Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I think Patrick Drake saw my Nipple

That's what ALEXIS said!! I guess having 90 people in Sam's house is nuts. Pat wants her to move into his house. Sam says "I'll think about it" 

Julian wants Alexis to move in with HIM. I guess Molly is just out there. 

I saw the last part of GH.... I guess Greens and Ric met on Tinder.  Greenlee is named "Hayden" all I can think of is Coach with that. 

BY the way, this Jake story is so OVERBOARD with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. YAWN

OMG...his name is "Jake Barns"...get it? Farm? Barn? State FARM! Jake, Jake from State Farm.

NuGirl is "meh" in the scenes with Fluke. 

Liason...SO ANGSTY!! WHAT CAN THEY DO! he's married!!!!!!! OH NOoooooooooo!! Hasn't this been done to death?  YES.


  1. Did anyone else find it more than a little hypocritical of Alexis to object to Molly moving in with Rick because of his past and the fact that he might not be on the up and up still, yet she would have had her move in with Julian...a known mobster who's still in the mob?

    And did Patrick get a divorce from Robin?

  2. Liz's home: Aww Liz! You don't want Jake Doe to be married, but he is!! Not with GreenleeHaden, but with Sam! So much angst with them! And they got so much chemistry!

    Hotel room: RIC!!!! I smile everytime I see Ric.. I smile everytime I see Rick Hearst. :) See Ric sweetie! I knew you were in on it! :) Your plan might just blow up in your face though, and Liz might hate you!

    Sam's home: Sam and Patrick see her parents almost having sex! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Patrick is not closing his eyes an hiding his face, like Sam is! He is enjoying what he sees BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Pig! :)Alexis wins the line of the day. She beat out Julian's line of, I didn't mean to turn your living room into a.

    Alexis: I think Patrick Drake saw my nipple.


    Julian: I didn't mean to turn your living room into a,

    Me: What? A sex nest? Porn room? Jumpin jolly good time? A sex romp?

    Poor Sam hahaha. I've been there Sam when I was younger! It can be traumatizing to see your parents doing it! Oh both couples talk about moving out! Julian says Molly is going to college in a few months! Oh?!!?! She is gonna be 18 soon? YAY! She has been 16 forever! In real life, she is 16 ROFL!

    Violet's home: The actress who plays Violet, I looked up her age, and she is 27! She looks 18!!!!

    Violet: I don't know anything! I really am busy.

    Tracy: What was that noise?

    Violet: Oh that's my cat. No you can't touch it. It sheds a lot, and it bites. It hates people.

    Fake cat: Meow meow. Purrrrr. Meow.. Hey who are these two ladies?!?!! HISSSSSSS!

    Violet's fake cat who hates people picture.


    Tim Spencer: We'll just get to know each other better. How's that sound?

    Oh no!!! Is he going to rape her?! :(

    Pennsylvania restaurant: Oh is THAT where Violet and her mother Pat live?!!?!! In Pennsylvania?! Is it an hour from Port Chuckles? Lulu believes Violet about the cat, but Tracy doesn't! ROFL!

    Kelly's: Around and around Olivia and Ned go. The same conversation. Are you sure you want this? Olivia he already said he wanted this! He already said he wants to help you!

    They didn't show Ava and McSilas today.. Is she still saying she wants to die? And is McSilas still having a blank face?

  3. You would think that they would't have named Greenlee- Hayden since it sounds so much like Aidan, but since he is the missing child I guess it doesn't matter so much.

    Both Sam's and Alexis's reactions were perfect.

    They need to move along with the is Luke thing...FF'ing thru because i know nothing will happen.

  4. Di said "And did Patrick get a divorce from Robin?" Yes they are divorced now.

    I love the chemistry between Becky and Billy and wish the TPTB would just trust in that instead of throwing so much at them story line wise. I do like that he is more Jakson again instead Jasus Morgan. Recast always work best when the actor gets to put his own mark on the role and when placed with who he has the best chemistry with rather than plopped into the role and made to impersonate the previous actor.

  5. Is Valerie going to stick around? We have too many on the canvas as it is!

    IMO the Tracy/Lulu scenes were so stupid.

    I did laugh at the nipple thing.

    As an AMC fan, it's fun to see Greenlee.

  6. Yes, PAUL..I just read Valerie is sticking around.



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