Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stone Cold

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Don't look too deeply into my eyes

You know, trying to do the whole "You only have a new face but we still don't know who you are" thing is great for 15 year olds but COME ON. ugh... Jake would have the same teeth, eyes and VOICE for godsakes. That's why I hate "New Face" recasts. Just recast without "Plastic Surgery" Storylines. They don't WORK!!!!! Spinelli being duped is just stupid. There I said it. 
Now you wait, Jake's gonna fall for Liz... then remember who he is...then be torn between Liz and Sam... plus Carly will be in his face 24/7.
Jake asks SAM if she'll talk to Julian about working for him.  She says, why sure!! NO problem.  

Please don't have Ava and Silas in a hospital room 1:1 for the next month. K? Thanks.  She doesn't want Avery tested --NO WAY. And she doesn't want chemo. 
Here's that scoop: Ava wants Silas to help Kiki raise Avery. So she says he should team up with Julian (for the Money aspect) and the 3 of them go up against Michael for custody. 
Kiki also asks Julian if he'll help go for custody of perfect.

Shawn: "You a cop"
Jordan: "no.
Shawn: Yep.
You know she's gonna have to prove it!!  SIGH... 

And Carlos says to Julian "We gotta kill Duke"... SIGH...

Kiki had the nerve to say Sabrina wouldn't be a good nanny-- because she tried to "kill Ava and Avery" Michael is like OH, but you're ok with Sonny--who tried to murder your MOTHER!!! WOOT GO Michael! 

WHERE THE HELL IS MONICA, this is getting so dumb. If LC is sick, someone say so. Other than that, get her BACK IN THERE. 

Duke and Sonny...blah blah .."Territory" blah....and Now Shawn tells Sonny he thinks Jordan is a rat.
Meanwhile, STUPID Jordan and Anna are meeting ON THE DOCKS..(Instead of say, Sephora-- where no mobular man would look). Anna predicts this all could turn into the BIGGEST, BLOODIEST MOB WAR THIS TOWN HAS EVER SEEN.




  1. Let's face it, we'll have Silas and Ava in a hospital room for a month, and Nina and Franco in another because they can film for a day and use the footage for weeks with no extras involved. Monica would cost them money.

    I'm getting so sick of the mob crap too. If they're going that route at least KILL OFF a few of them so we don't have to contend with so many gangsters in the future. The show is called GENERAL HOSPITAL, not Mob Turf.

    I FF so much lately that I generally rely on the recaps to see if it's worth watching.

    And I want to see Monica, Tracy and Alice interacting with that baby before she gets pulled apart by the mob bosses who'll be fighting over her.

    And Sonny looks 10 years younger without that beard.

  2. SEPHORA!!!! Oh gosh, Karen. BRILLIANT! Thank you for the laugh. I needed that.

  3. The hospital: Yes Spinny! It's Stone cold! Listen to your instincts!!

    Carly: I thought you have outgrown your fondness for nicknames?

    Hahahaha. Good question! :)

    Spinny: Well Carly, I guess old habits die hard eh?

    Good answer Spinny! :)

    Jake Doe wins the line of the day.

    Jake Doe: He's special isn't he?

    ROFL! I have no idea what he meant by that. My first thought was that he meant that he thinks Spinny is mentally challenged. *shrug*


    Anna and Jordan: Oh great! They are back to the same conversation they had many times before!

    Jordan: I want out!

    Anna: No!

    Jordan: Yes! I want out!!

    Anna: No!


    Jordan and Shaun: And more of the same conversation between them too!!

    Shaun: You're a cop!

    Jordan: No I'm not!

    Shaun: Yes you are!

    Jordan: No I'm not! Prove it!

    Me: I'm dizzy.

    Shaun: I'm sorry I'm making you dizzy Sonya, but I'm very suspicious of her.


    Sonny's home: Wow Sonny shaved! Great!!! Was Maurice Bernard making a movie? Oh great! Shaun tells Sonny and Duke all about Jordan, and he has no proof! UGH!

    Ava's NYC private room: She is gonna die! Oh wait no! She can be saved by little AJ! Oh but no! Over Ava's dead body! Which could be soon anyway. Ava heard rumors that Michael changed her daughter's name to AJ! ROFL! All this talk about McSilas raising the baby with Kiwi, is this forshadowing that Tim Spencer is gonna show up and kidnap little AJ? Then oh oh she isn't safe! McSilas and Kiwi swoops in!

    Q home: Sabrina is gonna be the nanny! YAY! Then Kiwi comes in and makes Sabrina spin her head around and around. Yes a nanny. No. Yes. No. Yes. You are making me dizzy Sabrina! UGH! And Kiwi stop lifting your head up whenever you get mad!!! The actress is going to get a crick in your neck if she is not careful!

    Julian's home: Gee Kiwi is calm and she still lifts up her head. Julian and Caaaaaaaaaaarlos scene! Come on you two! Take off your shirts and go back in the rain! :) Boy Caaaaaarlos is so giddy that Julian says yeah let's kill Duke! :)

    Oh and Karen, what is FML?

  4. Carey N...:) I could so see that happening. LOL. PLUS, can't they just talk on throw away PHONES?

  5. sonya said...." I have no idea what he meant by that. My first thought was that he meant that he thinks Spinny is mentally challenged."

    lol That's exactly what I thought.

    KD, the throw away phones make too much sense for these writers.

  6. "Di That's exactly what I thought."

    ROFL! And it didn't help any when Sam treated Spinny like a 5 year old! Oh let's go to the cafeteria and get some jello! YUM! :)

  7. Sephora here too...LOLOL that cracked me up

  8. sonya said: " And it didn't help any when Sam treated Spinny like a 5 year old! Oh let's go to the cafeteria and get some jello! YUM! :)"

    And he skipped into the elevator. ROFL

  9. "Di said...And he skipped into the elevator. ROFL"

    He did?!!?! I didn't even see that! Hahaha. I will have to check it out. Boy his daughter will have a LOT of fun with her daddy! :)

  10. I ff through so much now as it is SOOOooooooooo repetitive it is like we are on a loop.
    I know Karen that you are not a fan of Jake/Jason and Liz but ugh - LOVE them. Love their chemistry. Not a fan though of the new face (or nu face) story-line. I read somewhere that this might drag out till fall and I will be SO mad!

  11. I realize this is a day late, but I was so tired after work yesterday & just caught up.

    I loved the scenes between Michael & Sabby if only because they: 1) proved he did know about the judge being in on it, but, 2) IMO also showing he is really doing this b/c he wants AJ to get the life growing up that he didn't get (free of violence & secrets).

    The rest of the show was one of the worst I have seen in a long time. I ditto everything Karen says.


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