Lincoln) on The Walking Dead, but he just looks sleazy and short.

    ROFL. I think he just looks really sleazy too. I wish he'd shave.

    I was wondering about Luke/Fluke's hot flashes too. Maybe he's going to go through the change. lol

  13. I feel sure Fluke is not Luke--that would impact his Laura years and I have all those on tape (well, up to the late 80s) and so they would have to completely rewrite history (as Guza did when he brought on that son of Holly's that was supposed to be Luke's. I never believed that).

    I also never believe all this talk about Luke being a womanizer--rediculous! Luke was a one-woman man and that was one of his most appealing traits. That was one of the thimgs that set him apart from the usual soap bozo. That was the sad part about the show losing Genie.

    Anyway, I'm not bored by the show, and in fact I am a bit relieved it slowed pace abit because it was too confusing for a while. I like when characters have time to talk things out and reveal plot points or direction.

    Pretty stupid, this Helena imunity thing, but I'm sure she has a cog in the wheel of justice and her reveal will recoil. I think they do need to retire Helena and Heather both. Too many villains...

    As for Sonny--I groaned when Maurice re-signed.


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