Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I'm Really Preggers!!

Dante is a bit stunned. :) 

Tracy is baby sitting DANNY? Yep. Ned is helping so that's good. Tracy is not happy she's going to be a grandmother again. Points out to Ned ALL his baby Mamas come from the same block in Bensonhurst LOL 

Ava's Memorial.  She's a parka. Just walking around. How is she going to get off all her charges. 

Jake says he'll do the undercover crap for Sloane. He's OFF HIS CHARGES! He has to work for the Jeromes and be an informant but hell. Better than Attica

So happy Judge Walters is there. Edward would be proud! WOOT! OMG, Alexis gets to cross Sonny and talks about Sonny shooting Carly in the HEAD when she was giving birth to Morgan!! NICE....
BTW, Monica set up having the new judge here--but we never sawt that. It happened OFF CAMERA! She should be sitting behind Michael staring Sonny down. 

Nikolas of course didn't tell Sam his news, because the Nurse Interrupted! SHOCKING As that is!!  Geesh, Sam got back to PC from Boston in about 20 min. 

DELIA SANG Danny BOY!! SO old school...ahhhh.. At the end, Ava walks in on Delia and Avery (Everyone else is gone) and says "hello mother" 


  1. Didn't watch today yet am still working, but just HAVE TO comment that I guess about 8 PC residents were incarcerated at the same time, and they ALL got free one way or another!! Really, it's so ridiculous, can't stand it . . .

  2. Don't forget Julian did not do the crime he want to jail for.

  3. New York City:

    Ryan's bar: There is no podium, just a microphone. It feels like it could be a comedy act. Kiwi seems really happy! Oh there she is crying. Oh wait! Make her stop crying! UGH! Ava skulking around. Delia with the baby singing Danny boy awww! :) As she is singing, the baby falls asleep! Awwwww! :)That binky is adorable! Mute button hahaha awww! Ava just HAD to show her mother she is alive!!!

    Jake Doe's hospital room: Robot Sloan gets his way! Liz is confused of what is going on! Who is next to go in Jake Doe's room tomorrow? Carly?!

    Shriner's hospital: I'm glad the conversation changed back to Spencer! Enough talk about Jake Doe! Spencer's blood pressure dropped because of the pain meds? :( My poor Spencer! :( He will be okay I know, but still. :(

    Q home: Tracy carrying toddler Cheeto awww! :) Love that Tracy and Ned were playing with him. Oh Tracy overheard Monica and her boyfriend talking about Michael's case!!! :) I wonder if Michael was in on it, even though he says he wasn't. Tracy wins the lines of the day!

    Tracy: You are making me a grandmother again?! First Lois, then Olivia. What is with your obsession with fish wives from Bensonhurst?


    Kelly's: Olivia and Dante!!! Love their scenes today! Dante yes you are going to have a brother or sister! YAY! :)

    Courtroom: I love how the judge was talking to Ric! About how Diane was first on this case but now Ric is doing it! ROFL! No Michael don't listen to Sonny!!!! Oh oh it looked like Michael was giving in!!! Carly you remember who that judge is? How? Do you remember that Monica is dating him? :)

    Did anybody see this yet? Frank Valantini interview. 'General Hospital' executive producer infuses old, new to keep soap relevent

  4. A lot of fans do not want to see Carly play mother to Avery.

  5. I'm stunned that Delia didn't drop the coffee pot. Or is that coming tomorrow?

  6. Delia singing Danny Boy and mentioning Maeve Ryan was awesome. Reminded me of old school St. Paddy's Day on Ryan's Hope! Got me watching the final scene from the last episode of Ryan's Hope too Maeve sings it there. Damn I miss Ryan's Hope
    Old School Gh Fan

  7. Yes, you are correct cooks, Julian didn't do that crime but I think a false confession has it's own penalty! LOL

  8. "Paul773 said...I'm stunned that Delia didn't drop the coffee pot.Or is that coming tomorrow?"

    Yeah I thought she was going to drop the coffee pot! Yeah maybe it will come tomorrow. :)

  9. I think Ava will kidnap the baby and maybe her mom will help. I'm tired of baby-kidnappings, but it does seem pretty predictable here.

    Love Delia, loved her more on OLTL. I guess she does singing gigs in NY now. Wish she was on more.

  10. A microphone. For a memorial service in 14x14 room. With 6 people there. Alllllrighty then. Must have had extra money in the prop budget that week.

    And Sam, taking 4 hours out of her day to have a 3 minute conversation with Nic. Time Machine is back to full strength.

  11. Alexis questions Sonny about shooting Carly while she was giving birth and he comes back with his favorite excuse"he was just protecting (fill in blank) "


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