Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Where There's Smoke....

20150224 0705(35)
GH had an extraordinary week for acting, that's for sure. Hell, give Tyler Christopher ALL the drama scenes. Here I thought the boy was sleep walking most of the time and all he needed was some awesome material. I'll try to talk about other things, but it's going to be hard. 

Not sure what to have today... maybe just some ginger ale as I seem to have that bug going around. Boo on me. You'd better have a big breakfast. This is a long blog! 

20150226 0707(3)

Let me start off by saying the fire/burn thing was brilliant. Loved it. I do however, have to wonder why NOW? I don't think Shriner's is having a big charity push just this second? I'm saying this because we have the Fluke stuff to clear up, Jake going on and Ava back. It just seemed-- well, weird that it was put in there. The summer would have been the perfect time because the kids are on more and we all know how the lull goes during that time.
There, got that complaint out of my system!! On to the show!

20150224 0644(2)

How's Jake? How IS Jake? How is JAKE??
I don't know...why don't you go talk to him, Carly.  Then...Sam YOU go in and talk to him. Don't leave Liz out!! You go talk to him too!! Everyone talk to him!! Because he's and special. I'm sure one of you can pry something out of him worthwhile this week!! 
Oh, you can't?
Ok, then, thanks for that waste of time. 

20150224 0646(14)

Um, I love Maximista.
No. I do. or I think I do. Darn it. I forget.

God! Guys, stop arguing. Hey, Spinelli...get out! Go see Bobbie, Lulu and Tracy.
Wait. Spinelli was about to be asked something by Bobbie, Tracy and Lulu..then...then..?? 

20150224 0653(1)

I'm back! Did you miss me!?
Sure did, I'm stuck in this Motel and..well... I totally forget why I'm here! 
I'm FBI now..this is going to get good! 
Ok, tell me when. When will it get good?

20150225 0701(1)

Fire starts when Cam knocks over a swag bag into a lit candle that's out for a kids Bday party (they were all over the place). Emma and Spencer don't notice. For FOREVER. Because there are no smoke detectors that are worth crap at Wyndemere! 

Let's let the fire burn while we keep talking, shall we? 

20150225 0706(16)

Yep, nothing happening downstairs while we drink and eat peanuts, right? NOPE

20150225 0708(1)

That warmth must be coming from our young love...

20150225 0737(2)

So, do you remember these? 

20150225 0716(22)

Anybody? Anybody yet? Smell smoke? Hear the cracklin???? 

20150225 0658(12)

Awesome pie!! 

20150225 0703(2)

Awesome cleavage ...

20150225 0746(39)


20150225 0738(13)

Hey, you hear something?
Naw... just ice cubes tinklin' in the glass...

20150225 0715(12)

Hey, nice Candles...
On sale at Pottery Barn! 

20150225 0734(16)


20150225 0755(36)

Finally! Spencer had gone back to get his special Robe From Uncle Sonny. He gets trapped (no one told him about those tunnels?) and FINALLY Emma rushes up, gets Nikolas and he finds Spence in the flames. Drama...yada...drama...who knows how long it took the Fire boat to get there? Meanwhile, Spencer is laying in the snow unresponsive. They rush him into GH.  All sorts of good acting ensues. 

20150228 0940

Dr. O actually became a bit human and sent Spencer to Shriner's in Boston.  Which was a great PSA for the hospital. Little Spencer is going to have some burn stuff done and he will have scars. Sad. Sad.  I am however, living for the moment that Cam realizes HE knocked over the candle and started that fire. Heh. 

20150225 0745(25)

Who Me? 

20150227 0646(2)
Why, HI! I'm Kelly's waitress.... and you're about to see the new Kiki Jerome! Excited? Sure you are!! 

20150227 0648(30)

Lulu and Morgan. No, wait. That's not Lulu. Hmmmmm,  It's not one of the nine Colby's that were on All My Children either. Sorry, it's the NuKikiLu!  She's trying to plan a memorial for Ava. Which, Silas is like, go ahead! Go for When of course he knows Ava is over at another hospital. Recooping from what looked like a tiny scrape around the lips and a bad hair blow-out. Other than that, Ava was remarkably... perfect! 

20150227 0736(2)

Silas tells her Sonny got pardoned and has Avery. BUT! Michael is going in for custody! She gets upset. Silas is hiding her because...? um... Well, what else does the man have to do? 

20150227 0659(6)

I'm going over the Franco thing fast: Nina got out, Nina faked to get back in. Franco is faking too. In the meantime, Olivia had visited him on some sort of LSD quest-bonding thing and told him she was pregnant with Julian's baby. Because you know, he's nuts. Not faking it. But he is. 
Oh, and he called Olivia Celeste from the Frozen Food Aisle. Which was pretty damn funny. 

20150226 0736(3) let me get this straight. You insert me for one Fluke scene..then have Ric take over the custody case and I'm gone again? Ok then! Anyone validate my parking? 

20150228 0942(12)

I'm including this not because the custody thing was  that great (Michael acting all "I'm a QUARTERMAINE"!! Carly, pretending she's earth mother) I'm putting it there because that's MRS. KIM from the Gilmore Girls as the judge! Squeeeeeeee!!  Mrs. FREAKIN' KIM! Ok, back to your regular programming. 

20150228 0935(23)

All bow down to Sonny's glorious newly black beard. Amen 

20150226 0707(25)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: SO many..and all go to the "Fire Crew" in the Spencer story. They were all on point.  Great to have Anna, Emma... Alexis and Patrick all in there. Duke showing up. favorite and the time I will remember is Nikolas calling Alexis. The raw anxiety in Tyler's voice was so real. His voice even caught twice...and sounded just like when someone is so upset their throat tightens. Chills. 

20150228 0924(3)

HONORABLE MENTION:  Yes that's Franco licking his Tshirt. Our Roger is so fun. I loved when he and Olivia choral chanted in a round-robin sort of row-row-row your boat. Has to be hard to do. 

20150226 0737(31)

FACES OF THE WEEK:  Awwwww.  Adorbs. Both of them. 

20150225 0738(27)

PROP OF THE WEEK: That damn robe. 

This week's show also should serve as a reminder to CHECK YOUR SMOKE detectors. Geesh Louise!  Let's get Wyndemere up to code and get some sprinklers and maybe a pumper truck on the island.  

Side note: We saw both Birdman and Whiplash this weekend. Loved Birdman, it was funky good. Whiplash scared the hell out of me. Great movie but ooooooooo the tension! Now you know what my fingers look like after typing up the blog. Heh. 

Thank you again to Lisa who has all the SCREENCAPS I use every week. Thank goodness for her! 


  1. Great SS as always! I died laughing when Roger was licking his shirt and now again seeing it here! Haha, he's so hilarious!

  2. C'mon Karen. The whole fire thing was ridiculous. There was no smoke, Spencer could have skipped away or gone in the tunnels, and then the Shriner's thing was cringeworthy.

    Noble cause, but just a long INFOMERCIAL plugged into the show. The Shriner's dr. was a cardboard actor. Just horrible.

  3. Nice job! I always enjoy your humor. I thought the Sam pic saying "Do u remember these" was hysterical. I am getting very bored with the Jake storyline. Writers need move it along already. Tyler is awesome! I'll always be #teamsonny

    1. I agree with you JoAnn, I am for Sonny or as you wrote #teamsonny. I can't wait for everything to come out.

  4. That was Mrs. Kim! She played a dr. on B&B or somewhere else not too long ago, too. For me Tyler was the star this week of a rather ridiculous storyline. Baby Avery stole the show, too. Loved your comments!

  5. I laughed my head off reading this. Too funny. And the pictures were perfect.

    I felt the same way about the time wasting conversations.

    Despite the fact that the evil fire started without smoke or noise, I thought it brought some great drama to the show this week. And some great advertising for the Shriner’s hospital. I loved that they had kids who looked like actual patients in Nik’s first scene at the hospital. that’s the sort of touch GH is usually missing these days.

    Poor Cam. wasn’t he suspected of leaving the door open when Jake got out too?

    I would have liked to see the Kelly's waitress as Nuki too, but I guess since her mother’s blond and her father’s fair, they thought they’d better go with another blonde.

    Ava should have been badly bruised at least and suffering from low level pneumonia.

    Franco and Nina, sorry...I’m not a fan of his craziness and since the writers love him I’m sure we’ll have scenes between those two ad nauseam. ( in the hospital , of course.) After all, what else do they have to do?

    I could picture Diane saying that line as I looked at the picture. LMAO

    Tyler was AMAZING this week. He almost had me in tears a few times.

    Franco...meh....Franco is a serial killer. My brain can’t see him as fun. Sorry. I would have given an honorable mention to the scene where Emma when she went over and put her hand on Nik’s shoulder to console him.

    Adorable pic of Spin and the baby.

    And a spendid review, as always. Thank you.

  6. Karen, thanks again for the WONDERFUL SS!! Can't get over the NuKiKiLu, she is GIANT, with a GIANT FACE! Kiki was so petite, couldn't they have gotten another darker-haired petite actress, this Glamazon is TOO GIANT!!

  7. Sonny pushing a baby stroller...omg too funny. I bet he's really not the father either! Tyler was teriffic

  8. During the fire, all I kept thinking was "isn't there a balcony off that living room where the kids could've gotten some air?! And the secret tunnel entrance is there. The smoke alarm thing was ridiculous. And I never would've left 10-year olds unsupervised at a party. You stay until the last guest leaves.

  9. Why does Jake get three women waiting on him. Will Carly ever be part of the Spencer family drama. Why are the older characters driving the storylines and the younger characters have no storylines. I'm team Michael. Sonny and Carly should be proud of Michael because Michael learned from the best. I thought this week was the best.

  10. I think I'll start calling NuKiki Kikalu. Now if Sonny will just start talking like a pirate, I can call him Blackbeard! ARRRRRRR!

  11. The pictures and commentary were LOL funny!

    I cannot stand RoHo's shtick and really do not like the Franco and Nina characters so it is an easy fast-forward with both of them in Shadybrook.

    I only feel the chemistry between Billy Miller and Becky Herbst so the Carly and Sam scenes w/Jake fall flat to me. It feels very forced, "these are Jason's women so of course they are drawn to Jake and don't even know why."


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