Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Come Back

Could they have gotten a MORE vanilla lookin' KIKI!???????? She's LULU! Then I find out she PLAYED THE ROLE that Emme took over for on YR???

AHAHAHHHAHAHAA. With all the actresses IN ALL OF THE go with someone that looks like EVERYONE ELSE? 
Sorry, Kirsten was not your typical blonde CALI girl and I liked that.
WHY WHY WHY??????/ You all know I have horrible trouble with recasts. Takes me forever to warm up. 
Kiki is doing a memorial for her Mother...whom we know isn't dead.  The actress is ok so far but...*sigh
Morgan punches Michael. 

OMG Tyler was SO GOOD TODAY AGAIN!!!! WOW..He and Liz all the feels. He tells Dr. O he knows that Nate isn't Victor's son. Anyway, Dr. O says Spence should be sent to  Shriner's hospital. Which is a nice plug for the charity. They do great stuff for burn patients.
Nikolas has to go in and tell Spencer he's being moved. "I'm so scared" Says Spence. Aww

Michael got that court case pushed up. GEEESH, takes forever to do anything in family court and he already has a court date. Carly tells Sonny about Spencer. Sonny of COURSE feels guilt over the boxing robe. Cause it has to be about Sonny. 
Ric is taking over Sonny's custody case for Diane.

NINA'S CHARGES ARE DROPPED!!!!! WOW!!! Shocker. Good God, first the whole town is in jail, now they are all out. 
NOT. Franco called Nina "Phyllis" today. 
Nina can't see Franco anymore when she's released. She asks him what the plan is because she doesn't know what to do. 
So, when she sees Avery (at the court house) she says; THAT'S MY BABY!! so she can get back into Shadybrook.

THE END OF THE SHOW has Silas going to see Ava in some hospital somewhere. She looks perfect. Like Beauty School perfect.


  1. Is Phyllis another OLTlL character connected to Todd? Somebody Nina used to play?

  2. She played Phyllis on the Y & R. I wished she would have stayed.

  3. When I saw the new KIKI I thought she was Lulu...they shouls have gotten someone who looked a little different. How many blondes can you have on one show?

  4. I thought NuKiki acted well but I agree with Karen that she shouldn't be blonde! Hello!!

    How bizarre was her intro?! Actually I kind of liked the totally-unknown Kelly's waitress telling us about NuKiki and then serving her.

    Where in the world is Silas keeping Ava?

  5. WTHeck is this Spencer story line for? Are they recasting Spencer? Is it so Nik can meet someone new? Are they introducing Rebecca Budig's character via this? I could totally see her with Nik or Patrick so maybe she's a pediatrician. Lord knows there are enough kids on the show that it could use a good pediatrician. I'm just really curious why TPTB are driving this story. But I'm also grateful that TC is getting great scenes and really showing his stuff.......

  6. Kelly's:

    Lady: The role of Kiki Jerome will now be played by Hayley Erin.

    Oh! That is creepy!! Writers don't ever do that again!!!! I like the old way it's done! Oh shoot I can't call her Starki anymore! I can call her Kiwi. :)Why does she lift up her head when she is angry?!!?!?! And her facial expressions, it looks like she is smelling something rancid! Is she related to Robot Sloan? Oh Morgan did you have to hit Michael? :( Hmmmm McSilas doesn't want Kiwi to say goodbye to her mother!?!?! And he has a mysterious phone call? I was thinking, McSilas!! Are you taking care of Ava? :)

    Shadybrook: Phyllis!!!! Wisconsin!!! Hahahahaha. I watch Y&R, so I know this inside joke. :) Oh Nina is free!!!!! :)

    Sonny's home: Oh shut up Carly! Stop bringing up Jake Doe!!! Sonny agreed to have Ric as his lawyer! YES! :) Yes Diane is busy with another client. A client that she is afraid of now! :)

    Courthouse: Oh shut up Carly!!!! You took Michael away from AJ! You don't have a leg to stand on!!! Don't give in Michael! Don't listen to Carly and don't listen to Alexis! Baby A.L.'s head is bouncing around haha cute! :) Carly is holding the baby's head to stop it from bouncing. :) Oh there is Phyllis! :) I was thinking is she going to steal the baby? Close! She is going to pretend she is still crazy! That's my baby! HA! :)The look on Carly's face hahaha.

    Carly's thoughts: Oh no! Not again!

    The hospital:

    Dr O, Nik, and Liz: Shriners hospital!!! Yes take Spencer there!! They just showed it on commercial! :) And Tyler Christopher just did a PSA on it! I hope Dr O told her daughter about what has happened to Spencer.

    Spencer's room: Spencer is awake!!! YAY!!!! :) Spencer wins the line of the day!

    Spencer: In case I haven't said it enough Father, I love you.

    Awww! :( Damnit he made me cry again! :'(

    McSilas and Ava: I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. NuKiki is definitely different than original Kiki. I sort of like her better with Morgan thought I think. Silazzz makes this Kiki boring too. I think I just don't like Michael Easton in the daddy roles. Doesn't suit him well.

  8. NuKiKi = OldAbbyNewman on Y&R
    Nina = Phyllis from Y&R (and she was the best part of that whole show except for the man known as 'Killa Milla' ..)
    NuJason/Jake = Billy 'Killer' Miller = Billy Abbott

    So yeah Y&R has had lots of loss of talent go over to GH - unfortunately GH maybe isn't using them as well. I personally would love to see Franco and Nina (or Roger Howarth and Michelle Stafford) have their own show I could watch them all day.

    So when everyone was excited about the KiKi/Franco reference w/ Blair/Todd/Starr and also the Franco / Franco reference, when Franco said 'Phyllis' today I just cheered. Whoever is Easter-Egging all of Franco's dialog is amazing.

    I absolutely choke up over Nik the last two days - but it better not be a way to recast Spencer or SORAS him or anything like that - that kid is awesome and I love watching him w/ Maurice. Okay back to the show.

  9. "Christine Radice said...NuKiKi = OldAbbyNewman on Y&R"

    Yeah I have watched videos of her on Y&R few months ago, and I didn't like her playing Abby.

    "Whoever is Easter-Egging all of Franco's dialog is amazing."

    Yeah whomever is doing that, thank you!!!! :)

  10. Kirsten was not your typical blonde CALI girl and I liked that.


    Other than a Lurch-like chin, Kristen Anderson is utterly generic, lookswise. This Kiki is too early to tell, but her acting was flat.

  11. Tyler Christopher has got chops!

  12. I also don't know why they are doing this Spencer story unless to promote Shriner's Hospitals, which is a very worthy cause. Maybe the kid who plays Spencer is doing something else and they have to write him out for a while. Or as CareyN says, maybe this is what introduces the new character for Rebecca Budig. I think Ron C. is too enamored with this kid and the character to write him out. I will say that Tyler Christopher was amazing the past two days. I even liked Dr. O actually being compassionate.

    I kept focusing on how much bigger (as in taller) the new Kiki is than Kristen Alderson. KA is so petite in height that this was a little jarring. The new girl's acting was a bit stiff but maybe she'll loosen up, at least she has acted before and isn't some model they brought on.

  13. Not sure I like the NuKi, nothing like the original. That's not a bad thing, but she doesn't seem to fit, at least yet. Not impressed.

  14. I wasn't too impressed with the new Kiki-reminded me of the last Kristina. Tyler deserves an Emmy. I wish Carly would just shut up-not her baby. I would like to see Ava get Avery back somehow. I am glad to see Michael E. back-I really like him.


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