Tuesday, February 3, 2015

F'King Fluke

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Here are some questions for you:

Luke and Helena said on the docks today there was a CORPSE in the basement. Luke acted like he knew it was  a dead guy. SOoooooooooooooo, why the scenes with Fluke actually TALKING to "LUKE"--????? If it was a dead guy (and he knew it was a dead guy) why when he was alone, did he SEE a real Luke there?'
** Adding this: some people say Helena may have switched out Luke with the corpse. That may be true but since Fluke admitted to knowing it was a corpse on the docks, why did he talk to "LUKE" while Dante was passed out? She would have switched them out before that scene.  

Going further-- Who dressed the corpse? And WHY dress it if it was just going to blow up? 

Luke screamed today "I am LUKE SPENCER, why won't you people believe me"?  Which if he thinks that is true, why did he cackle with glee numerous times about 'fooling everyone" with the switch after the Faison mask? If he thought he WAS Luke then he wouldn't even think he NEEDED to fool anyone into thinking there WAS a Luke. 

If there was never TWO Lukes (or 1 Luke one Fluke) why did we see Helena hold a knife to Luke's neck in Miscavage? Did he imagine that too? 

If Luke has been having whatever is going on for awhile, why did Helena poison him not too long ago...and why did he shoot her?  

If this is some mind-contortion...it still makes no sense, especially since Fluke KNEW it was  a dead guy in that basement. And had been talking to him for 2 weeks before Dante even FOUND it. 

IF Luke is still alive somewhere-- and Fluke knows it (impostor ) It REALLY makes no sense that he talked to a corpse for 2 weeks. 

;HITTINGHEAD: I so love great mysteries like Twilight Zones, X Files and twisty stuff that's weird. But this? Damn. SO much to explain. And if it doesn't add up I'm not going to be all "that's ok" because we should be able to follow some of the clues and add up to something. 


  1. I 'm thinking Helena got to corpse Luke before anyone could discover it. Remember she told Fluke not to worry, she had taken care of it.

  2. I also think that Helena moved Luke and replaced him with the corpse. Well, not herself...lol She would have had people do it.

  3. So Luke knew it was a corpse down there because Helena told him she moved Luke? Who he was INDEED TALKING to all that time. Ergo, Luke is 2 people?????

  4. PS. Fluke talked to LUKE while Dante was passed out. SO--he didn't think it was a corpse then.
    Helena said she had taken care of it before that scene

  5. What Helania said to Luke she took care of it ... Meaning she had the house condemned that's is how she took care of it!!

  6. Any way you look at it, this story has SO many holes in it. There's no way it's all going to make sense. BUT - as ridiculous as today's show was, I enjoyed it. Minus Franco, Nina and Heather. The Jake/Sam scenes were really good. I read somewhere that tomorrow is going to be really good.

  7. Like I said before, this is smelling an awful lot to me like the stinking ending of Lost, after all the promises that all loose ends would be tied up and everything explained. NOTHING was explained, and, if you tried to connect the dots, it felt like your head was going to explode.

    I wonder if the writers at GH know yet who Luke really is . . . Karen is thinking what I thought: If Fluke knew it was a corpse, why did we see Luke there?

    ON this show, people talk you to death instead of pulling the trigger! I've NEVER seen so many incompetent assassins in just 2 days!

    I guess that Sonny will "save the day" and get pardoned, right?

  8. Karen,
    I don't think the writers care at all whether or not this makes any sense. My guess is they changed directions so many times they've lost track of what they've written over the last year of this stupid story.

  9. My thought is that Fluke set the bomb on Luke and left for they party, Helena's goons then took the real Luke and replaced him with the Bill Eckert corpse. This way Eckerts body would be discovered when the house explodes. Luke is probably now locked away in Monica's attic.

  10. What if hes skitzo and thats why he was talking to Luke...himself I mean. Didn't Jessica on OLTL see herself or talk to herself as she had DID? Whatever it is I just want it wrapped up. The stuff with Sam and Jake was good, glad she's coming around and that he's remembering stuff. Wonder how long til he remembers he's Jason? Hopefully not as long as the Fluke sl.

  11. Maybe Helena has "programmed" the real Luke & that's why he's behaving the way he is. Or is a "Bobby Ewing type dream" and they'll all wake up and AJ will still be alive! Just END this story line already, please.

  12. If Luke has DID than he actually imagines another person...whether there is nobody there, or a skeleton no? So Helena tells Fluke she took care of it. "Killing" Luke(Finally severing their personalities?) So Fluke thinks of Luke as a corpse in the basement. And I doubt Fluke and Luke will share scenes again.

  13. I'm just ready for this storyline to be over. I don't want Fluke to be Luke because what guilt he will later feel for the harm he has caused while brainwashed as FLuke. People will die on the boat. My bet is Sabrina (I hear Carlos voice saying her name as I type)

    Anyone one to take charity bet on when the final Luke reveal will be..

  14. Cartini flies by their pants and retcons and ignores discontinuities. Trying to make sense of it all is a waste of time.

  15. This storyline has given me a headache! No rhyme or reason to any of it. Maybe Heather has given out too much LSD? I give up!

  16. Luke would neverrrrrr let anything happen to Lulu.. Especially leaving her to die in that explosion!!! Not buying that Fluke is Luke..

  17. I try very hard to not say things about people that I would not say to them. Today I fail. Storytelling is an art. These writers are not artists.

  18. There better be one of those hokey flashbacks that explains everything that happened but we didn't see, otherwise I am so lost and confused I have no idea what's what.

    Carlos, if you want to kill someone, shoot them in the head. I hate violence but this was so comical, just standing around gabbing, then shooting Ava in the upper torso. Sure she could die that way also, but people rarely ever really die on GH, so you'd think a mobster would shoot her in the head. GH's trademark for every sweeps month is another shoot-out.

  19. Ronn Dean: That explanation actually makes sense.

    I also agree with Conniefal. Jason is fighting his conditioning because he doesn't want to kill Sam. And he's a cold blooded hit man. Luke would fight any conditioning that had him harming Lulu or Bobbie.

  20. I think the writers are just playing the viewers. Every time we come up with a plausible identity for Fluke they go and change it. TG must be the only one happy with this storyline.

  21. Helena has Luke under patented Cassadine mind control technology.
    Therefore, Fluke is Luke thinking he is Fluke talking to Luke.

  22. I will be ticked off if Fluke is indeed Luke with a split personality. We just had that with Connie/Kate.
    My theory is that this Fluke person had "surgery" to look like Luke because they are a coo coo bird. I am thinking Patricia or a cousin, or some connection to Frank Smith etc. Then he/it meets Julian in witness protection and it starts there.
    I bet Fluke was imagining Luke in the basement and it was the corpse the whole time. Luke is still in a looney bin where Robin (like rumored AGES a go) will find him.

    Just my .02

  23. As much as I want Fluke to be transgendered Patty (just because I've never seen that on a soap before) here's my take on what's up:

    There's only one Luke. Luke's either been experiencing some kinda dissociative disorder for a while or it's a side effect of Helena's brainwashing. That's why Fluke conversed with a corpse for 2 weeks.

    Also, I'm wondering if Jake's brain injuries may be why he's able to fight the conditioning---whatever Helena does to brainwash might not work as expected on someone with a brain injury. Which could explain why , if Luke was having mental issues prior, Helena's conditioning sent him off the f*cking rails.

    Or Fluke is Bill or Luke has a long lost evil twin or Helena cloned Luke or it's Laura in a Luke mask or who knows!

    I think way too much about this show.

  24. I cannot buy that Luke is Fluke either. The fact that he adores his family alone should have been enough to trigger some kind of emotion in him, as it is he is so cold and so not like himself at all. Even with Jake, he's having flashes and he was gone for 2 years. Also, I really think that Luke was in the basement and that Fluke was not ready to kill him yet so he had him moved and planted the corpse there. I can't believe that they would make Luke's character so weak and so susceptible to Helena's mind control, after all these years you're telling us she finally one and bested Luke Spencer??? Not buying it!