Thursday, March 26, 2015

Duct Tape

I'll be like Valerie, with the duct tape... heh. Not being TOO NASTY today. I got it all out yesterday!! She bit Fluke. She should just lie to him and say her Mama is in Amsterdam LOL :) Or Japan. 

Liason kiss, Lulu's home! Dante figures out that Fluke was probably at Valerie's apt that's why she was acting weird. 
Lulu tries to call Val. Val is rushing Uncle Luke for the gun and they are struggling for it. 
We don't see what happens but Dante and Lulu break in and go "OMG" and the show ends. 

Ric's talking to the guy he paid to be "Jake" before "Jake" wasn't Jake.  He's gonna get blackmailed.
20150325 1453
Ring of Truth? 

Greenlee and CARLY! WOOT! Hayden says the wedding ring is "Proof", really? Carly's not going to buy that!! 
I really wanted Rebecca to be Sarah Webber, she would have been perfect. She and RH look a bit alike too. It would have been good.
So, Carly is asking all the questions I asked yesterday LOL. She also wanted a toothbrush with DNA.
AND...Ric doctored the medical records to look like they were Fake Jake's (With Brain Operation). Did he know about that? Hmm... I want to think maybe he knows it's Jason somehow!
No, he'd just tell Sam it's Jason. So... he must have gotten "jake's medical records and doctored them and had them backdated.
Hayden says Jake was roofing, passed out (or fell, missed it) and that's why he had the surgery.
Liz runs out. Jake goes after her. He kisses her HARD. Liz is crying, saying he has to go back to her. He says no..he feels nothing for her. 

Scotty's hair is the best ever today! He also has a band-aid on his ear where Fluke bit him! LOL
Both Scott and Alexis told the truth to the judges about their clients. Not sure what's going to happen. 
Oh, Scotty got some story about Franco not knowing anything and it's Heather's fault. He's going to drop the charges. 
and Nina's charges are dropped!! Because...not sure why but they are.



  1. I love that they worked in RH's role on the Flash in the first scene

  2. Wow!!! The courthouse has two rooms??!?!?!! Amazing!! And two court cases the same day!!!! WOW!!!

    BobTodd's courtroom: Oh look! BobTodd still has his 12 year old Doogie Howser lawyer! :)And there is Scotty with Bandy on his ear! The plan for BobTodd, awesome! Love Scotty telling his son about the plan. :)

    Nina's courtroom: Nina wins the line of the day!

    Nina: It's just deception that's all.

    And then she waves her hand like eh deception, no big deal! ROFL! So now BobTodd and Nina are both free! YAY!


    Ric and Pete: Oh fake Jake from state farm wants money!!!! Oh and Khaki's. So Ric will give both to him to shut him up!!! Do you think it will shut him up? Hmmmm nahhhh.

    Lulu and Dante: Oh oh! Something is wrong at Violet's home!!! Batwoman and Robin have to go to her quickly! Time to use the teleporter!

    GreenleeHayden's room: When the kiss was over, it looked like Billy Miller was trying not to laugh! Go Carly go!!!! You give her a piece of your mind!! While Liz is all quiet and hurt. Jake Doe and Liz kissing! Yum!

    Sam's home: Blah blah blah ring. Blah blah blah Jake Doe. Zzzzzzzz. Oh oh toddler Cheeto shows up! That is not good! He shouldn't be seeing Patrick in your bed Sam!

    Cheeto: Are you my daddy now?

    Oh oh! He is confused Sam!

    Violet's home: Oh these are great scenes! Violet looks so terrified! And she bit Tim Spencer!! Hey she is a vampire!!! Poor fake cat Gunnar! So terrified too!!! To hear fake cat's angry sound.

    Oh oh a struggle ensues! Batwoman and robin show up!!!! Time to save the day!!!

  3. I'm just gonna say it, I love "Jake" and Liz together. I hate this stupid wife thing, I hope it's over quick. Billy Miller has won me over as Jason. Not a fan of all the newbies but I like Valerie so far, and I love Dee Wallace, wonder when she's gonna show up. I suppose Fluke will be gone when Dante and Lu show up tomorrow since Tony is off on vacay. Karen the Amsterdam thing was a hoot!

  4. It's like a bad car crash,you know you shouldn't look but you just can't help it!! I really for the life of me cannot understand how they're getting away with this awful,awful writing. And all of a sudden Elizabeth has a conscience? Where was that when she was sleeping with Lucky and prince Nik?? And Carly screaming at and drilling the wife while Jake stands there like a little lost boy?? Talk about making a man look like a mouse. Even if he's not sure if she's his wife he just stands there and let's his mommy/wanna be girl friend berate her? And I lost any respect I may have had for poor little lizabeth a long time ago when she was sleeping with Nikolas behind Lucky's back even before that. And the most stupid thing is that NO ONE has even given any serious thought to Jake maybe being Jason,especially Patrick and most of all Sam. One good thing is I love reading all the posts from everyone here. Does anyone think the merry go round will stop soon? Have a blessed night everyone!

  5. Tanya, how did they do that? I don't think it registered with me?

  6. Hi all.

    It's been awhile since I posted, but I still read every day. (Thanks Karen) I work a few days a week so I am down to only watching the show on Mon and Thur. (No DVR).

    Since I have missed a lot, I am going to ask a few questions that I hope the wubbers can fill in for me. Here goes:

    How did Luke know that Tracy and Lulu were going to show up at Valerie's apartment so he sat there with a gun and waited?

    If Luke is so intent on killing his family, why didnt he step out from behind the door and shoot Tracy and Lulu?

    Was anyone surprised when Maxie walked in at the exact moment that Nathan hit Spinelli? This is Soap Writing 101. It was telegraphed a mile away.

    Instead of running to the phone to dial 911, why didnt Val run out the apartment door? It was closer to her chair. It's like the movie Scream. Instead of running out the door, the heroine runs back into the house.

    Has anyone noticed that the brick walls at Kellys are wallpaper and not real bricks? Cmon Karen, you always notice things like that! Kellys is decades old and it isnt even made of real brick?

    I liked the model Rick hired for young Jake. He really resembled Billy. They did something right with that one.

    Billy looks bored to tears in this storyline. He is a phenominal actor (re: Emmys) in a bad storyline.

    Speaking of actors in bad storylines, if this is Tony's "swan song" he isnt going out on top with the overacting and bad storyline, he is taking a real big nosedive.

    I dont think Patrick and Sam have any chemistry as lovers. As friends, definitely. As lovers, no spark at all. Here is a prediction (re: Soap Writing 101) Sam gets pregnant. Patrick proposes and they go to the courthouse to get married. Right before the I Do's, Robin walks in pregnant.

    Does anyone think they are dragging out the Jake storyline to see if Steve will get tired of Y&R and come back? He can be the "real" Jason and it will be revealed that Jake was someone Helena drugged and brainwashed to pretend he was Jason

    Speaking of Helena, considering she was supposed to be controlling Jake, she isnt doing such a great job in this storyline confined to Greece

    As for Hayland. or Haywood. I dont know. Jakes fake wife. Shows how much I care I cant even remember her name. Greenlee? Ok, going back to Soap Writing 101 - AGAIN - does anyone think that she will grow a conscience, fall for Jake for real, come clean about Rick and then we would have a quintessonal (word?) quintagonal? (Jake plus Hayley/Liz/Carly/Sam)

    How's everyone liking the Rosalie secret storyline? Captivating, isnt it?

    Nina and Franco are free! Who cares? Anyone? Why are these 2 still on canvas? They have absolutely no storyline.

    I do like the fact that Liz and Carly are at least speaking to each other. And I did like Carly laying into Haylee today. Even if it may have been uncalled for, it was great acting by Laura.

    One thing I didnt look at close enough, since I dont have a DVR is if there will be a discrepancy in the fake photos of fake Jake and Jake. For instance, a mole or a scar or a cut or something like that. If there is, then someone will catch it. Do they even have the same color eyes? I thought of that immediately when they were doing the fake photos, that this will be the undoing of the plot. Anyone?

    I once read a spoiler that Jake was supposed to say something that only Jason would say and Spin would catch it. Did that happen?

    I'm actually rooting for Ned and Olivia. Lois will always be my #1 pairing with Ned, but this has promise and I hope they make it work.

    Miss Monica during this entire stretch.

    Nina hugging Alexis today. Would be really cute if that was adlibbed by Michelle

    That's all I got. Looking forward to April 1.

  7. "Delcodave says How did Luke know that Tracy and Lulu were going to show up at Valerie's apartment so he sat there with a gun and waited?"

    He didn't. He was there to ask about Pat, but then there was a knock on the door, so he hid behind the door. Then he hears Lulu and Tracy talking, and eventually went in the closet.

  8. I sincerely hope this fluke garbage is TG's swan song. I am totally over him, the character, the story, etc. End it now. It cannot be over soon enough for me. If it ends 4/1, I will consider it an early birthday present.
    I could not stand Greenlee (I called her Greenpee) on AMC, and I am disliking her here, too.
    Wait a minute, wait a minute, is there anyone I DO like right now? Hmmmm. I'll get back to you on that.
    I do like that Carly and Liz are kind of working together, but Liz is gonna flake out on this phony wife, and talk the heck out of the fact that Jake is "married", and she has to step aside.

  9. in the very first scene. franco says "im her mentor. she want to be a journalist who wants to write about a guy who runs really fast." which is his role on The Flash.. its within the first 30 seconds of the show

  10. Haven't watched or checked in much all of Lent. Can't say I miss a thing and sounds like the show is on a bender right now. Sad.

    Maybe I'll come back when Monica comes back!

  11. "JasonRoks said...Haven't watched or checked in much all of Lent."

    Oh so you gave up GH for lent huh? ROFL! :)



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