Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Liz and Nik talking about dead people coming back. She was talking about Ric coming back being like a 'dream'. Lucky came back too. Nikolas knows about that, his entire family has come back about 6x each,

Ric goes to Jake's jail cell...snooze. He wants to rep Jake. And have Jake plead guilty.  Because? I guess she's working with Hells like everyone else is. Liz comes in last minute though and tells Jake there's hope that Helena will confess to the mind-melding. (Um, in what universe?)

20150210 1454(13)

Sonny is going to take baby Avery. Carly comes over to give him a giraffe nightlight that Michael had (ahahah GET IT? AFRICA?!). That kid needs a decent place to live, not a nightlight, btw. 
Oh! Sonny and Carly decide to talk about their relationship. AGAIN. AND AGAIN..ANNNN..zzzzzzzzz. They kiss..prolly gonna have sex.

By the way, Avery's DNA was never matched to Sonny's. Just NOT matched to Morgan's. 

Lulu goes in to try to get Scotty to give Hells immunity so Luke can be "deprogrammed" he doesn't listen to her.  He yells at her, tells her Luke is nasty. Brings up Laura's rape and Jake's death. She gets mad. He tells her to get lost. 
She then goes to Nikolas. Liz already filled him in on Helena's "mind control" so he already knows. 

Maxie and Nate. Maxie doesn't have a car. Nate wants to borrow it.   She actually tells him the truth--that she gave it to Johnny. Will Nate arrest her? That's aiding and abedding right? 

EVERY TIME I hear "Jake" I hear: "Jake, Jake from State Farm" LOL 
Every dang time!! 


  1. lol Karen I say that out loud any time they say Jake on GH. Haven't watched yet but always come to your site to read your bllg.

  2. I felt like today's show was a total snooze fest. Boring. Filler. Hopefully tomorrow picks up a little.

  3. Yes, Snooze meter was on narco.

  4. McSilas's home: Starki whine whine whine. Shut up Starki! Sonny has a right to be with his daughter! UGH!

    Morgan: My dad's not a liar.


    Sonny's home: Carly whine whine whine.

    Carly: Sonny! You pushed me away! I am seeing someone. His name is Jake, and he is in jail because he is the one who put the bomb on the boat.

    Uh ooooooooookay. Very strange lines. The only thing good was the kissing! And if they go upstairs for sex, even better, cus their conversation was dumb!

    Maxie's home: Yes Maxie time to get your keys to get your car!! Maxie wins the line of the day. She beat out Scotty's line of Helena is a dinosaur.

    Nathan: You're car is gone.

    Maxie: WHAT?!

    The way she said it! ROFL!

    Nathan: What the hell were you thinking?!

    Maxie: Well we are married in real life! We have a baby together named Harper! I had to help him!

    Wyndemere: Oh come on Liz!!! You just had to see Nik to tell him about Helena? Give me a break! Love the Nik and Lulu scene! Lulu's coat, I have that coat! Same color and style, except I have more buttons and the sleeves are longer, and no black part on the bottom of the arm.

    Jake Doe's jail cell: RIC! :) Liz wanted Ric to help Jake Doe!!! Oh he has to plea GUILTY! Liz won't be happy to hear that!

    Court house: Great scene with Scotty and Lulu! Yeah Lulu is acting like a Spencer! Awesome! Oh oh Jake plead not guilty!!! Oh boy Ric you got your work cut out for you!

    "Karen says EVERY TIME I hear "Jake" I hear: "Jake, Jake from State Farm" LOL
    Every dang time!!"

    ROFL! What are you wearing Jake from state farm?!!?! :)

  5. KD was that a Freudian slip when you said "abedding" instead of "abetting"?

  6. I don’t think Sonny can take custody of Avery right away. He’s not named on the birth certificate. The DNA test did not prove he was the father, only that Morgan wasn’t (allegedly). I'm no expert but I'd guess that he has no legal standing to take the baby and would have to go through courts to do a paternity test and then ask for custody. Hopefully they will write it that way. We assume he's the father but it wasn't actually proven yet.

    RE Jake from State Farm, I like when the wife says, "She. Sounds. Hideous!"

  7. I am so so sick of Sonny and Carly, ffd thru everything with them yesterday. And what WAS Maxie thinking? Probably exactly that she and Brendon have a baby together and she does need to help him lol Too bad Johnny could not be redeemed :(

  8. "kdmask said...YES..A-BEDDING :)"

    ROFL! I'm sure they will have conjugal visits. :)

    "mysticcmegg said...And what WAS Maxie thinking? Probably exactly that she and Brendon have a baby together and she does need to help him lol"