Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Few New Spoilers and Rumors

No, I don't know if Spencer Dies. Didn't hear a THING about it if he does. I can't believe they'd kill off such a popular guy--- but they faked us out with that DRAMA of a preview for tomorrow, right?! I know Nicolas B has been getting a lot of other gigs so who knows? 

Rumors that are coming:  Casting for Pat Spencer. Also rumors that flashbacks of Luke's childhood--meaning a whole bunch of people for those. 
Stefan Cassadine? Yep, saw that rumor over on GHH2 as well.  Could be?! I'd love it. Shirley also is saying maybe a Sept wedding for CarSon? Hmmmmm, what's that married 8x to each other? 

Kim McCollough may be tapped to direct an episode of GH during the Nurses' Ball, but I can't confirm that. 
Now that Michael Easton has signed, will he be paired with Maura West (Ava)? Sure looks that way. 

Dr. O has been off because Kathleen G has gotten some outside gigs and will also be on the new net series Winterthorn. 

If Michael gets custody of Avery and Ava is still alive..what then? She still has her charges to contend with. But we all know how that goes in Port Chuck. 

Ok, I'm not sure I'll be here today with my crazy work. So recap here. See ya! 


  1. Stephen Nichols would make sense coming back because he WAS in that "Fan February" poll at They said that person would be back about May 1st. I PRAY TO EVERYTHING OUT THERE I CAN THAT IS NOT ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS WHO WON THAT POLL!

  2. Maybe michael knows Ava is alive and that is behind his custody suit?!

  3. Dustin,
    Pray harder. Courtney coming back would be the last straw for me.

    1. PLEASE don't kill off Spencer!!Poor Nik has suffered enough and Spencer is a necessary character and so well acted (although I hate the "townie" references).

    2. WHAT IF SPINELLI'S GRANDMOTHER IS PATRICIA?????!!!!!! Spencer = Spinelli #MyBrainstormIsATornado

  5. I hope Kathleen G will be back soon! I really enjoy watching her. She has made what would have been a very flat, one-dimensional character so much more complicated and even likeable!


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