Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bullet Removed

Carlos took bleeding Johnny to Sabrina's apt.  She tends his wound. Why couldn't SHE have taken the bomb?
Where the hell has Dr. O been? We know Anna's on vacation. Great timing.

Sabby takes out the bullet. Felix gonna be mad about the blood on his couch.

Kiki finds out Ava's missing. Morgan comes in. Sloane tells him she's presumed dead. 

ALexis and Ned are watching a French movie and she hears Jules is in the hospital. She leaves. Tracy comes in.  All drinking about Hells/Luke. Later she finds out Sloane thinks Fluke is Bill Eckert. 

Fluke goes in and finds Julian in the ER. He threatens him AGAIN. Puts a pillow over his head. Alexis saves him. Who has actually died with a pillow over them? Strangling them would be faster.  I mean, seriously. I'm not a killer but god, I would think of way better ways to do ANYTHING than these writers. 

Nikolas pulls a knife on Helena. Yada yada, Fluke walks in and pulls a gun on Nikolas. Nikolas drops the knife. Fluke orders him on his knees.  He's going to shoot him. Hells begs him to stop. At the last minute the PCPD break in and save Nik. Yes, the PCPD arrived ON TIME to save someone!!!!!! 

Carly finds Michael on the docks and hears about Sonny. Michael is SO not angsty anymore. *SIGH, get this: THEY PULL Sonny out of the water. THE EMTs say: Nothing we can do. AND WALK AWAY AND LEAVE him on the DOCK. LEAVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!
SO, what do Carly and Michael do? POUND on him to revive him. 
and, he lays there..Carly cries on his chest and..and..

HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!! Oh for the love of every DISNEY PRINCESS he's alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. I spent so much time shaking my head today. Talk about having to suspend belief.

    Carlos said he just lost it and shot Ava, as if he did it on the spur of the moment or something rather than after a very, very long winded conversation. Heck it took longer than my dissertation!

    And the paramedics leaving him on the dock without even trying CPR was unbelievable!! They would have tried for quite a while before incubating him and taking him to the hospital. Unless rigor had set in they definitely wouldn't leave him on the dock without doing anything. But, of course it had to be Carly and Michael who saved him! *sigh*

    And that's the new Sloan?! They let the other guy go for that automaton? The other guy had such charisma that you liked him in spite of his obnoxious behavior. He was well on his way to being the guy you loved to hate. But I guess his jaw wasn't square enough and he didn't look good enough without his shirt!

    I was trying to reach through the tv and help Nicholas slit Helena's throat. lol I know we all love the old bat but just think of the fun we'd have with Nicholas having to live with the results of that!

    Now if Ava turns out to be alive too, I'm gone!

  2. I have no idea what the hell this is supposed to be anymore. Black comedy? Horror? Cheese Whz?

    Sonny on every day ? check. Lots of violence ? check. Sick, twisted crap ? check. Are we sure Guza isn't back?

    Perhaps Puke is the dungeon master from Helena's s & m club.

    Sonny rising from the dead again? WHY? What ever happened to his 6 month vacation?

    And now they want fans to vote for the next big return? Which will be like all the other returnees who are seen so rarely it's pointless.

    So little to enjoy on this show now.

  3. We should all vote that we want LUKE to return.

  4. The pier:

    EMT number 1: He's gone.

    EMT Number 2: This guy survived the blast, only to die in the water.

    EMT number 1: Ma'am I'm sorry there is nothing we can do. I'm sorry.

    You guys didn't even try! And where are you two going?! What the hell?! You are just going to leave him there? What kind of EMT's are these? They suck!

    Gee even Carly and Michael doing CPR isn't working. Oh wait! LOOK! Sonny is alive!!! It's a miracle!!! Carly's magical wuv for Sonny brought him back! Hmmmmm. CPR didn't make the water come out of his mouth! It's Carly's wuv for Sonny made the water come out!

    The bomb: Sonny is dead! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What? Sonny is alive? SON OF A BITCH!

    Q home: Awww flu ridden Ned and nurse Alexis watching a movie! Fin I say FIN! Where is Olivia? Probably puking her guts out and having a lot of food cravings. :)Oh movie is over so now it's time to watch the news! It's 11:00! :) Time for Alexis to go see Julian!!! Tracy feels so dumb again for being hoodwinked over Luke not really being Luke! Yeah Tracy where IS Luke? Go find him.

    The hospital:

    Julian's room: Awwww Fluke wants Julian to make out with the pillow! Oh Alexis had to walk in on that! Alexis saves the day! Now that Alexis knows the truth about Julian being innocent and didn't kill Anthony will she want to get back together with him?

    Felix and Sabrina's home: Sabrina takes care Johnny! :) Johnny wins the line of the day!

    Johnny: The hells that for? You going to make me cookies?

    ROFL! Oh Johnny! :) Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos tells Sabrina the truth! Oh come on Sabrina! Don't be angry with him for shooting Ava. You tried to kill Ava's baby for crying out loud! So I hope you don't break up with Caaaaaaarlos! It's funny. Everytime Caaaaaaaaaaarlos tells Sabrina the truth about something in the scene, he bobbles his head hahaha. It's cute. :)

    Wyndemere: What the hell did Helena just say? Did she say what if it was Luke who been playing his loved ones all these years?!!?!! HUH?! Oh Nik with that knife! :) Oh oh Fluke shows up!!!! Nik! Fluke don't give a crap about anybody! Boy Helena was so scared for losing Nik! Hmmm if Fluke was really Luke, and Helena was really brainwashing him, then she would have used a brainwashing word on him to stop him from killing Nik! Sooooo I don't think Luke is being brainwashed. So either Luke has DID, or he is really Bill Ekart and Luke is either dead, or alive stashed somewhere.

    McSilas's home: Robot Sloan tells Starki all about her mama. Is she alive or is she dead? Beats me. Man I miss the original actor playing Sloan! This sucks!

  5. "Di says, And that's the new Sloan?! They let the other guy go for that automaton?"

    I know!!!!! Can you believe it?!

    1. This guy has no appeal and only one facial expression. The Borg is back.

  6. Alright I love campy stuff, but even I found the Sonny dock business ridiculous. It's almost insulting even.

  7. Sonya: No, I can't! And he didn't want to leave. Someone wanted this guy for some reason and it definitely wasn't because he was a better actor.

    And I laughed at the cookie line too. lol

  8. again...
    1- Sloan-- wow. So bad. The timing on this casting, with these major police involved events taking place, horrible. He is baaaad at this.
    2- EMT's-- Holy hell that was the dumbest scene, plenty of dumb scenes this week, but that one wi..oh wait, Sonny jumped off a boat with the bomb IN his hands instead of throwing... OK the EMT thing is second dumbest.
    3- Julian-- Only one hand is cuffed!!!! You layed back and let Luke smother you??? Not a swing, not a struggle???
    4- Luke-- You pull the gun on Nickolas BUT run from Alexis?? You couldn't shoot Julian AND Alexis?
    5-- Guns... They get pointed a lot, but are pretty useless. Luke doesn't shoot anyone. Sonny didn't shoot Luke when he had the chance. Ava, Johnny, Julian ALL get shot but only wounded. No wonder they decided to try a bomb.
    6 -- at least have Sonny be resuscitated DURING CPR.

    * Do they writers with brains get the same vacation schedule as Anthony Geary? Something has been missing lately. I'm not trying to be too sarcastic here, something has changed in a very disappointing way.

  9. Di said...Sonya: No, I can't! And he didn't want to leave.

    The original Sloan didn't want to leave? :(

    "Someone wanted this guy for some reason and it definitely wasn't because he was a better actor."

    I wonder who wanted him. He is all wrong for the part!

    "And I laughed at the cookie line too. lol"


  10. Di,
    I just tried to vote to bring back Luke. You can't. There are only 4 choices - one of whom is COURTNEY!!!!!!!!!!


  11. "There are only 4 choices - one of whom is COURTNEY!!!!!!!!!!"


  12. Some choices. We already have heard rumours that Serena might be back. Courtney's supposed to be dead, and Ron Hale has retired.

    And they think those are our "favourite" GH stars of the past?

  13. P.S. You'll notice that there's no way to see the totals so far. This means they'll decide the winner. I guess Serena will be back soon.

  14. It says the returning character will be featured during the nurses ball, so I'm assuming the 4 presented have all agreed to do a few scenes. I'd be -ok- with Courtney if she visited Spencer as a ghost. He does talk about never knowing her, so it could be a cute scene. A scene. One scene.

    Same with Stefan. <3 <3 He could easily come to Nik as a ghost or a dream and make him realize there are good Cassidines and Nik is one of them. I'd take either of those rather than a re-cast Serena, thus adding yet another character to this bloated cast.

  15. They have been trying to get Stephen Nichols back for awhile and I would love to see him return. I can barely remember Serena, such a minor character, most everyone hated Courtney and Ron Hale was not in great health and frail when he left. How about bringing Anna back as the Commissioner? Liked the old Sloan much better.

  16. When I saw Carly doing CPR and Sonny got revived I said out loud, "Are you f---ing kidding me??" ! Just when I thought the show couldn't sink any lower this week, yesterday was awful. I actually heard the line, "Thank God for Sonny Corinthos." Steve Hardy would be turning over in his grave to know what happened to Port Charles. I'm with JPink, this is almost insulting to the viewers. How does a bomb blow up but no one gets injured? Sonny would have body parts blown up.

    I found the original Sloane sort of bland, but in comparison to the new Sloane I wish they'd kept the first one. The new Sloane is a long-time soap actor but I was shocked how bad he was. Between the new Sloane and Nathan having such a big part of the episode, it sounded like they were reading their lines off cue cards and I found it very distracting.

  17. I thought it was hilarious when Johnny was getting the bullet pulled out and yelled "Babbaboey!" Of course it makes sense that Johnny is a Howard Stern fan.

    Another bit that is bothering me about this week is some of the bad writing. First Julian asks over and over and over again if Lucas is alright and survived the bomb. Never once does he ask about Sam, who he doesn't know isn't there but is actually at the police station. Sonny only asks about Michael, but never asks about Dante, who was supposed to be on the Haunted Star as well. But Sonny didn't know Dante was in the hospital. The writers and the viewers knew they were not on the boat but not the characters of Sonny or Julian. Or maybe Morgan was right and Dad alway's liked him best.

  18. "Sonny only asks about Michael, but never asks about Dante, who was supposed to be on the Haunted Star as well. But Sonny didn't know Dante was in the hospital. The writers and the viewers knew they were not on the boat but not the characters of Sonny or Julian. Or maybe Morgan was right and Dad alway's liked him best."

    Well yes! Michael is the golden child! I guess he still is after all that has happened.


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