Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ryan's Bar

Sam goes to Boston to be with Nikolas! awwwwwwww, nice touch!!

Ava and Silas. Guess they don't know what to do with those two.

Delia is on...it's Ava's memorial. NuKikiLu is crying over really garish flowers. ugh They are in NYC at Ryan's Bar.  Morgan convinces Sonny to let him take Avery to NYC.  Sonny gonna be in trouble!! 

OMG, Sloane wants to drip JAKE'S CHARGES!! Really? Imagine that--Why bother having ANYONE arrested if every single one of them get off? NOT. Exciting.  BTW, it's Carly's day to talk to Jake. 

Oh for godsakes, Jules and Sonny are arguing about the MOB AGAIN..and they are enemies, again. Blah BLah BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hate this territory crap. HATE. 


  1. Karen, you lasted longer than I thought you would with today's show.

  2. Michael enlisting Monica's boyfriend is totally unethical. That judge should recuse himself for a conflict of interest, and if Alexis doesn't ask for that, she isn't worth her salt as a lawyer. This bending of what would go on -- should we talk about Ava going to the service when she couldn't even get out of bed to check the phone as well as this judge nonsense -- just keeps getting worse and worse. I do not want Michael to get the baby; it was hard enough to swallow that he was running ELQ. To do that, and run a major company and raise a baby when he has no experience with either is so stupid. And that baby will suffer with him taking care of her, because he doesn't know how, and will never spend time with her, as well as cutting out all of her other family out of her life (Morgan, Kiki, everyone who he thinks did him wrong).

  3. I thought the same thing about Ava. How ridiculous! She had to crawl to the phone and suddenly she's able to get winter clothes on and go downtown to a bar.

    And seriously...Michael's grandmother's boyfriend suddenly takes over the case and no one is going to object. The stupidity on this show is simply mind boggling at times.

  4. I felt like I tuned in to the wrong channel today.

    Where is Rosalie? Shouldn't she be playing a part in Michael's custody fight?

  5. I love what Michael is doing to Sonny and Carly.

  6. Kelly's: Oh I'm glad Morgan explained why Ava's memorial is going to be at Ryan's bar in NYC, cus I was confused why they were having it at Ryan's bar. Awww little Avery Lavery is going to go with Morgan to the memorial! Sweet! Sonny! Time to shave please! Oh and Kiwi is gone! About time!

    New York City:

    Ava's room: Maura West has got balls for having no make up on! :) Kiwi telling her daddy that the memorial is in NYC! Oh how convenient!!! Is Ryan's bar around the corner?

    Ava: She's just down the street.

    Me: Oh even better! ROFL!

    Ryan's bar: Awww little Avery's coat is so cute!!!

    Kiwi: Avery! Do you remember me?

    Avery: Uh no. Who are you? And where is my sister Kiki?!!?!

    Kiwi is still dumb I see. Has it been 2 years since you have seen her? No it's only been what, like a few days? Oh and look it's Ava outside!!! She was hardly able to walk in that hospital room she was in! And now she can walk!!!!! :)

    The hospital: Jake Doe wins the line of the day!

    Jake Doe's room: Well I got your message. Thank you. Let me allow you to get an escort. Goodbye. See you later.

    ROFL! And look it's Carly! She is wearing black! Is she going to Ava's memorial? No she wouldn't go. Ohhh she is going to the courthouse okay. But why wear black?

    Carly: Oh you have to tell me what is going on. I won't let up until you tell me. Please tell me.

    Carly is such a great friend! Badgering you until you tell her what is going on! ROFL!

    Shriner's hospital:

    Sam: I have to know who Jake Doe is. You must know. Can you tell me? It's important for me to know who Jake Doe is. It has everything to do with me. I don't want his loved ones to go through what I went through. Do you know who Jake Doe is? Do you?

    Hmmm Carly and Sam are the same! ROFL1 I'm surprised they aren't BFF's yet! :)

    Courthouse: Julian and Sonny, little lovers spat! Ric vs Michael love it!!!! Alexis talking to Michael about how Sonny hasn't fully forgiven her for Christina, and he won't forgive him! Awww Alexis. :( I think Sonny has forgiven you. Damn now I want a scene with Alexis and Sonny and him telling her he has forgiven her. Hmmm. Is this foreshadowing? Will Sonny never forgive Michael?!!?!! Judge Walters?!!?! What the?!!?! Michael is smiling! I was thinking, Michael what did you do!?!?!:)


    Alexis to Michael: What have you done?!

    Oh! Even Alexis wonders what Michael done!!!! :) Oh this is going to be so delicious!!!!

  7. "cooks7570 said...I love what Michael is doing to Sonny and Carly."

    Me too! He has been the golden child for so long, that this is really nice. A breath of fresh air really. :)

  8. Did anyone else think that Ava was wearing a wig?!?!?!

  9. I just read 2 that Dee Wallace is rumored to have been cast as Patricia! I like her, BUT she is 65 and TG is 67!!!!!! #ESWhereAreYou?!

  10. I just knew that Luke's older sister would be played by an actress younger than Geary.

  11. well I think if they want an actress who'll be around for a while they don't want to hire someone too old. Ttwo years isn't a big deal. And if Luke is grey he'll look older anyway. I have a brother who's 15 years younger than me and people think he's my older brother because he's totally grey and I'm not.

    And I like Dee Wallace too.

  12. Every time someone says Sonny is Avery's father it bugs me because it hasn't been proven and his name would not be on the birth certificate. Kiki would have every right not to turn her over to Sonny until it was proven he was the father. I'm just surprised it was never mentioned in the dialogue at all, even a throwaway line about a DNA test proving Sonny was the father, since that was a plot point to have Carly tested to see if she was related to the baby. She wasn't (allegedly), so it wasn't Morgan, but once Sonny was out of prison how about closing the loop? I still think that is a big unanswered question.

  13. I'm glad Michael is going up against S & C, but he isn't an ideal choice for a parent either. I though NuKiki played the memorial service really badly. She was all smiles instead of grieving for the mother she just lost. Just didn't ring true. Looking forward to seeing Dee Wallace if she was indeed cast as Pat. Always liked her.


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