Saturday, February 21, 2015

Friday's Show: A Little Slice of Heaven

Well! What a good show on Friday! Drama mixed with lighthearted fun. Why can't everyday be like that?

First off, Lulu and Maxie were ADORBS with their babies. Too cute. Their talk was genuine and 'real'. The loft even looked like a kid-friendly zone.

Spinelli and Nate? Ahahhaa. "How can I compete with that"?? And Nathan saying he couldn't have hot chocolate because he'd have to run it off. Heh.

Really liked the Alexis/Ned confrontation. SO GLAD they mentioned her past with Ned and the baby-daddy deception!! 
"She pumped me all right..all night long"...Julian to "Ted" LOL Love him calling Ned Ted :) 
Alexis knows something is up. 

Luke and Tracy. Be still my heart. Geary can sell it. Man o' Man. Our Luke is back--with tears in his eyes, looking for answers. Then he switches back. Tracy says she's going to find Pat. Can't wait to see who is going to be cast as Pat! I would love Erika Slezak but many say Kim Zimmer.  

My only disappointment was that stupid Nikolas. First off, he didn't tell Liz about St.Jaysus.  JUST when Hells was getting to be a bit 'normal' and could have stayed and been the maven of Wyndemere. More scenes with Spencer. BUT NOPE! She's back to Greece. Oh poo. For some reason, I could see Dr. O moving in there too. Too bad Britt left. Wah. And why have her leave right before Spencer's Bday party? She could have given him a mini-Hummer car for his big day!! 
First Helena is manhandled by Lulu and then by her OWN GOONS and banished to Greece? UnACCEPTABLE!! 

Even the white tulips on Kelly's table cheered me up. Maybe watching on a Saturday morning in my PJs, being able to FF when I want made everything feel much nicer. 


  1. OMG I would LOVE if ES were Pat, oh well....I too loved when Maxie came over with Georgie. Rocco was so cute, he made this cute funny face when Georgie was sat down in front of him. LOL!! Loved the Luke Tracy scenes, also how Jules called Ned Ted. LOL!

  2. did you see Rocco's tshirt? It was so Spinelli lol

  3. I can only hope Helena isn't gone long...LOVED her being around since Sept of 2014...she still has Lulu's embryo..Faison is out there...and I am sure she could bring Stavros back...the devilish trio can still cause mayhem for Port Charles

  4. Oh, yes, Michelle, I miss Erika S SO much--would love to see her again. She and Geary could compare all their Emmys! They about match in number...


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