Friday, February 20, 2015

Untangling Fluke/Luke

Ok, a lot of you are still saying "what the"?? with this story even though it's pretty well known he does have DID ("Split-Personality). I had 3 people message me on Facebook to ask how this could be based on what we've seen since May.

I will do MY BEST to help unravel all of this.

Ron (Head Writer of GH) asked the question "When have you seen anyone with Fluke/Luke at the same time"?? You know me, I've gone back and it's true--there has never been another person with the 2 of them at once. 
We HAVE seen Dante in the basement, but he saw the orange jumpsuit, then was knocked out. He never "saw" Luke while he was down there. When he came to, he saw Bill's bones.

20150219 0652(19)

In Mischavage, I thought for sure I'd catch something but it actually was all an editing trick. Fluke was talking to "Luke" ...when he was seen (by us) out and about in Port Charles. Luke was talking to "Fluke" when we saw Luke in the padded room. Ergo, BOTH were imagining the other, just at different times.  Since Fluke imagined Bill's bones being Luke, I can only surmise he's got some psychosis going on as well.  (didn't I sound smart there? LOL) 

So, for example when we saw Luke spit out the pills, it was Luke...Fluke hadn't been switched yet and wasn't at the Q house. Helena came in and as she explained, she saw that "Luke" had tried to escape (which wasn't in their plan) and she pulled a knife on him to "get the other one back". It worked. She walked out and when Alexis walked in, "Luke" had switched to Fluke. 

20150219 0652(14)

I hope this helps. I have no idea how long Fluke has been around, but I'm imagining for awhile. We'll delve into his childhood soon and get some answers. We personally haven't seen Luke lose track of time on screen.  He hasn't been all "What the hell" that we've SEEN ever before.

So, yes even the DID will have some holes but I can't find any thing to dispute the fact that Luke has been "Split" for the past year. 

I do wish that they would have gone with an diagnosed Schizophrenia. It would have been way more interesting and not been done before (that I know of) on soaps. 

I'm having some trouble with all of this (as you know) because of the tone TG sets with the dual Luke's. I do feel at times, he's expressing his disdain for the years he spent with the character and the fan hooplah over Luke. But, maybe that's just me reading into things too much Who knows. You'll hear more for Sunday Surgery! 


  1. My problem is the original set up and am wondering how Ron's going to get past that or just drop it the way Guza used to thinking we'd all forget. Fluke originally goes back a decade or so since he took over Barrett Industries ran it into the ground then enlisted Julian when he was in the Witness Protection program. Are the writers going to say that every time TG went on vacation, he became Fluke somewhere else? And why the creepy, leering, attempted raping womanizing? What explains that in Fluke's quest for power.

  2. I'm thinking that they will go that way..OR say that Luke has always been "duplicitous" and had a darker side. He just split with reality recently.

    I'm just guessing here tho. lol

  3. Whatever happened to Fluke's criminal enterprises, now it's all about Sonny Corinthos?? I've said this before, every villain, sooner or later, says, "I have to take down Sonny Corinthos"!! They never just say "Sonny," it's always "Sonny Corinthos"!

    Fluke/Luke are not really presenting with schizophrenia, which usually involves audio hallucinations (hearing voices) more than visual ones, and doesn't involve "split personality."

  4. I've given up trying to fathom what they're doing with Luke's past. They obviously want to copy another OLTL storyline. Something original is asking too much I guess. And Connie's DID wasn't enough. I wonder who's next.

    If they're going the route that something in Luke's past split him,I'm wondering whether or not Luke might have killed his father after Lena died and that led to the split.

    And are they going to excuse Laura's rape by saying it was the evil Luke?

    Now on to the surgery. You think they'd be a little more careful with details. Don't they have an editor? Jake was supposed to have the implant in his frontal lobe, but they operated on the back of his head. Now he has a bandage on the left side of his head. Go figure.

    And Alexis should mind her own business. It's Olivia's baby. And she should have the same choice that Alexis had when she first misnamed the baby's father.

    Love the Maxi/Lulu scenes with the kids. I giggled at the babbling in the background as the two of them were talking. It was so normal for parents with babies in the room.

    And I love that Spinelli is back. His scenes with Nathan were very entertaining.

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  6. Luke's jail cell: Great scene with Luke and Tracy! Oh Fluke is back as soon as Tracy mentioned Pat!! Maybe I should call Fluke, Tim Spencer!!! Tracy isn't afraid of Tim anymore! :)She is gonna go talk to Pat! YES!!!!

    The hospital:

    Patrick, Sam, and Carly: Sam and Carly are so glad Jake Doe is alright! Oh they are excited that he remembers who he is! I think Carly is more excited though.

    Alexis and the gang:

    Alexis: Oh cut the bulls

    And then the scene went to Luke and Tracy very quickly hahahahahaha!

    Julian wins the line of the day!

    Julian: When you and Ned first started dating, she wanted to pump me for information. She pumped me alright. All night long.

    ROFL! Oh Julian!!!! :) Yeah Alexis doesn't believe Ned is the father! She knows Ned is lying!

    Jake Doe's room: Hmmmm is he going to forget who he is again? :)

    Wyndemere: Hey hey! The actor who is playing the goon, grabbed Constance Towers pretty rough. Hey she is 81 guys! Don't be so rough. Helena is very impressed with Nik hahahaha. Hmmm she wants to see Tim Spencer really badly. I wonder why.

    Lante home: Awwwww! Rocco and HarpGeorgie are so cute together! Lulu and Maxie think so too! They think they are gonna date! I was thinking that too!!!! Hmmmm Roccgie? I hope they don't ever have a baby play date with Avery Lavery! She could teach them bad words!!

    Kelly's: When Nathan took off his shirt, the lady sitting at the table watched him hahahahaha. Poor Spinny wondering how can he compete with that. You don't have to Spinny! Just be yourself!!! Yeah Spinny you tell Nathan you want to get back together with Maxie! HA! :)

  7. sonya said..." The actor who is playing the goon, grabbed Constance Towers pretty rough."

    She's probably wearing elbow pads today after yesterday's scene. lol

    And KD, this is for you....

    I saw an ad for iZombie on telly last night and I saw Carrrrlos.

  8. I'm gonna miss Hells. Damn Nik for exiling her to Cassadine Island :( I hope she finds her way back to "dreary" Port Chuckles soon. I think li'l Spencer is going to miss her.

  9. "Di said..She's probably wearing elbow pads today after yesterday's scene. lol"

    ROFL! I wouldn't blame her if she did! :)

  10. Just when hells was falling into place and having semi-normal relations with Nik and Spencer, she leaves. I was JUST thinking how much I loved her scenes telling Tracy/Lulu the truth and dancing with Spencer

  11. I'm almost through today's show, and finding the Fluke/Luke DID story interesting. When Tracy got close to the truth that Luke can't face, it triggered a defensive reaction that caused him to shut down, and then become Fluke. I find that, when working with very disturbed patients, there often is a traumatic incident that they "can't remember" and don't want to face, that, if you touch on it, they will get defensive, angry, etc. I often feel that, if through the therapy we can gingerly peel off the layers (while offering tons of support), we maybe can get to that incident, that kernel of truth that the patient can't face, and work it through, release it. Because although the psyche has constructed a giant defense to protect against the awful knowledge, the memory of it is rotting and festering beneath, causing symptoms.

    I'm wondering if the Fluke/Luke story will play out like this, it seems like it will--that they will go back to his childhood, etc.

  12. Loved seeing Maxie and Lulu with the babies! I noticed that Kiki is no longer on the opening, replaced by Sabrina. Looks like Rosalie may be gone. I am happy that Spinelli is back-at least he can act. And thrilled that Anna is back. I liked having Helena around for a while and it was good that Nik had her carted away.

  13. Oh, I DO wish Kevin (played by Jon) could be at GH to be the one treating Luke. I'm afraid they may try to use that weak Kevin 'sub' and that just won't do.

    There was once another wonderful actor playing a GH shrink, Cameron, played by the marvelous Lane Davis (Ladies, remember him?--I'll bet you do!), but Guza killed him off, after his son Zander had fathered Liz's Cameron. I think I heard Lane has left acting, however. Can't imagine why?? Anyone know?

    This would work SO much better with a shrink we know and who Luke knows. I think Jon is on some prime time show now and so unavailable. Drat.

    Oh I DO hope Erika Slezak is drafted for Pat. Kim is also a very good actress, but I miss Viki so. And of course Slezak has about as many Emmys as Geary, so what a joy it would be to see them working together! Plus she knows the DID game well!

    Anyway, Luke's 'darker side' was never anything near Fluke. We all know him too well to believe this vicious, cold 'killer' was ever inside him. Luke was more amoral than immoral--cynical but not heartless or insensitive. And he was not an evil womanizer, no matter what Guza thought and wrote. AntJoan, could mentally ill Fluke take on the identity of abuser Tim to totally worsen his characteristics? Interesting thought...


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