Monday, February 2, 2015

Groundhog Day!


Well, you know how GH can be like Groundhog Day! Another sweeps, another bomb!!!!!  HO-Hum. I have a snow day today, it's horrible here. 2 feet and still coming down. I have a doctor's appt at 1, other side of town. I hope to heck I'm back by 2 but I don't think so. I may watch at 3.  I'm already tired of this sheeze and we have a lot more winter to go around here! 

GH: Shoot out on rt. 31. Bullets and Tuxes. Yummy. Franco escapes. Ava bum rushes Carrrrlos and knocks him over I KID YOU NOT!  He then traps her on the bridge. Julian is shot....Sonny has a gun pointed on him by Johnny. 

Heather is going to inject Nina with LSD. This REALLY IS Groundhog day! Franco stomps in at the last second.

Dante calls Lulu but Luke answers. He pretends Dante's being an ass. Then, on cue, Dante's phone battery dies. NOT the prison phone from 2002 but his smart phone. LOL. He throws it. 

Helena stops Nik from getting on the boat. 

Dante has 41 seconds before he blows up.  SUPER Nathan saves him. 


  1. ABC here had a weather special in place of GH today. They had to have a live show to tell us all about the snow we're all getting. I guess they don't realize that the people at work or in their cars are not watching tv. Only the people snowed in at home are TRYING to watch tv.

    hohum...*turns tv off and watches "exciting" snow storm out the window*

  2. so, let me get this straight. dante's first phone call is to Lulu and NOT 9-1-1?

    we all know he is a neanderthal cop, but a stupid person as well?


    on a side note, almost unrelated topic - when I fill out a human resources form at a job, and there is a line that says "In case of emergency, please notify..." I never EVER put down a family member's name. I always write in 9-1-1. Always. Because if there IS an emergency, I dont want someone calling my family, I want them calling for help. True story. I do this every time.

  3. I like Dante - I really do, but he's an idiot. First, he handcuffs Fluke to a spindly piece of wood, and then he calls Lulu instead of 911. I know you have a head injury, but come on.

    Also Nik: could you have pretended not to care about the bomb, and then get help? You really thought Helena would just let you go?

    And Carlos - you had so many chances to shoot Ava. And I was cheering you on!

    Franco moves very quickly!

  4. Another tense standoff with 3 groups of people threatening to talk someone to death. *rolls eyes* Seriously, if you really wanted to kill someone would you stand there with a gun and talk them to them for 10 minutes first?

    And Franco walked from the crash to the hospital in less time than it took Carlos to walk across the clearing and threaten Ava. Unbelievable. ( So I wouldn't worry about Dante only having 41 seconds. He can make it to NY by then.)

    What are the odds that anyone gets shot tomorrow?

    Dante IS an idiot. Why wouldn't he call 911 or his partner? That is so stupid.

    I was hoping that Nina was going to grab that syringe and inject Heather so that she ended up with the dose yet After all, she did call herself Diana. lol

  5. I'm really glad I can get a daily summary from you so I don't have to waste my time watching this crap. Their writers need to be fired!!

  6. Pentonville van accident: Ava wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: What happened?

    Ava: We stopped for snacks.

    ROFL! Oh oh enough jokes. Caaaaaaarlos and Johnny are going to kill all of you!!! Well not BobTodd, cus their boss don't want him. Shoot Sonny first boys! :) Boy a shoot out and they all suck at shooting. Ava fake begging but then she shoves Caaaaaaaarlos! She runs and he is right behind her!! What are you doing Caaaaaaaarlos?! If you want to shoot her just shoot her!!! Oh oh Julian down!!! Awww Sonny is taking care of his leg! Bromance still there.

    Nina and Heather: Woah Heather where did you get that needle from? And where did you get LSD?!!? BobTodd to the rescue!!!! :)

    Pier: Oh Nik down!!! You should have listened to your grandmother!!! Poor Nik.

    Police station: Geez this is getting tiresome!

    Sam: I want you to tell me why did you get my Phoenix?!!?! The Phoenix is important to me because I got it from my husband for Christmas! Why did you steal it?!!?! WHY WHY WHY?!!?!?!?!

    Jake Doe: Jake Doe has no idea why. Jake Doe is sorry. Jake Doe don't remember anything! Jake Doe apologizes!


    Haunted Star: So Fluke's speech went on and on and on and on and on just to apologize?!!?! Well Fluke yelling at Dante on the phone was fun! :) The look on Lulu's face when Luke hung up and broke the phone! ROFL!

    Nightmare on elm street house: Poor Dante all dazed and confused. He can't even walk!

    Skeleton: Hey Dante! Stop yelling! You are giving me a headache! Hey I need to get a haircut. Can you cut my hair? Dante? Dante?!!?!? How rude!

    Oh no! The bomb!!!

    Bomb: 8 7......

    Geez Nathan didn't even look at the skeleton! It would have been nice if he looked at it, and said at least, what the hell is that?! :)

    Skeleton: Wow. Nathan is rude too! What is with all these rude people?!

  7. It was almost comical the way Carlos was chasing Ava with the gun, he was only about 2 steps behind her, if he really wanted to shoot her he could easily have shot her many times. She's just sort of strolling away from him. Lately the action scenes have been laughably bad, I hate to say.

    Why isn't Monica at the party??!! They couldn't pay Leslie Charleson to sit there and have maybe one line? Unless there is a personal reason the actress couldn't be there, it is so glaring that A.J.'s MOTHER isn't there!

  8. Monica was a glaring gap. Also Ned. And Alice. And Liz.
    I also find it out of character that Carly would not have just shown up anyways.
    And instead of having extras no one knows why not Nurse Felix, Nurse Epiphany and her boyfirend and Michael's former body guard Milo, former body guard Max, Michael's lawyer Alexis, Michael's cousin Molly, Michael's close friend Olivia, busybody Lucy. Could even brush the cobwebs off of Dr. Silas. Dr. O? Dr. Collins? DA Baldwin?
    Hell, why not have the Mayor show up? And Mayorial candidate Felicia could have been there as well. Show some tension there. Or have Monicas boyfriend the Judge show up and tension with Maxie.
    The reason none of this was done - Cartini is too fixated on his cast of cartoon characters (Fluke, Franco, Nina, Heather) to actually flesh out a story that integrates other characters...he only uses the minimum he needs to prop up his cartoons.

  9. Not only did Franco get to the hospital in record time, apparently he could just walk in and immediately find the right room. Of course there is probably only one room there and only two patients, just like Pentonville had just five inmates. And don't get me started on how the PD let Sam in the room to question Jake. I love TG but too much Fluke.


  10. What if...
    Original story was Fluke was Bill Eckert.
    Derek/Julian met Eckert in the witness protection program.
    When Tony Geary was out longer than planned, story changed.
    Helena had Bill Eckert/Fluke killed while he was in Europe.
    Helena had sex changed Pat Spencer replace Bill as Fluke. (Might explain the difference between Fluke's behavior prior to his absence and his return?)
    Back when Luke and Bobbie were kids and their mother died, Patricia Spencer killed their father, Tim, with a baseball bat. They all agreed to never tell.
    Real Luke is still hidden away somewhere. The "mummy" is Helena's doing to keep Pat under her control.

  11. friscogh said... Cartini is too fixated on his cast of cartoon characters

    How true is this!