Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscar Thoughts

Although I liked Neil Patrick, I am more of the wacky Ellen variety for the show. I found it a bit boring.

Thoughts: (Yes, and MO
ST ARE go judge me lol) 

John Travolta: First he tries to maul Scarlett on the red carpet, then he strokes Idina's face. WTH is up with him? CREEPY von CREEPER STEIN 

Best Dressed: I loved Lupita. 6,000 pearls! I want to see it in real life. Did they eat all the oysters when they made it? LOL... I wonder if her butt hurt sitting on it that long tho. Ouch.
I also loved Robin Roberts. 

Common and John Legend 2015 Oscars


Gaga. So happy she got some resurgence from Tony Bennett. Remember Howard Stern loving her live performance on his show? She's got pipes. Wow.  She also had those pre show Lobster Gloves on so... yeah!

Patty Arquette. Since Actresses are paid way less than actors, I get it. That I still have to hear it NOW when it was all over the 1970s is sad. (PS. She's always such a mess. I mean, ALWAYS. No one bothers to tell her anything about her hair?)

Eddie Murphy. COME ON....Just COME ON! He was so adorable and FUN back in the day. Would it have killed him to do his laugh? Crack a smile? Be cute? He should have stayed home. SNL was bad but to follow up with ...this "nothing"? Bye. 

The briefcase gag? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz TOO MUCH, TOO LONG. 

I was surprised Boyhood didn't win but all the movies were great. I am glad Budapest Hotel got was a magical little show. 

Neil Patrick Harris

Opening Number: Great. My fave part was of course, Jack Black. He's just too fun. I bet Franco wished his and Anne's number turned out as well. 

Twitter was a hoot last night and most times, better than the show! People were saying how awkward and strange Dakota and Mel were on the Red Carpet. Do you know Dakota is going to host SNL Saturday? WHAT THE WHAT? She's so dead-pan and flat I can't imagine it.  There was a fun photos of Jared Leto looking like Jesus behind Patty Arquette. John Travolta looking lustfully at Benerdack Comberpatch. (Yep. I make up his name every time!)  Graham Moore's speech trended too. "Stay Weird". 

SO, did you watch? What did you think? I should have gone to bed around 10. I'm tired. REALLY tired. And 4 year olds are unforgiving!! 


  1. The only two nominated movies I saw were Hotel Budapest and Birdman. Hated Birdman. Can't believe it won best.
    This year's show was lacking in fizz, sparkle, and fun. Heaven knows NPH tried, but it fell flat on it's face.
    I was just waiting for it to be over, so I could go to bed.
    One of my favorite dresses was Jennifer Aniston's. Thought she looked lovely.

  2. I was so bored I taped the last hour. Highlight for me was the stay weird speech - loved it. Award season makes me miss Joan Rivers so much.

  3. i watched bits and pieces, as i was working and then driving home.

    opening was great. it showed what NPH is known for and capable of doing. Wish it stayed throughout the show with that. Oscar hosting is much different from tony and emmy. the expectations are so high and the other awards show are more laid back and looser.

    jennifer lopez for best dress. peach is a good color on her and she was so smart to pull her hair back. didnt like her makeup tho.

    last year, when pink sang over the rainbow, I thought it was one of the greatest renditions ever at the oscars and cannot be topped. I never understood lady gaga. seriously. nver got her act at all. But boy, did she nail it. she was so very dignified and really took everything seriously and professional. and to have Julie come out after that was just awestruck.

    this year is the 40th anniversary of the win for best picture by godfather 2. did you know it was the very first film to ever have "part 2" in its title? how cool would it have been to have diane keaton saw a few words about the godfather trilogy and their inpact on cinema and culture and then show a ckip montage from all 3 films. and then... curtain goes up, theme music plays and all the actors they can get from all 3 films walk out on stage to present best picture? (deniro, pacino, duvall, caan, garcia, keaton, shire, plus sofia and francis). Can you imagine the standing ovation for that? that would have been something.

    i hate the banter scripted between presenters that have nothing to do with each other. why not have presenters from classic movies? Have the cast of Tootsie present best makeup (hoffman, lange, murray, garr)you wouldnt need banter. just give bill murray a microphone and it writes itself.

    better yet, have susan sarandon and barry bostwick present best costume with tim curry decending from the rafters in his frank-n-furter costume.

    anyway, as always, that's my 2 cents. these shows are never going to be perfect. It's mindless fluff for 4 hours on a given night with lots of wine and brie.

    you WERE drinking, werent you Karen?


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