Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Surgery: A Long Strange Trip

20150205 0729(10)
We all had this face.. ALL OF US. 

Forever and a Day. That's what it feels like! Hope you took a gander below at my Fluke Timeline. Saw some of the videos. Saw my absolute confusion. I think you share it as well. Surgery today is going to be a trip. Just like Franco took. Wild and unpredictable.

20150206 0818(9)
This is ME..all damn week, watching this show. 

You know I'm drinking, right?  Give me strength because I really don't want to go through all of this again.

I'm going to try to tell  this in story chunks..because going through the days would set my hair on fire.
20150203 0658(6)

At the start, we saw  Fluke swinging on the yacht. Dante of course, wakes up to Corpse whoever. It was a pretty boring week leading up to Thurs/Friday, imo.

20150204 0737(14)
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On TUESDAY...Jake yells out: There's a bomb on the boat to Sam. On WED she proceeds to hyperventilate and try and call the boat. She's at the PCPD. The PCPD where they have RADIOS. Where they could send the Coast Guard out. Where they could RADIO THE BOAT. I am presuming it has a captain? Maybe I'm wrong there. Hell, I'm sure it floats by itself now. So, Sam tries to Call Patrick but stupid EmIvy has his phone and she hangs up. *sigh. Sam does get to Lucas and he tells Michael who goes over to find the bomb.  
He picks it up. He carries it out. starts the St. Sonny Saga. 

20150205 0655

Oh, at the same time this happens, Dante remembers the bomb too. He tells Elizabeth and falls out of bed. Or faints, I don't know. Elizabeth..does. Nothing. Nothing. Okay then.. 

20150205 0707(5)

So! Sonny proceeds to JUMP in the water with the bomb. He doesn't throw it. Nope, jumps in. Blows up. Or does he? 

20150206 0817(5)

Everyone is sad about Sonny..sniff sniff. Sonny is lost! Carly and Michael cry on the docks! Wah wah..and then...the miracle of something happens and Sonny is lifted from the frozen waters (flowing backwards down the river, btw) and LEFT ON THE DOCK by the rescuers for dead. I mean, LEFT THERE. Bye! Carly and Michael give him CPR.  She pounds on him. Michael knit his brows and finally decided to help. Sonny spits seaweed.

20150207 0906(7)

When Sonny's in the hospital, he's seen by all his adoring fans. Oh, they are so grateful he jumped in with the bomb (no one calls him stupid for not throwing it).  BY THE WAY...So  is Ivy (the Em clone) who happens to be Gov. Gatling's daughter. He's the new Gov of NYS! (Benson fans know who he is). Sonny gets a PARDON! Yep! A PARDON! Sonny's sin of murdering AJ? Done. Just Done.  :smackshands: Now he can go claim his little cutie girl and ruin her life next. 

20150206 0801(23)

Silas makes an appearance and he and Kiki find out about Ava from Sloane. Morgan is there. Everyone is shocked they are calling off the search. Oh, and since I'm bitchy, I'm saying it: Michael Easton looked bored as shit in those scenes. BORED AS HELL. 

20150207 0903(33)

NuSloane. I don't know why they replaced the guy that was Sloane. But there it is. This one seems like a big bully mouthy guy.  People on Twitter call him Dusty. I think that was his name on a previous soap.

20150206 0733(25)

Johnny is shot by Julian and goes to Sabby's house with Carlos. I guess that's why Sabrina was on. She's the new Mobular Doctor.  I guess that's it. 

20150206 0746(16)

After the boat didn't blow up, Fluke was pretty pissed and went after Jules who was at GH after getting shot.  He was on the bridge with NuSloane for awhile, but no big deal there. Anyway, Fluke decides to kill Julian in probably the worst way possible: Smothering by Pillow. Come on, kneel on his good arm, hoist yourself up, crush is larynx. There. Done. Julian is saved when Alexis walks in. Julian tells her Fluke is Bill Eckert. 

20150207 0850(13)

Speaking of Eckert, there are some bones in the morgue. Dr. O (thank goodness she's back) carbon dates them. They are 20 years old. Too young to be Luke. Tracy and Lulu are happy about that.  In the jail.. I know I heard Eckert say those bones were Bill's. Some people didn't hear that. He and Hells were talking about the dug up grave. Speaking of which, if they knew the bones were Eckert, why did Fluke freak out at the hole he was staring into in the cemetery? If he knew they were bones (which he admits in the jail) WHY WAS HE talking to them like they were Fluke?
Oh FML. 

20150206 0757(3)

This happened. Nikolas almost killed Helena until Fluke came in and held a gun to his head. Fluke almost popped Nik with a cap but..the PCPD walked in and stopped him. Next time we see them, Fluke and Hells are in jail, and Helena is acting like No Big Deal that he tried to kill Nikolas.  Seriously? WTF. Things don't even make sense between scenes let alone over days. This scene also seems to debunk the fact that Fluke is under ANY control of Hells. She can't control him no way--no how.  Later, We find out that Sloane is in her back pocket but can't help much. Fluke resigns himself to the fact the "Truth will come out anyway" So, to release the info on his prints. He talks about his prints being his own--and Luke's. It seems IN THIS MOMENT with all the STUFF HE IS LUKE. Now, is he REALLY LUKE? I don't Freaking KNOW. And, welp. Who cares? 

20150205 0705(25)

Oh, by the the middle of all this? Franco injects himself with LSD so he "can stay at Shadybrook with Nina". Then he has a bad trip and gets taken out anyway. The "trip" was all 70's and groovy. Kind of like Laugh In would do back in the day.   Tune Out, Man !

20150207 0855(16)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  OH wow...Lulu rippin' Nikolas a new one was glorious. Of all the scenes this whole week, THIS one, I sat up for! 

20150204 0735(23)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  YEP..Tracy lays into Fluke after seeing him with Helena. Runner up:

20150205 0645(40)

PROP OF THE WEEK:  (and total runner up face) goes to the hypo-needle filled with the LSD allowing Franco to take a trip down...1969.

Post Note: Anna not being in the Fluke story is not acceptable. Monica not being in the Jake story,  same.
And, that's all I have. I'm sure I've left a lot of things out but I did the best I could.  Between my Fluke Timeline stuff and my giant rants all week, I am weak. LOL. 
I've said it many times. I love a good mystery.  This? This is a quagmire.
As Franco would say now: Peace OUT. 


  1. I REALLY do not understand why people are saying Sonny is there hero. Michael is. Michael is the one who found the bomb, walked it through the room and to the deck of the boat. Im certain if Sonny did not show up Michael would havejumped over board with it himself, or even more sensisbly Michael would have thrown it over board. Sonny essentially "stole" if from Michael...both the bomb and the accolades.

  2. I have thrown my hands up in the air and am crying Uncle with this Fluke story. I just don't get any of it. I wish it had ended with the corpse, pull the band aid off and be faced with another DID story.

    I get Lulu's anger with Nik.. but gosh almighty if this wasn't one of those times I missed Julie. I just heard shrieking with no depth or real hurt. But that is just me.

    So is the last we see of Johnny?

  3. Karen, thanks soooo much for your hard work for the Fluke "story." I am telling everyone, this is Lost redux, mark my words!!

    Like I had said before, and Karen says, at first Fluke was a big mobster running an organization, now he just wants to kill Luke's loved ones? THEY ARE MAKING THIS UP AS THEY GO ALONG, people!!

  4. Lulu's rant to Nik was the best part of the week! He didn't have all the facts about Fluke, but Luke would never help Helena get control of ELQ, so that alone should have alerted him to something being very fishy.

    Monica should have been at the party, for Michael, and for a clinic named for her son. Or we should have seen her at home, with Ned and Tracy, afterward.

    I was pretty sure nothing would happen to her, but I hoped Tracy would get the flu, and stay home. and then we see Ned with the flu. :) (I wish they'd used a real movie title, in those scenes. A small detail, but it would be an interesting little tidbit about characters, to know what they would watch. I can't imagine Tracy actually crying over a mere movie.)

  5. I agree about Lulu. ER tends to use contortions of her mouth to act-JMB would have been much better. Michael was the real hero and should have been hailed as such along with Sonny. Anything to get that perpetual scowl off his face. A truly unbelievable week, and not in a good way. When people hear mention of a bomb they should react accordingly, not like Liz and Sam.

  6. AntJoan,
    I agree that they are just making stuff up with no idea of what the end result is supposed to be.

    Many years ago when I was in grad school, we had to do this exercise: one person began a story and told it for a minute or so, then the next student picked up from there and on and on. At the end it didn't have anything to do with the start and made little sense. That is what this feels like to me. Somebody started this and then gave it to someone else who did the same and now it makes no sense at all.
    Usually when shows get this bad people start jumping ship if they can. Does anybody know if there are actors whose contracts are expiring? KA has left - I wonder if others will follow.

  7. When all were telling Sonny what a hero he was, I was choking, but then he gets a FULL PARDON???? I felt outrage, major disbelief, super disgust, etc. lol

    But of course they couldn't send that slimey creep back to prison--Sonny is their lead STAR (cough, strangle, small scream) and they can't keep their STAR locked away. How could he then bore us to death, disgust us and generally cause us to ff. But to give him that 'Get Out of Jail' card so unbelievably easy...

    As for Fluke, he had better not be real Luke (I don't see how anyway) because that would ruin a iconic character, one who most of us know so well and have loved so long. Guza worked pretty hard at ruining every character on the show and nearly destroyed Luke as well, but not quite. I take some comfort in the idea the real Luke is alive and locked away somewhere and Fluke is just a fluke.

  8. Karen - thanks for your effort on the timeline - and making it clear this Fluke story has been a big waste of time. What a big downer. The whole mind control thing is a huge stretch (especially since we have Jake being all Bourne Identity at the same time)- but now even that doesn't make sense. Here's hoping it is all wrapped up in a nice bow in the next week. If not folks I'm giving up GH for Lent and maybe forever.

    They've got SUCH a talented cast- we should make them hold the bar higher with better stories.

  9. I'm thinking that for someone to get a pardon from the governor it would take a little bit of red tape lol I wonder if they ever had any idea where they would go with this Fluke story. It's a mess and I just don't care anymore.

  10. when Laura left for Paris for medical reason she actually went into coma this has all been a dream sans Dallas( bits a pieces from people talking to her and this dream is how her coma mind put them together);)

  11. It's just about impossible to watch this show... if you even watched it for 2 minutes in it's heyday!


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