Monday, February 23, 2015

Burnin' Down the House

Jake doesn't remember who he is...shocker.
I guess Carly and Sam just have ALL THE TIME on earth to sit and discuss Jake in the GH Lounge. Geesh. Jobs? Kids? what? 

Sonny and Spencer. SO fun. He gave him something to wear to the party..awww..

Nikolas controls the PCPD! Nice. OH BY THE WAY, he totally talked to himself on the parapet. Totally thought that he was having a hysterical moment. Lord NO MORE DID! LOL 

Anna goes and finds Jordan. They chat about her being on the FBI squad now. Ballot Box. Ballot Box. Ballot Box. 

Maxie, Spin and Nate. Nate was a bit wooden talking about Spinelli loving Maxie, geesh!! Nate thinks Maxie still loves Spinelli. 

So, Sonny gave Spence a boxing robe which he wore out to his party. His dance party. I called the candy bar didn't I? LOL. Cameron might start a fire, watch out!! HE DID! hahaha, he knocked over a swag bag into the candle. Emma and Spencer are dancing and the fire breaks out.  It gets bigger....and no smoke alarm goes off. No one smells it. 
BTW, did you hear the kids from the party were going out 'to the launch" Good Gravy, it's like 4 degrees here. The Lake is 85% frozen. UGHHHHH


  1. It's time to recast Nathan. RP has had enough time now to learn how to act. He was as bad today as he was on his very first day. I understand that people think he's great eye candy, but he's not the only great looking guy out there. And he especially seems wooden when he's around someone as animated as Maxie. I just can't with him anymore!

  2. Is it me, or if that back-flpiing DJ at Spencer's party was a good DJ he would start playing a medley of "Burning Down the House/The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on FIre/Disco Inferno"?

    Lori, I agree that RP lacks acting skills. They should have cast him as a Lifeguard and let him just stroll around town shirtless with his mouth shut. I could live with that.

    I like that Anna and Jordan are friendly. I wish they could write them as better friends. I also with they could write Jordan a little more believable and motherly and finally come clean to her family about her job. Is this going to take as long as the Fluke reveal? or as long as the Jake reveal? Does any storyline come and go within a year's timeframe anymore?

    Ok, I need to bring this up. Nik has always been a decent guy. I mean, there have been a few instances where he showed his Cassadine upbringing, but for the most part, he was the anti-Cassadine. Now? They changed his character. Is he going to be suffering from DID like (F)Luke? Should we call him Flik? (Or whatever the official soap opera naming convention organization (SONCO) in Washington refers to him as). Why did they decide to change his character? And with all his money, why is he after ELQ? Fluke was after ELQ once too. Actually, Fluke was all over the map. No one really knows what the hell he stand for anymore.

    Ok, I'm done. Carry on little wubbers..

  3. It's 2015! Who the heck would use real candles at a child's party where they can actually get to them?

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  5. The hospital:

    Carly and Sam: Poor Carly! She is afraid Jake Doe will remember who he is and move away! She is gonna miss him!

    Jake Doe's room: Oh Jake Doe doesn't remember who he is!!! I KNEW IT! :) Aww Liz is there for Jake Doe! And there is Carly! Feeling so sorry for what she did to him! Gonna start singing Carly?

    I'm sorry, so sorry
    That I was such a fool
    I didn't know
    Love could be so cruel

    He forgives her! Carly still wants to be friends with him.

    Carly and the gang:

    Liz: Carly. I just got a text from Cameron. I guess there was a lovers quarrel at Spencer's birthday party.

    Excuse me?!!?!! A lovers quarrel?!!?!! For 10 year olds?!!?! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That's disgusting. Wrong choice of words writers!!!!!

    Sonny's home: Spencer and Sonny scene! LOVE IT! Awww Spencer met his new baby cousin A.L.:) And Sonny has a gift for Spencer. Awwww! Sonny and Shaun scene. More talk about the sex box! Sonny and Shaun should go in that box hahaha. Carly and Sonny scene. Uh Carly? You are not asking Sonny permission to be friends with Jake Doe are you?!!?!

    Jordan's hotel room: Oh come! More talk about the ballet box?!!?! BORING! I am going to call it the sex box from now on. Did anybody hear about the new show on WE called the sex box? Anna crying over Duke!!! :(

    Kelly's: OH! Maxie still has feelings for Spinny!!!! Nathan saw that look on her face! So did I!!!

    Wyndemere: Spencer wins the line of the day.

    Spencer: Are you the caterer?

    ROFL! He mistakes Robot Sloan as the caterer!!! Hahahahaha. Oh the party starts! Disco is alive! :) Spencer is 10 years old?!!?! In real life he is 10 years old too! He is so small for 10 years old!!!

    Cameron: I still don't get why you didn't tell me that Jossyln and Spencer were only pretending to be together.

    Still Cameron?!!?! Wow you have feelings for Joss don't you?

    Cameron: Admit it Emma. You were afraid I would dump you for Jossyln Weren't you? You were right!

    WOW! Cameron you are a jerk! Wait a second. Why am I getting so involved in this?! This is so stupid! They are kids not teenagers! Come on writers stop it! Oh oh Cameron accidentally started the fire!!! Spencer and Emma on the dance floor and they must have a cold, because they can't smell the smoke! And the batteries on the smoke detector must be gone! Spencer what did you do with the batteries?!!?! The FIRE THE FIRE!!!!


    Burning down the house!

    Watch out, you might get what you're after
    Cool baby, strange but not a stranger
    I'm an ordinary guy
    Burning down the house
    Hold tight, wait 'til the party's over
    Hold tight, we're in for nasty weather
    There has got to be a way
    Burning down the house
    Here's your ticket, pack your bags
    Time for jumpin' overboard
    Transportation is here
    Close enough but not too far,
    Maybe you know where you are
    Fightin' fire with fire, huah

  6. Do Emma & Spencer have head colds and can't smell the smoke? Doesn't Wyndemere have a sprinkler system? Plot points make fools of them all...


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