Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Vintage Vitamins

Since there will be no Sunday Surgery this week due to my vacation, I thought I'd throw up some vintage GH photos to entertain you. If you'd like to comment on this week's show--feel free

Remember that WED's show..April 1st is the big Luke reveal and will feature some fun surprises with Liz, Pat and Lucas being our fave 1963 characters. 
Yes, I will miss it but never fear; you know I'll watch at some point! 

Notice the DOG?! LOL

The Jackie/Blackie Years



  1. The actor who plays Carlos was on iZombie this week. He did a good job and had no trace of an accent. I won't give a spoiler about his character in case you didn't see the episode.

  2. You were right about the lack of an accent. It took me by surprise.

  3. When I saw that picture of Luke and Laura at the disco, I automatically heard Herb Alpert's "Rise" playing in my head.....even after all these years.

  4. In the large group photo there was that so-handsome Peter Hansen in the center of the last row. Wonder how he is doing now. I'm sure he is long retired. He had major story at one time and won an Emmy!

    In the Blackie photo was Tristan, Demi Moore, Janine Turner and Sharon Wyatt. Amazing.

    PM61, I know what you mean. 'Rise' was played over and over for months. In fact, a couple of Alpert's hits were used as themes. Remember that so well....

  5. And one can't help but notice all the "hospital" uniforms from back when the show was General Hospital and not Mob City.

    I'm having a little drool over Robert too. lol

  6. Wow,really nice throwback pics and it's not even Thursday!! I saw Carlos too and obviously noticed his accent was absent but wasn't surprised. The character he was portraying didn't have one so he dropped it. Lots of actors with legitimate accents can cover them if they have to. Hugh Laurie did this well when he was House.

  7. Kelly's Carly and Jake Doe scene. Those cups of coffee look so empty! Carly doesn't want Jake Doe to go to Beachers Corners with the wifey. Oh he has to stay to do his undecover work! Oh she kisses him on the cheek! Sonny is not going to like that!!!

    Robot Sloan: Mr Doe. I was just thinking about you.

    Awww are you starting to have feelings for Jake Doe? :)

    Anna's hotel room: Zzzzzzzzzz. Robot Sloan knows about Jordan now!!! Now they are trying to figure out if Duke knows Jordan was wearing a wire or not. He says he will keep her secret but I don't know. Will Anna sleep with him to keep the secret? Cus she told Jordan, I will handle Sloan. Hmmmm.

    Gym: Duke is talking to his bodyguard about Jordan and wanting to protect Anna. Blah blah blah.

    Metrocourt: The banter between Nina and BobTodd was great haha. Oh he almost told Julian the truth about the Bambino!! Olivia gave Nina and BobTodd a room to shut them up ROFL!

    Violet's home: That poor girl keeps passing out!!! She has got a concussion! Dante called the ambulance 10 minutes ago! Where the hell are they?!!?! Oh oh Lulu escaped to go to the convalescent home!!

    Convalescent home: Oh there is Tim Spencer and the ladies! Tim Spencer wins the line of the day.

    Tim Spencer: Meow!

    ROFL! Just the way he said it. Oh hi Pat nice to finally meet you after a few decades. Oh look! The fake cat Gunnar is on Pat's bed! He is hissing at Tim Spencer. Boy Tim Spencer likes to talk and talk and talk and talk. Oh and here comes Lulu rushing in. More talk from Tim Spencer. Who will save the day?!

    My dream I had last night. What a strange dream I had!! It was about Michael, and he was drunk. He wanted a baby so he had sex with Rosalie, Liz, and CARLY! Yes CARLY!!! I didn't see him have sex with any of them, it was just the implication of it. Michael and Carly went into her room. In the dream I freaked out and said he is her nephew!! Oh wait a minute what am I saying? He is her son!!!! ROFL! Strange strange dream!

  8. Sonya, I think if Anna sleeps with Sloan I will throw up!!! Why can't they kill him off instead of Duke!

    Sonya said..." I didn't see him have sex with any of them."

    Thank God for small mercies!! ROFL

  9. "Di said...Sonya, I think if Anna sleeps with Sloan I will throw up!!!"

    Yeah me too!!!!

    "Why can't they kill him off instead of Duke!"

    Yeah good question!!!!!

    "Sonya said..." I didn't see him have sex with any of them."

    Thank God for small mercies!! ROFL

    ROFL! And miracles! :)

  10. "gracegirl said...I saw Carlos too and obviously noticed his accent was absent but wasn't surprised. The character he was portraying didn't have one so he dropped it. Lots of actors with legitimate accents can cover them if they have to."

    Maybe he doesn't have an accent in real life. I just looked him up. He was born in Indianapolis Indiana. His real name is Jeffrey Vincent Parise. He does NOT look like a Jeffery! :)

  11. He's also an accomplished painter. He would have made a good Franco. lol

    Did you know that 2 of his original paintings were used to decorate Carlos' apartment?

    Check out this article:

  12. OMG if Anna sleeps with Sloan I will definitly throw up go blind, fall down in a faint you name it. Sue he got a haircut but he's still creepy..... yuck

  13. I just saw that Wally Kurth (Ned) is leaving General Hospital. I guess Cartini needed the money to recast Kiki, or hire fake wife, or keep boring Silas, or hire a few new cast members.
    Remember his promise to "rebuild" the Quartermaines? Killed AJ. Got rid of Ned. Mothballed Monica. Didn't bring Jake back as a Q.
    The size of the apology Cartini owes to GH is growing by the day...will soon be as big as his ego.

  14. "Di said...He's also an accomplished painter. He would have made a good Franco. lol"

    Yeah I saw that on IMDB that he is an accomplished painter! Man we should have looked him up a long time ago! A good Franco? ROFL!

    "Did you know that 2 of his original paintings were used to decorate Carlos' apartment?"

    Really!? No I had no idea! Awesome! Two bad his paintings weren't in Ava's gallery.

    "friscogh said...I just saw that Wally Kurth (Ned) is leaving General Hospital."

    Well I know he is on Days of our lives. He was doing both Days, and GH. Does he only want to do Days now? :(

    "The size of the apology Cartini owes to GH is growing by the day...will soon be as big as his ego."

    Have you read his twitter tweets? He is in a war with a fan.

  15. Totally disgusted by the Fluke storyline. Luke pointing a gun at his sister Barbara Jean is supposed to be exciting, compelling storytelling? Considering their history? Unwatchable, if you ask me. I feel sorry for Jacklyn and Jane for having to put up with these scenes.

    I hope Dee Wallace is getting paid by the hour and NOT by the line of dialogue

    On to Jake.

    Did Rick even bother to think this caper through?

    What if Jake went back to Beechers Corners with his fake wife? Would there be a house waiting for them? with all of jake's clothes? how would they know jake's shoe size to put shoes in the closet? and how about the roofing job jake had? would rick hire a fake boss and fake co-workers to show concern and be glad he is back? the amount of staging to provide a fake background storyline is immense.

    Its upsetting how bad this show has become.

  16. Wally Kurth was offered a contract on Days, which I guess is a lot better than having the honor of being recurring on GH. Was it really Ric's intent to have Hayden not only show up as Jake's wife but actually continue and become his wife? Did she really want to be with a total stranger? I hated the scenes with Luke - he is horrible to watch and TG is overacting like crazy. And the two crazies blackmailing Olivia - they need to be gone.

  17. Yes please enough with Crazy Franco and Nina. They both need to go So i guess Julian will find out Oliva's kid is his, so then he will sue her for custody Cartini is slowly but surely wrecking this show but good. And yes TG please go NOW accidently shoot yourself so we can be done with this stupid story line.

  18. I am SO glad I am not the only one who thinks TG's acting is terrible. I was afraid to say anything as I try not to comment on the actors and keep comments tot he characters but I really do not understand those that claim TG is such a great actor. He can't come anywhere near FH, JE, JT, or NLG - they are the true actors on this show.

  19. Frisco,
    Some people really enjoy actors who do over the top overacting. I am not one of them. I really hope TG is retiring because this has just been painful to watch.

  20. Friscogh, I totally agree with you as to who are the best actors on this show.

  21. I agree that TG is painful to watch right now. Like many of you, I have been saying it for weeks. TPTB are pleasing TG to no end and letting him run the show and do whatever he wants. It shows, and no one on that set is listening to the fans.

    When TG retires after this, can we please lift the blacklist that has been placed on Genie and get her back on the show?

    Can someone please tell me what Faison wearing a Luke mask has to do with this big reveal tomorrow with Patricia on Elm Street?

    Or what Fluke's desire to infiltrate and take over the mob has to do with the big family reveal tomorrow?

    Remember the computer / skype "clue" that was supposed to lead us to revealing who Fluke was? Was that ever deciphered or what that just on big bogus mind trip?

    How the hell did this storyline go from point A to point B to point C in the writer's room? Isnt it writing 101 to sit down and have a beginning, middle and end written out before the script is even attempted?

    This is an embarrassment to TG only he is too close to the situation to see it. And TPTB are too busy kissing his ass to tell him the truth.

  22. Sam's home: So Sam is not obsessed with the Phoenix anymore. She is obsessed with the ring!!! Glad she has her daddy to talk with. About Jake Doe, about catching her mommy and daddy on the couch, about the ring. Later here comes Alexis!!! They are gonna get it on! Alexis wants to go upstairs! ROFL! Julian makes sure she knows everyone is gone hahaha!

    The hospital:

    Alexis and Patrick: Oh what a great awkward scene hahahaha! Alexis wins the line of the day!

    Alexis: Alright I can't take it anymore. Just how much did you see?

    ROFL! And Patrick is all oh I didn't see anything it was a blur!! Hahahaha! Then they got to talk about Sam and he wanting to have her move in with him. Why can't Alexis move to the Brownstone?!!?! She could put a couch in her bedroom, and have Brownstone bedroom couch sex! :) At the end of Patrick and Alexis's conversation, Patrick says,

    Patrick: From your nips.


    Sam and Patrick: Oh she decides to move in with Patrick..

    Metrocourt restaurant: Oh Carly is pissed!!! BobTodd and Nina don't care, and Olivia is quiet hahaha!

    Metrocourt hotel:

    GreenleeHayden's room: Oh time to go to sleep!!! ROFL! I thought she was going to seduce him. Of course they aren't gonna have sex! He don't remember her! ROFL!

    BobTodd and Nina's room: Oh they are gonna get any kind of food they want!! Olivia comp their room HAHAHAHAHA!


    Ric and Liz: This is so heartbreaking!! Ric says he wants her back and he won't hurt her. But Ric once Liz finds out what you did, she will hate you. :( And Liz, You are not meant for Jake Doe!!!

    Convalescent Home: Oh Luke is back! YAY! Cops come! Time to distract them Lulu and Tracy!!! Oh oh Tim Spencer drank a red bull and got wings! He flew out the window!!

  23. Once again, well done, Sonya! :-)

  24. "Paul773 said...Once again, well done, Sonya! :-)"

    Oh thank you. :) Who is that guy in that picture?

  25. Friscough is right - GH is frankly unwatchable right now. All the goodwill I had for Cartini IS GONE. What a diaster! Jesus! Bring back Clarie Lebine or something to get GH back on track!

  26. Woah! Fantastic show today!!! Amazing amazing!

    Credits: They had the old ambulance credits with no ambulance just the words GENERAL HOSPITAL, with today's music.

    Convalescent Home: Oh! It wasn't Tim Spencer who drank a red bull and flew out the window, it was Luke!! Pat tried to explain what happened back then. Lucas calls Bobbie to tell her that someone went into the old Spencer home! Everyone at the convalescent home figured out it was Luke!!

    Nightmare on Elm Street Spencer home now: Woah! I thought that house exploded! Geez! The nightmare on elm street home never dies!!!


    Nightmare on Elm Street Spencer home: It's black and white! Laura Wright is playing Lena Spencer! Tony Geary is playing Tim Spencer! Then we have Luke, Bobbie, and Pat as the young ones. Lena wins the line of the day!

    Lena: Why are you wearing pants? Who do you think you are? Mary Tyler Moore?

    ROFL! Pat was wearing pants and didn't want to wear a dress. Her mother says your father will be upset seeing that. Tim comes in grumpy and mean! He was mean at the dinner table! Pat stood up to her father, and he hit her!!!

    Lena was protecting her daughter, and Tim wanted to hit his wife! Now at firstI thought they were going to say that Luke killed his mother, but then oh okay he didn't kill his mother he killed his father. Oh no WAIT!!! Luke killed his mother AND his father! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO LUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( Luke made me cry at the end!! He accidentally killed his mother with a baseball bat defending her against his father!!

    The hospital: Pat brings her mother to the hospital, where there it says QUIET PLEASE on the wall! There were huge words! Patrick, Lucas, and Liz were there but they were of course playing Jessie Brewer, Tom Hardy, and Phil Brewer! Lena dies. Pat is so upset. :( Oh and here is a young Bill Ekart!!! Pat knew him then!!!!!! He want to help her. So they go back to the Spencer home!

    Spencer home continued: And this was when Pat and Bill see Luke sitting there in shock! Tim Spencer is dead! So Pat and Bill take Tim Spencer and hid him in the walls of the basement!!!! Luke remembers what Bill said before he died!!!!!

    This was an excellent show!!! Great acting!!! Karen, you have got to watch this show today! Everyone who stopped watching GH, you gotta watch today's episode! IT'S A MUST SEE!!!!!!!

  27. It was a good show today. Well done with the flashbacks. Carly as Luke and Bobbie's mom was great. the story was told nicely from both Patricia and Luke's perspective.

    The recreated original episode stuff was nice. Some of the dialogue in the hospital was from the original episode.

    The acting and casting was great all around; and it was a wonderful tribute to General Hospital. The only part missing was Laura. She should have been there.

    The problem I have is they spent the whole of last year building up to the man "masked" as Luke who hates Sonny trying to get ELQ and take over the mob. Clearly there was a fake Luke out there doing bad things. THEN Tony had to have surgery and TPTB CHANGED EVERYTHING. The whole buildup was abandoned - mainly because everyone had it figured out to some extent. TPTB tried to fib there way through it saying you never saw both Luke's together, but honestly we know better. The story was completely changed.

    Luke had a 'break" with reality. OK so he joined with Helena to get ELQ? Julian Jerome to get back at Sonny? Really? Why? In his "other" Luke which apparently he has been for at least 20 years, according to Julian, he has been roaming the world becoming a "mob boss" with vendetta's against everyone in PC - even though they did nothing to him at all? It makes no sense and I'm sure it will never be explained.

    On another note ABC7 NYC cut into the last 3 minutes of GH today for something that was NOT BREAKING NEWS!!!! Why they could't wait 3 minutes to when the regular news started to tell us that the NJ senator was brought up on charges that were pending for weeks is beyond me. It was a bad decision and very disrespectful of their viewers - a huge amount who watch the news at 4 because it comes on after GH.

  28. There were many good things about today's show. I loved Laura Wright as Lena Spencer. I thought the flashbacks were interesting, and fun.
    But I have been over Luke for a long long time. It is terribly sad that he actually killed his mother. But it had gotten to the point that I didn't care.
    On twitter today, someone tweeted to Karen that she should take a lunch hour and watch the show. I tweeted that she was on vacation, and to enjoy THAT. Think I am on a poo poo list.

  29. "ishouldreadmore said...On twitter today, someone tweeted to Karen that she should take a lunch hour and watch the show. I tweeted that she was on vacation, and to enjoy THAT. Think I am on a poo poo list."

    Hehe. Oops!:) Well, it's true. Karen can watch today's GH later, and enjoy her vacation. :)

  30. Look what Ron said about the bomb in the Spencer Basement.

    Ron Carlivati @carlivatiron

    "The bomb went off in the basement. The house did not blow up. If it had, Dante & Nathan would both be dead. :)"

    Uh okay.

  31. We need to have Genie wake up and say, "I had the worst nightmare about Luke.' Then just pretend that the last 15 months never happened. As other people here have pointed out , none of this makes any sense at all. There are more holes in this story than in a Western New York road after a bad winter.

  32. Brilliant.

    I do have one question tho. Has it been established why patricia did not stay in contact with luke and bobbie for 52 yrs?

  33. Andrea, your post earlier was a superb summary of the Fluke story. Yet, all that convoluted story had a pretty nice conclusion in true serial/soap stories.

    Then I think of a scale with 15 months on one side and one day on the other. Which makes me wonder why I've continued to watch this show. A big part is coming here and reading Karen and all the regular posters. I always enjoy that.

  34. I agree with most of you - GH was really good today, but one good show every once in a while doesn't make up for the crap we get 99% of the time. And for me, the pay off came way too late. Just throw me in Shadybrook - I must be crazy to still watch ;-)

  35. I do not think we have the whole story yet. I, who have loved Luke for 35 years or more, find this turn of events difficult to accept. I think Pat leaving has something to do with something she told after the parents died. She said she made a mistake--did she lie about Luke and the deaths and then do a runner? And why was Bill E there at all? Did he kill the mother somehow and later mock Luke with it? (he wasn't a nice person at all).
    And suddenly I can see where you fans who say Tony is overacting are coming from, because as terrible Luke he is such an extreme, but watch him today--in the flashback you can see the whole story remembered in his face. It isn't happening--he is remembering it.

    Something is off so far in this story and I feel there is more to come. It isn't bad writing, but more complicated. Some things are not yet explained. And where did Luke and Bobbie get the idea their mother died of a burst appendix? Frankly, I was marveling how they made TG look much younger as Luke's father Tim--great makeup. The kids aren't bad either. And of couse, Fluke was just echoing Tim.
    I liked the hospital flashback, but didn't see Becky as Jesse--for one thing, she wasn't wearing the blue cardigan!

    Someone said TG should leave so Genie can come back. I don't think it was so much TG--I think it had more to do with what we are seeing of Genie now--she had a weight problem and either withdrew or was withdrawn maybe. She has long battled this and it can make a person very self-concious and even insecure. True, TG didn't want to repeat the L&L story, but they were good friends so I doubt it was one-sided. I'd still like her to return. She is an extremely talented actress and should be acting.

  36. Worst Episode Ever- 4/1/15, The FU to Fans

    Where to begin? In 37 years of watching, this show was worse than any with Casey the alien, any with Sonny-Jason-Carly under Guza, worse than an ‘off day’ episode from the 80s with long forgotten characters, worse thanLiz’s serch for a phallus or Carly’s psychoses.

    Where to begin?

    The horrid writing and acting? Cartini’s contempt for long term fans who recall all the retcons shove din one episode? Tony Geary’s loathing of the last 36 years f a character and his determination to utterly destroy it? This rape of a character and history being deeper and fuller than those of Rick Webber and Frisco Jones?

    1) The writing: this horrid SL culminates in action seen coming for weeks since the fluke is Luke reveal. My God, he killed Mommy AND dady, to boot. Set in 1963 does NOT mean the tale needs to be written like it was, meaning al the heavyhanded and ridiculous Freudianism. And the contrivances of the tale- forget the retcons for a moment. The accidental death of Lena was borrowed from a 1970s afternoon movie special.

    2) The acting: Only decent acting was by Jane Elliot. Geary was chewinf scenery, Dee Wallace was just stunt csting- a mannekin cd have been used. Jackie Z cd not emote from her mask of a face, Emme Rylan was just a body. The old characters? John Beradino was short and husky, nit tall and thin. Paddy did a BAD imitation, Becky H as Jessie was eh, and Ryan Carnes as Phil Brewer- why even bother? The young Pat actress was ok, the young Bobbi eh, and the young Luke/Bill, fairly bad in both roles- wimpy and ridiculous- and where were the elder Eckerts? They bring Bill to the hospital and let him leave to go to a home of a man they hate? WTF? Geary as Tim was ridiculous, as was the makeup, and why NOT use a diff actress than Laura Wright for such a nothing gig as Lena? And let’s emphasize Tim’s evil by making him a bigot- not a Mafioso like Sonny, not any other character. I am assuming that Sonny’s stepdad Deke was a charter Klan member, as well? Cheap, lazy writing and stereotyping- esp w the Irish drunk stuff.

  37. 3) The retcons: I HATE retcons. Have I said that enough. The only retcon NOT yet attempted is Fluking up Laura’s rape.

    - the rewriting of Spencer-Eckert family tree shows Cartini was looking at the discredited Wikia sites and NOT their own vaults- my, my- too much time to waste. A month or two ago we got into this when JBelvedere, a poster, claimed Ruby was NOT a Spencer by blood and that the E’s and S’s were related via Lena and Fred Eckert. But, this was false. The wikia sites were wrong- and even a GH commemorative book confirmed that Ruby was Tim’s blood sister. This is important, because Ruby always celebrated being 100% Irish, which means Tim was 100% Irish. For years, Luke teased Ruby that he got his passion from his Italian side, which meant Lena had to be Italian.
    When the Eckerts were intro’d, Fred was 100% German because the show made a big deal of his ‘mixed marriage’ to Italian Angela. It was seen as social drama and issue making. So, if only the twi wives were Italian- as confirmed by having a cousin named Moscini, they HAD to be sisters. Lena cd NOT be related to Fred, because she wd be 100% german, Tim 100% Irish, and where did Luke’s Italian blood come from, unless they further retcon that Luke was NOT blood kin but adopted from the Eckerts, or some such. They have now made a MESS of established family history by reading proven wrong Wikia sites rather than their OWN show’s material put out in BOOK form!

    -the ‘death’ of Tim Spencer. Longtime fans may recall that Tim and Lena Spencer were not intro’d into GH history until years AFTER Bobbi’s and Luke’s arrivals. Lena was not mentioned by name till the 90s, by Luke, and Tim in the early-mid 80s, by Bobbi. In 83-84, Bobbi met and married a real estate developer named DL Brock, played by Rhoda husband David Groh. He was abusive to her, and had a daughter named Terry, who turned out to be her daddy’s killer, after Bobbi was blamed. Terry had been involved in another murder, which led to the Laurelton story, and she and Bobbi bonded over the abuse issues. Bobbi then told Terri of her own abusive father- this was when the name Tim Spencer was first mentioned. Bobbi hadn’t seen him in years, and asked her aunt of her father; then Ruby told them she had kept in contact w Tim, who was a sailor or merchant marine, and wrote to her. She handed Bobbi a box of letters from her father, in handwriting Bobbi confirmed was her father’s. Then, a decade later, when Luke returned to PC, he mentioned his dad was still a sailor and only Ruby kept in touch with him. Even Bobbi mentioned she had written and exchanged spare letters- so did Ruby hire fake addresses across the world? She have a network of handwriting expert forgers? Really? This confirmed, a decade later, that Tim lived, and Luke warned Bobbi to stop writing to the old man! But, again, if he died in 63, did Ruby hire a handwriting forger to make years of postdated letters? Why keep up a charade for decades? Ruby was not rich. And she NEVER seemed the least bit suspicious in giving Bobbi the letters not talking w Luke of her hateful brother, and how she argued with him. In the late 90s Luke even found out that his father had died, and in a throwaway comment he mentions it had been a few mos since Ruby told him and he didn’t care. So, Ruby conspired to the point of having fake letters written between her and her brother just so years later she could fool Bobbi? As if she’d know she’d need to? Makes ZERO sense!

  38. -Bill and Luke never met till ’93. Bill even mentioned this in ’91, over and over, that they had never met and was surprised, genuinely, that they looked alike. We wd have seen a facial reaction that he was hiding something had he known of Luke. Bill was also several years younger than Luke, who is Geary’s age. But Bill only turned 40 in ’91, so is 4 or so years younger- being played by the same kid actor makes no sense. The two confirmed they never met till the end. Then the final scene w Bill dying- he never said forgive yourself. And the horrid lip synching was worse than a Godzilla film from the 60s. More proof they made this up as they went and retconned the sht out of things to explain the mummy in the basement- but, it didn’t explain Tim’s body- which has yet to be found. And how cd Pat put the home in Bill’s name w/o his parents’ consent? Why wd Bill lie for any of this?

    - Luke’s age. In the earlier retcon, of Luke and Bobbi being nearly adopted by Lila Q, we saw Bobbi was 4-5 and Luke maybe 3-4 years older, tops. Luke was around 8 when Tim died, NOT 15. An 8 year old cd only kill w a gun. So, that retcon is now a fantasy? Yet Bobbi and Luke were always just 3-4 years apart. This retcon shows a much larger gap, nearly a decade. So, which age is Luke.IRL TG and JZ are 5 year apart. Pat was a decade older than them, now only a year or 2 older than Luke? So, the Xmas special episode w Lila gonna adopt the orphaned Spencer kids was what? For yeears, Luke even said he wasn’t even ten when he was shipped to Ruby’s- now he’s 15?

    4) The B&W FX- do they not know how to desaturate colors. There were black and white scenes where lines of color seeped in? No money for THIS? Really?

    5) Luke’s permanent wave- they did not do this for men in the early 60s, and Luke had straight hair when first on GH and for most of the last 20 years. He only permed it AFTER he left for Albany to kill a Mitch Williams associate for Frank Smith, in the first few mos he was on. So, Luke had a perm, Bill didn’t, then Luke straightened his hair in the late 70s, then permed it, and straightened I the last 2 decades? Hair does NOT curl or uncurl itself w/o help.

    6) I mentioned the Freudian nonsense and bad writing, but w another DID tale, they still don’t get that IF this were to happen, it happens to a child. Maybe had they stuck w Luke being 6 or 7, not 15, this might be a hint more plausible, but….

    The only thing worse than all this, esp the Spencer family relation and history retcons, is if they Fluke up Laura’s rape. This other stuff was established, but OFFSCREEN. If they exculpate Luke as rapist via DID I will be so PISSED!

    The #1 rule of good writing is- NEVER write down to your readers and assume they are dumb! Cartini and Geary spat and shat on us! Fck Geary and Cartini- no respect for long time fans! I’m so tired of lazy retcons and bad writing that has no regard for canon. Tere were prob more retcons I missed- any others see more retcons?

    Bye-Bye, Geary! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You have raped your fans with this sub-Casey the alien storyline. Drop dead! Cartini, too!

  39. It's probably already been said...but didn't Luke's family home blow-up a few weeks ago?

  40. "soaplover said...And suddenly I can see where you fans who say Tony is overacting are coming from."

    I don't think he overacts.

    "And where did Luke and Bobbie get the idea their mother died of a burst appendix?"

    In the flashback, he was in denial and thought their dad killed their mother. So he probably wanted to protect Bobbie and lied to her about the appendix.

  41. I thought yesterdays show was amazing!!! I think TG was outstanding. I'm sorry to read all the hate here for TG. I'm feeling the love for the show , again. I have watched GH since the 60's, and loved the Dr. Hardy, nurse Jesse. Becky was a perfect Jesse. Carly as Lukes mother, fantastic!! Hats of to TPTB. Thank you, I loved it.

  42. I thought the episode was fantastic also. If they were trying to make you think you were watching an episode from the 60's, I think they did a pretty good job.

    I never expected to find out Luke accidentally killed his mother. That was fantastic!

    It was a very long and windy road getting to this conclusion. I am glad it was sort of worth the wait.

  43. Tony Geary interview! Here is one highlight.

    Wasn't it originally the plan that Fluke would turn out to be Bill Eckert?
    Yes. That was the case when I was first told the story by Ron and [executive producer] Frank Valentini on the phone. They didn't quite know how it was going to work out. At first, I was definitely playing two different people, and the assumption was that Fluke was Bill Eckert. But I think when the fans started to guess that outcome—Ron monitors all of the comments so closely—they decided there was a better way to go. They did one more red herring—that period where maybe Fluke would be Faison or Jerry Jacks or the other Quartermaine guy—and it was pretty ridiculous with the masks and all. [Laughs] I know you and I love those masks! My whole career I've always looked at those moments as, "Okay, right now we're in comic book world and there's no point in trying to justify it. Let's just get through this f--king day and hope for something better tomorrow."

  44. It's a soap opera people! Relax😘

  45. I too absolutely loved this episode. I don't care that they changed things in mid stream and that the outcome was an abusive father and a young man having to stand up to him, I was shocked tho that Luke was the one who accidently caused Lena to die. By the way LW was fantastic as Lena, and the younger actors were so good. JZ was and still is a kind of calling it in actress, least yesterday I though she was. I am curious to see how this reveal will play out... Not sure how they can now keep the Fluke aspect involved but IT IS A SOAP OPERA and anything will work. Well done GH on yesterdays episode :)

  46. A lot of interesting info and opinions here on both sides.

    I did like the 4/1 episode - but after reading Cosmoetica's detailed analysis, there are truly so many holes. I think Cartini like to say they honor history by picking little pieces of the show and writing new stories, but they are also retconning a LOT. I don't always remember the past stories and I've been watching since grade school in the late 1960s. But obviously a lot of people remember or look this info up, so it can be easily disputed.

    I don't think they should "Fluke" the rape but it would not surprise me if they did.

  47. "Panda says but after reading Cosmoetica's detailed analysis, there are truly so many holes."

    Yeah true, but that can be fixed by saying that everyone lied to protect Bobbie. And Luke has been in such denial of what happened, that he doesn't remember that he killed him.

  48. I'm on Team Anniversary Episode Was Awesome. I thought the homage to the olden days was very creative and well done. The young actress playing Patricia actually had me tearing up a little. And despite obvious holes and inconsistencies, I thought this was very well done. Loved LW as Lena and I usually don't care for LW.

    Anyhow, I guess I'm the only one not surprised Luke accidentally killed Lena. Saw that one coming ever since they cast the Patricia role. It had to have been that because just killing Tim would have made him a hero. Accidentally killing Lena was the only thing that could have really destroyed the family. Although I think it would have been more dramatic if he hadn't also killed Tim, but Tim did really choose to run out on his kids. Patricia was old enough to be on her own, and could have harbored resentment toward Luke and that would explain why they were estranged.

    So does this mean Tim's bones are still stuffed in that basement? Ewww.

  49. GH is going LIVE May 15th and 16th! There is a video on twitter of Maurice Bernard talking about it!!

  50. Right in the middle of GH there was a special report. The president was talking about the agreement with Iran on nukes.. So, I will find today's episode on youtube and watch. Unless someone already saw the full version of today's GH and wants to share! :)

  51. Whew. Took awhile to read to the bottom now--there is so much controversy. I have original tapes of Luke telling the story of that night to Laura. They were in the disco after hours and he was cleaning up the bar. As far as i can recall, that was the first and only mention of Pat and she was supposed to have left home and never looked back. I assumed the drunken father beat her once too often or maybe even sexually abused her. No details there. I also felt she was a bit older, nearly grown.

    The story of that night was vividly told by Luke. The mother was sick and Luke and Bobbie wanted to get a doctor, but the father said no, no money for doctors, and went on drinking and when she lay there and died of a burst appendix, Luke said his dad looked down at her 'like she had disappointed him', threw his empty bottle in a corner and left, leaving the kids to figure out what to do. I got the impression Luke was about 10 or 11 and Bobbie 7. He said they hid out from the social workers he knew would come and he kept them moving until they could work their way to Florida where they had Aunt Ruby. Luke stole food for them, kept them alive. He and Bobbie were SO close as siblings, we saw that in those disco days, and thru the years some writers have forgotten that. I remember Luke saying 'my mother died of a burst appendix--a stupid burst appendix!' shaking his head. As he finished the story he was amazed at himself telling all that to Laura, saying 'I never talk about that stuff to anybody,' illustrating his sense of closeness to Laura. They were still employer/employee at that time, but he was in love and obsessed with her and she was very drawn to him, fascinated. Laura was a teen, very self-absorbed and wrapped up in her own little world, sometimes rebelling against the restrictive guidance of Scotty and curious about Luke's world.

    Laura was pretty passive-aggressive at the time, but this time with Luke had begun to pull her out of that, like she became aware of another person
    and their pain for the first time. Luke help her grow up. The rape/seduction drew them closer together, as they comforted each other thru it. Sounds odd but it felt that way and the actors were so good... It was like they were in each other's heads, they shared a secret. I never got the feeling Laura was ever afraid of Luke.

    Anyway, I didn't tape into the 1990s when L&L returned and I don't remember much of what Cosmoeticia wrote.

  52. I'm still trying to digest what happened yesterday. I honestly cannot call it awesome because of all the holes in the storyline when compared to history so I mostly agree with Cosmoetica about disrespecting the history of the show. And there are too many holes to explain away by saying we were trying to protect Bobbie. And I'm not sure a house could still stand after an explosion in the basement where the foundation is. But like Anonymous said"it's a soap" . Anyway, the president did finish in time to get in the last 15mins.of today's episode which was probably more shocking to me than yesterday's episode,at least the end of today. I'm not going to say what happened because I think you would like to see it yourself Sonya. I think you'll be able to relate it here better than I can. I'm glad the Luke/fluke thing is at least winding down and hopefully done.

  53. I still can't believe the house is intact after the bomb exploded in the basement. I was told that Ron explained it on Twitter (of course, like he always does to make up for his shoddy writing)...Ron said the bomb only went off in the basement. Hahahaaa...okay.

    Also, on today's ep - 4/2 - did Patricia say that she and Bill "walled him in"...meaning they buried the father in the basement?

    And thank you Cosmo for your comments on the re-writing of history, I thought there was many things off in the Fluke insulting to fans.

    Although I thought Tony Geary was really good in the 4/1 epi, his acting has been atrocious throughout the Fluke mess. I also noticed he reverted back to his same flatness in today's ep. *siiiigghhh

    Looking forward to hearing from our Queen Wubs when she returns from vacations!

  54. "Gracegirl says Anyway, the president did finish in time to get in the last 15mins.of today's episode which was probably more shocking to me than yesterday's episode,at least the end of today. I'm not going to say what happened because I think you would like to see it yourself Sonya."

    Oh I saw the end! Yes it was shocking. :0

  55. Hey guys, I just chatted with Karen, our Wub Queen extraordinaire, and she's sending BIG HELLOS to you all! She's having a blast on her vacation but can't believe she's missing out on all your fabulous comments. She said she may check in tomorrow with an update! xoxo

  56. Convalescent home: Lulu is crying. Dante is comforting her, and in comes Valerie upset! Wondering where her mother is! Geez why are you out of the hospital Valerie? You have a concussion!

    Patrick and Liz: They are talking about Jakey poo. Liz still wuvs Ric! Around and around they go talking about Jakey Poo. Patrick finally was able to tell her that Sam is moving in with him!

    GreenleeHayden's room: Her phone rang and she jumps up and out of bed like the room is out fire! Geez! A bit jumpy there GreenHayden? It's Ric of course on the phone. Jake Doe is dreaming about Sam and him kissing! With his new face!!! A fake flashback! Why couldn't they use a real scene with Steve Burton? Or at least use Steve Burton's voice! She is She tells him she was on the phone with her sister! Oh so she has a sister huh? GreenHayden wins the line of the day! She talks about their past.

    GreenHayden: After lying together naked in the dark, we are at our best.

    ROFL! And your worst is what? Anyway he rejects her ass! :)Sorry GreenHayden.. He is just not that into you!

    Sam's home: Ric and Sam talk about Jakey Poo! He is just so damn poplar!! When Ric tells her that Jakey poo is married and his wife showed up, the look on her face. Jealous Sam?

    Carly and Lucas: Carly is leaving a message for Spinny cus she needs him for a job. She is so upset! Well I think she is just upset, because GH is going to be live in May ROFL! Did anybody see the video? Hahaha! Carly and Lucas talk about, none other, than JAKEY POO!!!! :) Lucas thinks he is hot! :)

    Nightmare on elm street Spencer home: This is so sad!!! It's making me cry!! Poor Luke! He doesn't know how to handle all this and doesn't see how anybody can forgive him! :( Dante arrests him! Luke talks to Carly about how she looks exactly like his mother Lena! And how strong she was just like how strong Carly is! Oh oh something is wrong with Pat!!!!! Lucas checks on her, and she is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HER HEART GAVE OUT!!! WHAT?!!?!?!! :0 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We just met her!!!! So it's hello Pat nice to meet you, goodbye! THIS SUCKS!!!! BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Where is Michael? The last time we saw him, he took a laced allergy pill! I guess we all have to make up in our minds what happened to him. Michael is all loopy cus of the laced allergy drug. He goes in a car with little AJ. and drives. Morgan sees this and runs to the car flailing his arms telling him to stop! Michael hits him with the car. Morgan falls to the ground and says "what is this red stuff?" Kiwi runs flailing her arms and sees the blood, and passes out. Michael grabs little AJ and puts her in a tree, and then he passes out. The car starts on fire and blows up! The fire isn't happy he didn't kill them, but is happy that he killed the car.

    The end. :)

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. "MatchboxGinny said...Hey guys, I just chatted with Karen, our Wub Queen extraordinaire, and she's sending BIG HELLOS to you all!"

    YAY! Hi Karen!!!!

    "She's having a blast on her vacation but can't believe she's missing out on all your fabulous comments. She said she may check in tomorrow with an update! xoxo"

    Glad you are having a blast!! You have a lot of comments to read haha. When are you coming back from your vacation?

  59. What a loss, to have patricia for only a couple of days! There could have been good SL possibilities, with her.

    Maybe Valerie will stick around, although I don't know why she'd want to. Maybe if Pat had died weeks later, and not during this traumatic incident, which is Valerie's introduction to the Spencers. As it is, it would be understandable if she held a grudge against every one of them, for the rest of her days.

    I enjoyed Wednesday's show immensely! Even Tim Spencer made me feel for him, for a minute. Fine work, TG!

    Discussion of discrepancies and how GH might be improved is interesting, and then sometimes it detracts from appreciating what we are shown. Most comments I've read (elsewhere, not just this blog) have been positive; most of us seem to have been delighted by this treat. But there are a few killjoys, and I'm sorry, but that's how it comes across, to me, at least. I suppose if I wasn't enjoying what is probably the best that TPTB offer us, I would assume my time as a GH fan was finished.

    I wonder, too, at people who haven't watched the show in ages, and only keep up with written synopses. Why bother, when so much is missed by not seeing facial expression, voice tone, and so on. Everyone takes something different from it, and enjoys it in their own way, i know... I'm genuinely curious.

    Personally, I watch because I like the characters or their actors sometimes moreso than the storylines, so I tune in just to see them, no matter how absurd the SLs might be.

  60. I agree that there are so many holes and tampering with history, and the amazing travel time from PA. to PC was ridiculous. But, I have to admit I couldn't stomach TG's playing of Fluke, but playing old Luke he was amazing. Dee Wallace did a great job as Pat. Those scenes were tear jerking.

  61. C. Vining said...

    But there are a few killjoys, and I'm sorry, but that's how it comes across, to me, at least.


    ReRon is the killjoy.

  62. great comments everyone! And CIVIL :) WUB ya all...such a good discussion.
    As you can see in the Sunday blog, I am on the side of "Great Stand ALONE show" but the rest? A MESS.
    I love my stories to make sense. If it's total camp that's one thing but this arc? Was hugely important to the entire Spencer story and they were given 1/4 of the airtime the mobs were. Or maybe 2% of the total time. That, my friends is unforgivable. The Fluke thing could have been epic.
    Now it's reduced to a stand alone show. That's it.


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