Tuesday, March 17, 2015


HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY!! It's Oyrish! 

Kiki/Morgan: Kelly's Bitching about Michael. They want to call Protective Services on Michael. FOR DRINKING ahahahha and at the same time, Michael orders a drink at the Metro while holding. AVERY.  OMG. Yep, all of a sudden he's "drinking" now. 
Morgan wants to make Michael an addict, I think. They talk about all the addicts in the Q family and that Michael must be one too.

Kiki and Morgan decide to make Michael Look like a "drunk, worse than his father"..somehow. Photoshop? 

Michael/(carrying Avery)/Duke: Metro dining room, bitching about something. Michael is mad he gave Sonny a false alibi.

Jordan/Anna: Metro (Anna's room)..with Nate. SO tell me this: Your mob BOSS thinks you're working for the cops so where do you GO? Anna's HOTEL ROOM -- in a public HOTEL. Dear God, Buy a freaking THROWAWAY PHONE.
This is the stuff that KILLS me. We are NOT MORONS. Write the show like we have seen a million cop/mob shows in our lifetime!! 
thank you. 
OMG Nate wants Jordan to wear a wire. LMAO---and catch Duke. No suspicion there. Yeah just so in and say: Hey, repeat what you want me to do again...I forgot.  

SaSon/Carly: Carly's House. Sonny's mad at Carly because she knew about Jake workin' for THA Jeromes!!!! Argue, argue...blabber blabber

Lucy stops Sabby at the Metro to talk about the Nurses' Ball. Sabrina is like: erm, guess what. I don't work at GH no mo'  Lucy says you don't have to work at the hospital, you can still be in the show!! So Sabrina says yes. 


  1. Maybe Kristen Alderson left GH because she didn't want to be part of this ridiculous story line Kiki and Morgan are plotting.

  2. "Maybe Kristen Alderson left GH because she didn't want to be part of this ridiculous story line Kiki and Morgan are plotting."

    LOL She saw her script and said "I'm done!"

    GH has really been a chore to watch lately. I don't understand the new tone & direction at all. It's like they are trying to fix what's not broken by breaking it.

  3. It is getting more and more ridiculous. And hard to follow. For instance, Duke looked contrite and almost embarrassed today when Michael was confronting him about AJ and how he'd believed in him when no one else did. etc. It almost made me think that Duke was working undercover.

    And I must confess that when I saw Michael at the bar with Avery on his lap I thought that rules for minors in bars must be really different in your area. I get that it's a restaurant too but he was at the bar with a infant on his lap. I was thinking too bad that someone didn't have a camera.

    And the way that Anna and Jordan meet is beyond moronic.

  4. Oh no! A picture of Siobhan! ACK!

    Kelly's: Kiwi and Morgan. Blah blah blah, Michael. Blah blah blah Avery. Huh? A plot? Zzzzzzzzzzzz.


    Duke: As Duke was on the phone and walking, the camera was moving around. Now where is that barf bag?

    Michael and Duke: After Michael ripped Duke a new one, Duke got quiet! Hahahaha. And love how little AJ kept looking at Michael hehehe awwww!

    Michael and Sabrina: Hmmmm. Big AJ were at bars, and little AJ at the metrocourt bar. How ironic. Michael was drinking while he was holding on to little AJ! I didn't really like that.

    Lucy and Sabrina: The nurses ball!!!! Oh you can't because you don't work at GH anymore! Oh wait you are still a nurse so you can do it! YAY!

    Lucy and Duke: Have they been having sex?

    Carly's home: Sonny yelling again! Jake Doe and his maxi pad is still there.

    Maxi pad: I'm hungry. Carly do you have any corn?

    Carly is of course 100% behind Sonny! Now time to have sex!

    Julian's home: Hmmm. Three men in a room! All three of you can take off your shirts!

    Anna's hotel room: Sounds like Finola Hughes has a cold!!! A wire on Jordan?!!?! HUH?! How is that going to work?

    "Karen says OMG Nate wants Jordan to wear a wire. LMAO---and catch Duke. No suspicion there. Yeah just so in and say: Hey, repeat what you want me to do again...I forgot."

    EXACTLY! That is what I was thinking! This is strange and dumb! What is Jordan going to wait until Duke goes up to her and start talking about shooting Jerome? Come on!

  5. I think it's mind-boggling how incredulous Sonny, Carly, Duke, Kiki, and Moron are getting about Michael using his Q influence when part of Sonny's MO is to always use judges and cops that are in his pocket. It's OK when Sonny does it, but not when someone else does. I just can't get over the hypocrisy. I bet Sonny will ultimately win. These writers are just like Guza, the mobsters always seem to win.

    Kiki and Moron plotting to paint Michael as an alcoholic reminds me of Carly drugging A.J. and putting him in that laundry cart, and then Sonny pouring alcohol down A.J.'s throat while he was hung on a meat hook. I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Morgan was a promising character and his role has really diminished to being another one of Sonny's multitude of cheerleaders.

    I FF'ed all the Franco-Nina scenes the past few weeks so I wasn't paying attention when Luke escaped, so I guess Tony Geary is on vacation again? And this Fluke story will keep dragging on, because he hasn't been on in a while? Maybe May sweeps? We thought we'd be done in February!

  6. I'll usually watching anything on GH and even I have turned it off this week. So boring! Also, I was really excited about the GH recast, but Billy Miller doesn't seem to have chemistry with anyone. I'll be shocked if he can heat things up with Liz this week.

  7. So, are Morgan and Kiki gonna do to Mikey what Carly did- get him sloshed and dump him in an alley?

  8. Yeah, looks like history is repeating itself with Michael, just like it happened with AJ. Of course these writers have very few original thoughts. I for one find it really disturbing that this adorable baby is working in horrible conditions and no one cares. Watching Michael hold her and yelling cannot be a good thing. What are they thinking? And babies are not normally around a bar are they? I was happy to see Lucy at least. And Carly standing by Sonny no matter what is nauseating.

  9. I hate that they are dummying Michael down so Sonny can look like a good father. The baby at the bar was so inappropriate. Also I like that KiKi and Morgan are plotting against Michael, but must we go down the alcohol road again. Didn't Carly try this before with AJ? Be original Ron and stop with all mob wars nobody important ever dies. Somebody get me off this merry go round, please.

  10. When Ron and Frank took over it seemed they were slowly taking some of the mob stuff away, I don't understand their turnaround. did someone make them an offer they couldn't refuse??? As for Kiki and Morgan's storyline, it's unwatchable. And it's funny but I was thinking the exact same thing about KA yesterday lol

  11. If they are going the same route as the AJ-Carly-Sonny then OMG I am done done done. I agree the mobsters are nothing but boring so un-interesting. Sonny is such a hypocrite, everything he does is good but god forbid anyone does that to him, then he is out for blood. I too have hardly watched all week, get all I need to know from here. And the Fluke storyline just keeps going and going like the Energizer Bunny lol. Its too bad that none of the characters are really grabbing our interest. On a side note Revenge is awesome, but I just read that it may be cancelled :(



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