Friday, February 27, 2015

I'm Faking

Olivia sees Franco and they talk LSD.  He thinks she's Celeste from the frozen food aisle and Papa John is her baby daddy. LOL Olivia tells him about Julian being the father of her baby because she thinks he's crazy. 
Franco says Goodbye Olivia at the end, so you know he KNOWS. 

Silas is going to let Kiki go through with a memorial service for her mother? WHY?  And Ava said  she went into the water, crawled out and WENT TO A GAS STATION to call Silas.
WITHOUT Freezing to death. All that glorious stuff yesterday negated by this STUPID Ava stuff. Not only did she get OUT of the river and call, she looks PERFECT. Why not TRY to make her look like a gunshot almost drowned victim? WHY? 
He tells her Sonny's pardoned and Michael is suing for custody.

Jake and "girl of the day" (Liz) are gabbing about nothing. 

Spencer gets taken to "Shriners" ...with Fez hats. Doctor talks about scarring. Nik is there all alone! 

Michael brings up Sonny's bipolar at the custody hearing! BURNNNNNNNN!!

Nina faked being nutty to get back into Shadybrook. Franco says he's faking too. 


  1. So sad. Spock! Always my favorite Star Trek character.

    Are Nina and Franco going to just pretend to be crazy and just live in Shadybrook forever? They can live in their own little fantasy world. Do we even need these characters on the show at all?

  2. Andrea, I was thinking the same thing about Nina and Franco. How are they going to interact with other characters if they are both just locked up in Shadybrook? Then I thought maybe Michael can turn the brownstone into a halfway house of sorts, in conjunction with the clinic/revitalization project, and they can both live there. No one is living in it now so why not? Then other halfway crazy people can come and go. And maybe a real shrink can move in to monitor people. And Nathan so they have police supervision. And we can finally get people back in the brownstone!

    RIP to Mr. Nimoy. LLAP. ;(

  3. So sad to lose LM. Karen, don't forget it is almost a month ago that Ava was shot so despite her unbelievable escape, she wouldn't look all that bad, LOL. I like her with Silas. Can't wait until Ric gets started with Michael about killing Claudia, going to prison, etc. Yeah, Nina and Franco seem to be in their own little corner and it seems hard to picture them fitting in with the rest of the show although I liked Olivia's visit.

  4. Love to the rescue.

    Kelly's: Geez. Kiwi is still sitting at the table. Will she ever leave Kelly's?!

    New York City: I knew it! I knew McSilas had her!!! Now they can get back together! :) Boy Ava is tough! She got out of the water all by herself and crawled into the woods! Then into the gas station, and was able to call Mcsilas from there! She is superwoman!!!! Maura West sounds like she has a cold now. She must have gotten it from Billy Miller.

    Courthouse: Oh come on Nathan! I can't believe you can't see Nina is faking it! :) She didn't want to leave BobTodd remember?!!?! I don't mind Michael disparaging Sonny, but he should not bring up bipolar disorder!!! Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Love Ric and Alexis working in the courtroom together on opposite sides!

    Shadybrook: I'm not really sure why Olivia had to go visit BobTodd, but the scene was hysterical! :) BobTodd opening his mouth and closing it, and then trying to lick his arm! I need a GIF for that! Someone help! :) BobTodd's opening his mouth wide, needs to win face of the week on Sunday Sugary! :) The cross talking was great! Olivia wins the line of the day.

    Olivia: When I was all hopped up on Heather's crazy juice, I saw the devil. He was Australian.


    BobTodd: Anytime Olivia.

    Hmmmm. I was thinking, Is his acid trip over and now he is faking it? Nina comes in!!!

    Nina: I faked it.

    BobTodd: I'm faking too.

    Hahahaha. Damn I love them! I wonder when the LSD trip was over.

    Shriner's hospital: Love to the rescue. Love the scenes! Spencer. :(

    Liz and Jake Doe:

    Liz: Not between me and Ric. We had it out last night.

    Huh?!!?! You had it out?!!? All I saw was.

    Ric: Come on Elizabeth. Who do you want to be with? Me, or Jake.


    You just sat there Liz on the couch without saying a word! So give me a break.

  5. Sonya, Billy M. always sounds like he has a cold.

  6. "LSV422 said...Sonya, Billy M. always sounds like he has a cold."

    Hahaha.Yeah, but not this much. He sounded so stuffy and deep.


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