Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Soaking Mob

Michael got a nanny in record time! Sabby walks right in! Michael asks her to be the nanny.

Carly leaves Sonny's. To go see Joss? NO! To go see JAKE!! Who, by the way, is "recovering in record time" according to Patrick. Has to be those Holy Cells he has going.

Ric and Sonny whine about Liz, Carly and AJ.  They have breakfast. They are civil to each other. First time? ah, they have such a Bro to Bro moment there. 

The mob is out on the docks having a showdown with their weenies. SO, there's that. YES, the guns come out.
Duke and Shawn against Julian and Carlos.

Jordan and Anna are on the docks, in the rain, "undercover" 

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. OMG

MY TURF......NO! MY TURF.....NO!!! MINE.. 
shot fired. 
They shoot..everyone leaves but Julian and Duke. Duke holds a gun at Julian's head. Then Anna walks around the corner and pulls a gun on Duke.

She asks to see their gun permits and asks Julian if he'd like to press charges against Duke.
I guess you can discharge handguns all OVER PC with no problem

END: Spin sees the back of Jake ...thinks it's Stone Cold


  1. I forgot to thank poster "Wanda Woman" the other day for letting me know who NuKi reminded me of: NuKristina. Ever since you said that it's all I can think about, and now when I see her in scenes with Morgan and Michael I get a creepy sister-vibe in the scenes. It sort of makes me wish they'd just dyed her hair brown and recast her as Kristina. She's a better actress than the last Kristina...

  2. Nathan and Dante: Mmmm they both are shirtless and pantless! :) Dante wins the line of the day!

    Dante: My father has been with every woman in this town. I got brothers and sisters poppin all over the damn place.

    ROFL! What are you trying to say Dante? That your father is a man whore? ROFL! Well anyway, Dante is giving Nathan good advice!

    Sonny's home: Sonny is jealous of Jake Doe!!! Yes Sonny that is what she is going to wear to see him hahahaha. Ric and Sonny bonding over Jake Doe and and little AJ! Sonny don't like Jake Doe! hahaha. If only you knew Sonny! :)Geez Sonny is eating breakfast in front of Ric and Sonny didn't even offer anything to him. How rude!

    The hospital:

    Jake's room: Oh goodie! Jake Doe is free at noon! :) Carly is the next one to visit Jakey poos room! She still don't like Jakey poo going undercover!!

    Sam and Spinny: LOVE IT! Awwww! So sweet!!! They are catching up and everything. :)I like that Spinny has grown up and doesn't do the nicknames a lot. He does some, but not like he used to.

    Patrick and Liz:

    Patrick: Jake Doe is bad bad bad!

    Liz: Jake Doe is good good good.

    Basically the same thing as back then with Jason! Hahahaha.

    HarpGeorgie's room: HarpGeorgie is going to be okay! Kirsten Storms put up a picture on twitter about a month ago (I think it was a month ago) of her daughter on the set of GH in the hospital room! And that is the picture. Sweet! Sam trying to get Spinny out of the room so that Nathan can talk to Maxie hahahaha.

    Nathan: I love you.

    Get in line pal!!!

    The pier: It's raining!!!

    Jordan and Anna: Anna with her spy hat and raincoat! Jordan with her umbrella!

    Two gangs: Nobody is wet!!! Their hair is all dry! Oh wait there ya go. Now they are wet. So much shooting and all misses. Ah well. I rather see sexy men all wet anyway. Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos is all wet! YUM! Oh oh Anna busts you! Or not! Oh Duke just grab Anna and kiss her!

    Q home: Poor Michael is all frazzled hahahha. That room is a mess! :) Oh hi Sabrina! Are you and Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos still together I hope? Oh little AJ's nanny, well okay then. I hope you pay her a lot of money Michael.

  3. Zak said: What happened to Rosalie?

    It's a secret.

  4. Carrey...I don't hardly remember the last Kristina! LOL

    SUPPOSEDLY we'll see Rosalie "Soon' Or so says Twitter.

  5. Seriously... this show has so many interesting characters who are not involved with the mob that they could be writing for. Instead, ONCE AGAIN, we are back to those dreaded two little words: "mob war". Ugh... Just ugh.

  6. CareyN - Badger Bob is a better actor than the last Kristina. Sorry Karen! LOL!


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