Friday, March 13, 2015


So, Sloane answers the door in a towel. He then drops it and tells Anna he's "hiding nothing" And..there's weird camera angles. 
Is it just me or is there NO Chemistry with this Sloane and Anna??????? I mean like ZIP? SO flat. There's nothing. The whole scene was so bad. WOW..terrible. Even badasses have SOME charm so we see a spark. FLAT as a cardboard cut out. 

TJ is on with Jordan. Blah Blah...Shawn walks in. Blah, blah...

Liz and Ric blah blah "Yes, I have feelings for Jake" Ric is going to hire a wife for Jake. UGH Just like Connor..Nik..yada. yada

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Did a med student put that on? GOD! Worst bandage ever

Jake moves into Carly's Grey House-- she mentions Joss. MENTIONS her. That's it. Carly also tells Jake that she's "not happy he's working for Julian".
UM, didn't she YELL and browbeat Jake about TAKING THE DEAL??? Am I crazy?? Didn't that happen?

OMG SO BORRING TODAY!! OMG. SOooooooooooooooooooo boring.

End of show: Duke tells Jordan to kill Julian 

Sonny sees St.Jake for the first time. Doves Cried. 


  1. I agree with you Karen. How did they manage to find somebody who has no chemistry with Finola who has chemistry with just about everybody? I know people were really excited by the idea of this guy being hired but I don't see why. Billy Miller just isn't doing anything for me either.
    I am less than thrilled with the show and have been reading the blog more than watching. Traditionally Fridays are exciting soap days so I watched today. REALLY dull. Sonny is never really going to go on vacation is he?
    Happy Friday the 13th!

  2. So,soo awful!! All of the current storylines are being dragged out way too long. I wouldn't be surprised if ABC is looking for another cooking/talk show to replace General if the writers don't get it together soon. Hearing ALOT of long time fans saying they're done which is sad. I think the thing that's most annoying to me is that in spite of what happened between him and Sonny,it's painful to watch Michael act like a spoiled little girl! Hope they can get it together I really don't enjoy cooking shows. Have a blessed wknd!

  3. Oh I so agree with you two. Least i don't have to ffd tonight just not bother to watch. GH needs fixing and fast or its going to go bye bye. The actor playing Sloan is just awful, Billy Miller is ok, but maybe they should have just gave him an altogether new character and Jason stayed dead..... I absolutely cannont stand Sonny and Carly. Never like the character of Carly to begin with and they have built her up to be so important. She is a terrible Mother, ya who looks after Joss while she's sleeping over at Sonny's anyways? The only time Sonny ever interested me was in the beginning with Brenda... those were awesome days. So now thanks to this wonderful blog I can choose to watch or not... and if alot of you out there feel the same, this shows days are numbered :(

  4. "Sonny sees St.Jake for the first time. Doves Cried." LOL

  5. I like Billy Miller as Jake. I like how they are introducing him. I wish they would move it a little faster - like when Spinelli was going gaga he would have remembered or something...

  6. Billy Miller as Jason I mean. Whatever


  7. I concur with the majority of posters. I will say to Karen, your quick witted (and quick posting!) make GH a lot more fun. Cheers for Karen!!!

  8. I do like the new Sloan. Just because he's such a slimeball and real easy to dislike. As to there being no chemistry with Anna, I think that that is the way Finola is playing it. She seemed more embarrassed by what an ass he is than anything else. If the writers want to turn up the heat between these two I'm certain that Finola can inject this into the mix. That may be their intent and are just starting out slowly. A topless man in a scene is usually a device to insert sexual tension potential into the mix but not necessarily right away. I can also see Anna using a faked attraction as a ploy to lower Sloan's guard.

  9. I agree with bobbyb. Anna would have been upset with the towel drop, not turned on. She has never been easy, and this guy has acted like a total slime. His coming on to her in such an obvious way would be a total total turnoff.
    I noticed that he never smiled so don,t think seduction was his intent.

  10. Snooze city today. Anna looked grossed out by Sloane. Jake and his harem are getting tiresome. So is the mob war stuff. YAWN :(

  11. I agree with all the comments and Karen, but with the ratings higher than they have been in years people are definitely watching. I can't believe Carly moved Jake into her home. Her instincts are not good and she has a child who has never even met him. Plus, Jake will be working for a criminal & regardless of how long he stays he could put her family in danger. Sloane was playing Anna for sure. He needs to wash his hair. Glad to see more of Anna and Duke but need less of Sonny & Carly.

  12. I agree, kd. No chemistry whatsoever between Anna and nuSloan. In fact when he looked like he was going to make a pass it almost made me nauseous.

    And did anyone else notice that cardboard Sloan's chin comes out at the same angle in front as his hair does behind?

    And what's with these writers and men answering doors dripping wet and only wearing a towel? And when he dropped it I thought...WTH? That wasn't for our benefit. I guess the crew and whoever else was watching the filming got a little thrill. ( I said they probably got rid of old Sloan because he wasn't as well built. These guys like their cardboard actors with muscled physiques, don't they? )

    And old Sloan at least had chemistry with Anna and he could act.

    And what is with Carly and bringing home random guys she doesn't really know to share the house with her little girl? And Jake may have been controlled but he obviously had the ability to do all those violent things. In my mind she has no maternal instincts at all.

  13. I was fairly interest when they hired McCouch but it does seem the chem with Finola is low. But I'm not sure that isn't what they intend--he is a bad guy and I don't want Anna with a bad guy. Good guys can be exciting, for Pete's sake. They don't always have to be criminals to be exciting. In fact, I have a lot of trouble getting too excited about bad guys--my moral standards won't allow me go for law-breakers. I like Billy Miller, but am pretty disappointed he is now turning into bad guy Jason.

    I agree with bobbyb. Sloan dropping his towel was disgusting and obvious and Anna played it cool and somewhat indifferent, which was good.

    I don't mind scenes where actors talk to discover their feelings, etc. But not when they repeat the same stuff. And frankly, just having Sonny scenes at all is repetitious. Cant we have a break from this character? PLease? I am so tired of mob stuff and mob wars and gurfire. SO sick of it.

  14. I wasn't saying that Finola wasn't playing the scene right, btw. I'm saying that "Sloane" is just wooden and has NO spark. NONE. Usually in scenes like that the guy will have some playful nature--SOMETHING--even if he's a super=bad guy. There's no subtle humor, no crackle..nothing. He got THISCLOSE to talk to her but not in any kind of a flirty or interesting way-- it was just he was CLOSE TO HER. That's it. His voice didn't even get a bit interesting. Nothing. Finola of course did a great job but he gave her NOTHING to work with imo

  15. Real disappointed with how they are moving Jake in to the mob crap. I was hoping this Jason would be different.

  16. The hospital:

    Carly, Jake Doe, and Liz:

    The look on Carly's face when Jake Doe and Liz were talking! ROFL! scene.

    Ric and Sam:

    Well that wasn't awkward at all was it? ROFL!

    Ric and Liz:

    Broke my heart!! :( I love you Liz, but you are stupid! Poor Ric! :( Hmmm Ric's strip of hair kept bouncing around and was distracting.

    Sonny's home:

    Sonny: We gotta have proof.

    That is what I have been saying!!!! Stupid Shaun! Now onto Jake Doe! Sonny never met him but hates him! Hahahaha!

    Kelly's: TJ!!! TJ and his mother awwww! Shaun comes in and has to ruin it! Asking if he can trust Jordan! PLEASE! Not again! Oh he does trust her! Uh huh. Liar!

    Robot Sloan's home: Oh look. Robot Sloan in a towel all oily wet. He still looks like he is smelling something bad. Anna did you not use deodorant? Oh these scenes are so boring! Until he takes off his towel! ROFL! Robot Sloan wins the line of the day.

    Robot Sloan: And what exactly did you think you would find here?

    *Looks down at his ummmm you know what*

    Robot Sloan: A hanging chad?

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! That was a good one, but then he starts getting close to her, and into her personal space! That was creepy. I just wanted to punch him in the face! Stop getting so close to Anna you perv! Do you want to kiss her? Geez!

    "Karen says Is it just me or is there NO Chemistry with this Sloane and Anna??????? I mean like ZIP? SO flat. There's nothing."

    That is what I have been saying! They have no chemistry at all! Zero! Zilch! The original Mr. Yum Yum Sloan has a TON of chemistry with Anna! It's like the writers wanted to force chemistry with them by having Sloan get close to Anna constantly yesterday.

    Carly's house: Oh Carly! Sonny is not going to like it that Jake Doe moved in with you! Carly is right about Liz though! ROFL! OH! Sonny meets Jake Doe!

    Julian's home: Come on! I'm waiting for Julian and Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos to take off their shirts! Oh hi Sam! Oh goodie Jake Doe has a job with Julian now!

  17. I wish the Jake storyline would move a little faster too. I like the writing for Michael. It's about time someone gives Sonny and Carly a taste of their own medicine. Don't forget we don't know if Sonny is the father of Avery yet.


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