Saturday, February 21, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Spencer's Excellent Birthday Party

CAKE...BY Duff! 

Oh, do you throw a birthday party for an 11 year old Cassadine Prince?? WUBS NET was let in on the preparations and here they are!! Don't get jealous. 

CASSADINE Dining Room ..ready for party! 

SPECIAL GUEST: Kanye West and a complete child's wardrobe from his London "Riot Gear" will be available for Spencer. Bullet proof vest included. (No word on Nori or Kim attending at press time)




The resplendent Faberge Egg cake... shown here in the "Jungle Room" Solarium at the Cassadine Mansion. 


HELENA'S gifts she left for Spencer before being tossed out to Greece. 
She is VERY upset about missing the party. 
1936 BMW 328 Children's Car
A Blanc Chateau BMW...kid size

Beats Swarovski
Beats..for a Prince

Gold and Alligator iPhone case with Initial detail in Cassadine Font 

 Spencer's Swag Bags include Faberge Eggs
with Russian Royals:


Karen said...

Just received my invite now to find something appropriate to wear😄

natasha_jax said...


Di said...

They could have brought back an actor or two for what that party

Bring me back some of that candy.

PM61 said...

I hope Cameron sits in Helena's special chair....the one that is a trap door to a fire-filled pit. Dr. Evil got the idea from her.

AntJoan said...

OK, so I was dishing about GH with my chiropractor's secretary (like we always do--she is FANatic, like us), and she said she read in a magazine that Maurice produced/starred in a movie, and that's why he grew the beard!

OMG, WHY DID NO ONE HERE SPEAK ABOUT MB's MOVIE?? Anyway, I looked it up, he starred in "The Ghost and Whale," but did not produce it, I think. Also, didn't see a beard in the trailer. It won some awards, need to see it, he still is the love of my life!! WHO KNEW ABOUT THIS??

Shelley said...

He often speaks about it on Facebook and social media.

sonya said...

"Oh, do you throw a birthday party for an 11 year old Cassadine Prince??"

11 years old?!!?! No way!!! ROFL! Am I invited to the party? Special guest is Kanye West?!!?! Oh oh!

johan32 said...

Wow! Fantastic arrangements! I loved these Beats. Thanks for sharing these pictures here. You know I am also going to a royal birthday party at party venue nyc. I have never attended any royal party so I am feeling excited for this one!

Wenni Donna said...

Well, I reserved party venues in Houston for my birthday party and we all enjoyed there. Food was so delicious and excellent service. You know, everyone praised me for selection of venue.