Thursday, March 19, 2015

Michael's Meds

Rosie is working at ELQ and she's actually working for Nikolas, who took over for Hells I guess. We see Non-flashbacks of her digging up dirt for him.
Michael and Tracy figured out the Cassadines have the other stock. Rosie overhears them and calls Nik. 

Nate tells Spin to leave PC. Sonny tells Nate to leave "his friend" alone. So..there's that. He's like the old guy giving out relationship advice at his gym. LOL 
Spin wants to Fight Nate in the BOXING RING..and it's a comedy of..weird. 

Maxie and Lulu ..hmmmmmm didn't they have his same convo about Nate and Aussie boy?
Oh yes. At least 15x.

OMG Maxie is dressed to the 9s and Lulu is dressed in sweats. LMAO

Morgan and Kiki...Sabrina walks in. Kiki is all pissy to her. Morgan smooths it over. Later, Morgan decides to 'switch Michael's meds' with something that interacts badly with booze.
Does Michael take meds?
????? Maybe for head injury?

Olivia and Anna are talking about kids/ the mob...yada yada. Anna thinks Duke is using the Tea Box at the Metro for a cash drop.

Jake and Liz kiss. SO. rejoice people that like them. Me? don't care who he's with.

I think they spent their budget on the April 1st show and Nurses' Ball. These two weeks have been just awful. I'll be away for the April episode. Don't even mind. 


  1. The gym:

    Sonny: Spinelli is a friend of mine.

    Woah when did that happen? Uh Nathan? You have no right telling Spinny to leave Port Chuckles you bully! Spinny wins the line of the day!

    Spinny: I hearby challenge you to a duel!

    ROFL! And the movements he was making, was hysterical! ROFL! The whole scene was great! So glad you are back Spinny! NEVER LEAVE!

    Nathan's home: I forgot to mention yesterday, that Maxie is wearing a witch's costume! Lulu's hair looks strange. Did she lighten her hair? Or was it the lighting? Oh boy Maxie says she loves Spinny AND Nathan, and I think Lulu is starting to hyperventilate!

    Kelly's: Oh Kiwi shut up!!! And go to a chiropractor for your neck!

    ELQ office: I like that Rosalie is a spy and that she was rude to Sabrina! BAHAHAHAHA! Rosalie can you be rude to Kiwi? :) Sabrina tells Michael how Rosalie was treating her hahahaha! Awww Sabrina! Can't handle Rosalie?:) Michael with his aspirin! Oh oh! Morgan and Kiwi are going to put something in the aspirin aren't they?! UGH!

    Metrocourt: Oh! Lisa LoCicero baby bump!:) Anna you are not going to bring up that Olivia is showing?!!?! Oh there ya go. :) Poor Anna loves Duke. :(

    Liz's home: Damn! Jake Doe touching Liz! You can see the chemistry when he touches her!!! Oh and they kiss!!! I wonder if the kiss will make Liz think this feels familiar.

    Shriner's hospital for children: That thing on Spencer's left cheek is gonna fall off! It looks like it will! I don't like the plotting Nik is doing at Shriners. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth

  2. Kiki can throw all the shade she wants to at Michael, Sabrina, and Rosalie. At least those three have actual jobs. They don't sit around Kelly's all day with their ex-boyfriend who also doesn't have a job. Kiki and Morgan should put half as much energy into their resumes as they do into their harebrained scheming against Michael.

  3. I thought Maxie was going out on a date in that fancy dress that looks like a cross between a nightgown and a party dress, but turns out she's just sitting around at home. I feel like characters have been having the same conversations over and over the past couple of weeks. We seem to be in a holding pattern. I'm not liking Morgan and Kiki's scheme and I wish Morgan would stop referring to Michael as "Mikey."

  4. I think they are saving time/budget for April

    Kiki and Morgan were in Kelly's for about 4 hours!

  5. I noticed Maxie had her roots done between the time Nathan left and Lulu arrived. And yes, Sonya, both had lighter hair. Liz is looking skeletal lately. Kiki and Morgan are such losers. Has Kiki really forgotten that Sonny wanted to kill her mother?

  6. "LSV422 said...Sonya, both had lighter hair."

    It looks way too light.

    "Has Kiki really forgotten that Sonny wanted to kill her mother?"

    Apparently so!!!

  7. Forgot to mention again how phenomenal Finola is.

  8. Kiki has not only forgotten that Sonny wanted to kill her mother, she seems to have forgotten that she cheated on Morgan with Michael. How does she get off calling Rosalie a sl**!

    Those two drive me crazy. Why don't the writers at least give them a pretend job! Or send them to community college.

    I guess they had to show us an aspirin bottle so we'd know that they could put something in Michael's "meds"...(rolls eyes) What you want to bet that Sabrina (or someone else) will be looking for an aspirin some day and they'll get them.

  9. I too agree with Di, Kiki and Morgan are so awful to watch. And calling Micheal "Mikey" all the time, wish "Mikey" would beat the s*** out of him. GRRR. The April 1st episode sounds like its gonna be great. I read that we are finally going to find out what happened to Luke all those years ago Oh MY :)

  10. "LSV422 said...Forgot to mention again how phenomenal Finola is."

    YUP! She always is! :)

  11. I must have zoned out a little during Anna and Olivia's talk..what is the tea box???

  12. Duke has been shown using a tea box several times at the Metro--BUT like MONTHS ago.
    IT's going to be a money drop


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