Friday, March 6, 2015

Dee Wallace Cast As PAT

Patricia Spencer

Soap Opera Digest  is reporting that Dee Wallace will be Patricia Spencer. Recognize her?  She's the ET and Cujo Mom! Good Choice I think. 


  1. I agree, good choice. Let's hope this finishes strong because this story has gotten very weak and has lost interest. I mean really? Luke as Hannibal? No fava beans and chianti, more like cheese with those crackers! This is the reason soaps are the brunt of jokes!

  2. Too bad Erika Slezak won't be playing Pat.

    Q home: Alice!!!!! Wow has Alice lost more weight?

    Shadybrook: Time to kill you!!! Oh no wait! We can all escape together instead! Won't that be fun?!


    Ryan's bar: Kiwi is crying again! Her voice changes deeply when she cries! UGH! Make her stop crying! Oh time to go to Sonny's island! Kiwi doesn't want to go! Wow she must have taken a smart pill! Or do her salty tears make her smart?

    Ava's secret room:

    McSilas: You're dying.

    WHAT?!!?!!?! Is he making this up?!!?! :(

    Lante home: Oh come on! Enough already Maxie! Get out of denial and stop throwing Spinny under the bus! Spinny hiding behind his Querk. ROFL!

    Sonny's home: Carly is all oh I don't like this! You are doing this to Morgan! Oh shut up Carly! And then she says whatever you are about to do, you are going to do with me by your side. Oh of course you are Carly! Always on Sonny's side, cus you want his wuv! Sonny's wuv is magical! Forget Michael. Sonny's wuv is all you need!

    Michael wins the line of the day!

    Michael: Arrest this son of a bitch!

    Hahahaha! Love it! :)

  3. She is supposed to be the older sister, older than both Bobbie and Luke, and she doesn't look it.But, actually, I don't know this actress. I was hoping for Erika or Kim....oh, well.

  4. I like Dee Wallace and I'm sure she will do a great job. Although I like Erika Slezak, I would have preferred Susan Flannery to her.

  5. DW is 2 years younger than TG but Pat's a decade older, although rumor is they are retconning Pat to just be 2-4 years older.


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