Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Cut My Arm Off!


AHAHAHA.>Franco wakes up and thinks he CUT HIS ARM OFF after 127 HOURS .GET IT? Best joke ever. Nina is by his bedside. 
He thinks she's...ANNE HATHAWAY from the OSCARS next!! OMG. This is killing me it's so funny. LOL!!!  "You Rock, Anne" ahahhaa.
I hope they mention Kim Jung Un. 

VERY Funny scenes. 

Sonny is wanting to see Avery..GET HER AWAY FROM HIM KIKI! UGH That baby loves Maurice tho!  He says he's taking her TOMORROW. Geesh, nice to do to Kiki. 

Alexis is going to  Rep Julian. Michael wants Alexis to do something about Sonny's pardon. She says he could file a civil suit. Julian calls Michael an SOB lol. Okay then! Julian goes off on him. Michael storms off. But mentions Tony Jones dying. Weird.

Nate captures Carrrrrrrrrlos  and Johnny somehow runs to Maxie's place. Maxie gives her car to him so he can leave. 


  1. Whose crib was Maxie and Nathan assembling? I didn't catch that. I presume it is for when Georgie and Spinelli visit soon, but it could be that it is for Rocco and Maxie and Lulu are going to switch apartments so that Lulu/Danta/Rocco aren't continuing to live in a no bedroom apartment. Kidding of course. Emo Chad Duell/Michael is really annoying. When can we find out that Morgan is really the daddy? Hoping that is the case. Any word on whether it will turn out that Ava is really dead or not?

  2. Setting the character of Sonny aside, it really tickles me how much babies on this show love Maurice. This isn't the first baby to love him. It really helps me separate the character from the actor. (And that is hard for me to do: there are several actors I cannot stand because of the characters they played.)

  3. Shadybrook: BobTodd wins the line of the day.


    He says nothing! ROFL! She talks to him and he says nada! Hahahaha. So funny! :)

    Nina: Hello.


    Nina: It's Nina. Do you remember me?


    Nina: You saved my life.


    ROFL! The scene was funny! And then he was able to talk and the two inside jokes! ROFL!

    Mcsilas's home: Why does Carly have to be there? Anyway I understand why Starki doesn't want Sonny to hold his daughter, but I REALLY want Maurice Bernard to hold that baby! :) And he does awwwwwwwww! :) So sweet! Luckily he doesn't have dentures! :)

    The hospital:

    Ned and Olivia:

    Olivia: My stomach has been doing back flips all week.

    Oh boy! Congrats Julian you are a papa! :)Olivia thinks she has the flu hahaha.

    Julian's room: Michael vs Julian! LOVE IT! :)They both got some great digs in! Oh and Alexis wants to help Julian!! :)

    Felix and Sabrina's home: Oh so that is where Felix is! Oh Sabrina stop being so judgy! I'm glad you remembered what YOU yourself did to Ava! Oh no Caaaaaaaaaaarlos got arrested! But he is protecting Sabrina! Awwww!

    Maxie's home: Maxie and Nathan were putting up a crib! At first I'm thinking huh? Then I realized for Georgie. And hey Maxie and Nathan weren't having sex! WOW!!! :) Johnny!!!! Awww Maxie helps him!!! :)

  4. Since I hated the celeb-takeover of James Franco, I probably didn't laugh as hard as some of you, but it was sort of funny, in that that character was all they came up with for the appealing Roger to be after losing Todd. Kind of a shame. But maybe the LSD will cleans the Franco character and his evilness will be gone and he can be kind of decent.

    I'm really disappointed in the Luke story at this point, but do not feel it is anywhere near finished. I was thinking how much I would like to see Genie and Tony co-star in maybe a Hallmark drama or a well-written limited series. They worked together SO well, absolutely remarkable. They were able to involve us so deeply in their feelings and their relationship, using both comedy and drama. It would be wonderful to see them working together again, especially in a romance.

  5. I never thought I would say this, but I CAN'T WAIT for TG's next vacation!!

  6. AntJoan,
    I can't believe I am saying this, but I'm hoping for his retirement.

  7. Maybe that was the point of the whole thing. The writers want us to hate Luke so much that we won't mind when they get rid of TG.


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