Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Knock Knock

20150321 0809(17)
After a week of..well, not much, I'm ready to take my vacation early. This is my last Sunday Surgery for 2 weeks at least. I have spring break coming-- and won't get to see the BIG APRIL 1st show. I could watch in the hotel room but frankly?
Nope. I'll catch up whenever. I honestly feel these past 2 weeks have been budget-saving in order to prepare for the anniversary stuff. We know May sweeps will follow. Sitting and waiting for things to happen?? 


Ok, let's get going. Double shot of espresso and some of Liz' left over turkey sandwiches.

20150317 0705(1) were we talking about?
I think...I think,,,Jake  yeah..Jake
Oh, Jake. Were we...talking about Jake?
I think so. That's the only word on my script---Jake

20150317 0733(19)

OMG, remember the time you took me hostage, tied me up and wanted to steal my baby? Hahhaa. Good times, Good times. 

Everyone and their mother, brother, nanny-- you name it were talking about JAKE. Sam talked to Julian about Jake.  Julian talked to Carlos about Jake. Carly talked about Jake to Sonny. Ric and Sonny talked about Jake. Ric and Carly? Jake. Sonny went and talked to Jake. Liz talked and kissed Jake. 

20150319 1451(36)

Jake!! Oh that JAKE. He got a job with the Jeromes. Carlos doesn't like Jake. Sonny met Jake and really doesn't like him. By the way, what a let down of a scene. SaSon "meet" for the first time and it felt like a flat tire. 

Sneak Peek: Rebecca Budig Arrives in Port Charles

And Jake--in the end, might be getting some of Liz' hootichie when who knocks on her door but his "WIFE"!!
We all know it's Jason, who had NO who could it be? Could Ric have hired Greenlee (Bailey) to pretend??? So you know, Liz will move on back to him. *sigh*

20150317 0729(6)

Then there's Jordan. The FBI informant caught in this HORRIFIC MOBULAR WAR!!! Run! Hide your children!! Duke asks her to kill Julian! Meanwhile, Julian tells Carlos to kill Duke! SO far no one has killed anyone. (Shocker)  Jordan runs to Anna. With the help of IQ impaired Nathan, Anna realizes she was putting Jordan in danger because of her relationship with Duke. She cries. Decides to get him arrested. So, in order to do that she goes and talks to....

20150319 1445(1)
 I'm only 3 months. Seriously. three. 

Olivia. Yep. Olivia! Wealth of information Olivia. Not that Duke couldn't be arrested on a million charges already, no--they have to find the tea box he uses at the Metro! If you don't remember the tea box, it appeared probably 3x a month or so ago (or earlier). It made prop of the week once! Duke is using it for a cash-drop. So, the key you see--is Tea. 

20150319 1403(28)

Then Rosie showed up. I guess she's Michael's secretary. Oh, sorry "Admin".  She's not been on since...well, I don't even know. But she's working at ELQ, carrying on her work with Helena through Nikolas and being a mole. Sabrina bops in. They don't like each other. Grrrr. She over hears Tracy and Michael figuring out the Cassadines are controlling the other stock. Dials Nikolas. Not from the bathroom, nah..right from her desk. Where, natch, Sabby hears her call Nikolas 'Boss".  No one texts. :hands up: 

20150317 1431(19)

Speaking of not liking someone...Morgan and Kiki sat in Kelly's for about 48 hours discussing how much they hate Mikey. Then, with the brain cell between them, they try to plot out a plan. Let's get him drunk! You know, he has that drunk

20150317 1450(38)

Cut to Michael with baby Avery on his lap at the Metro Court downing what I can only guess is root beer schnapps because I can't see him drinking whiskey. 
BABY AVERY is on his lap!! Now, I'm old. You know that. I bartended for 3 years --and never EVER saw a person drink with a baby on their lap at a public bar. EVER. Not even in the 80s. It was a major hit over the head scene. MICHAEL IS DRINKING WITH AVERY!! 
But, that's not really enough for ol' Morgan and Kiki. Nope. Morgan decides that they'll 'Switch his meds out'. 
Yep. "Switch his meds out".  So... I guess Michael takes some meds they can "switch out". They want to find a drug that mixes badly with booze so he'll look like a bad parent. 
Seriously. That's their plan. 
MAYBE they can steal Dr. O's Rx pad because she seems to have been gone a long time.
20150321 0806(27)

Spinelli challenges Nate to a duel -- so he can win "Fair Maxie's Heart' . Hilarity ensues. Spin doesn't know how to box! So, his new BFF Sonny teaches him in an hour how to run around the ring like Bugs Bunny to tire Nathan out. Hilarity ensues. Nathan gets tired...but manages to knock down Spin--RIGHT when Maxie walks in! 

20150321 0750(12)
oooooooooo solo mio!!!
Ava. Oh Ava. Stuck in a room with Silas. Going through chemo. Getting sick. In a room with Silas. Alone. Now she wants him to kill her because she's getting worse. Which would be a great 'right to die' story if only..
WTF? Who thought of this? Like I said before, Ava "drowning" in the river and "dying" only to die of cancer (or not die, whichever) Loses all it's PUNCH by having her isolated. In a room alone. With Silas. ALONE. With Silas.  I can only hope she gets out of her charges because she's 'dying'? Because alone in the room with Silas is going to get real old, real quick. 

20150321 0756(40)

Then there's Nina and Franco. Also all hold up in their coo-coo's nest (Literally). Playing Battle Ship, trying to figure out if they should act crazy or not act crazy. Alexis and Scotty go in to try to talk some sense into them...but I guess they'll just stay in the day room for awhile. 

20150317 1450(9)

Lucy showed up for a 1/2 day. She asked Sabrina to be in the Nurses' Ball.  She talked to Duke. That seemed to be the extent of that. 

20150319 0659(34)

Yet another strange insertion of a character we NEVER SEE. Hi! Molly! Are you here to, I don't know, further a story? just want to show Dad Tinder!! Ok then. See ya later. 

20150319 1450(32)

Spencer doesn't want anyone to see his face. Patrick, Emma and Sam show up. Nikolas finds out that Cam started the fire. Cam was all upset and told Liz who called Nikolas ASAP. Spencer overheard that the Townie "Started" the fire. I'm waiting for him to hire Nancy Grace and sue Cameron's ass. LOL. The scenes with Emma and Patrick and Sam were good. Liked them. 

The "big" reveal happened Friday..well, TWO reveals. Greens as Jason's "wife" and then Tracy and Lulu found Pat's daughter. What pissed me off to no end was Tracy's reaction to her being black. Come on..seriously? Her entire family is mulit-racial so... not only that, she IS a well traveled person. It just seemed pointless and not needed. Of course, Valerie said that Pat was dead-- BUT! Fluke is lurking behind the door with a gun on her! BTW, this doesn't mean TG is back from Vacation, you know they filmed this before he left, right? 


20150317 0756(33)

I DON'T LIKE YOU...I DON'T LIKE YOU JAKE!! You are my ENEMY!! My ENEMY I TELL YOU!!!  I don't like you WITH Liz OR Sam.. I don't like you with Green Eggs and Ham!! 

20150317 1442

But, you gotta admit, I'm REALLY CUTE... 

20150319 0750(22)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  As strange as this whole "boxing match with Nate" was, I actually liked Spinelli and Sonny chatting about love and life. Sonny was nicely non-mobular and Bradford did is usual linguistic gymnastics to keep me entertained. The match itself was silly, but this was a good scene. 

20150317 1450(37)

PROP OF THE WEEK: Thank goodness someone was thinking to bring an appropriate play thing to the bar for Avery. 

20150321 0828(44)

RUNNER UP: Boxing Bell..

20150319 0655(36)

FACE OF THE WEEK: I'm choosing a NON-face of the week. Lol Spencer hiding from the world because of his scars. 

20150321 0840(18)

Like I said, I will be on vacation for a week starting March 29th. I will try to get some blogs up for you to comment on but won't be watching. April 1st I will try to make sure I get at least a photo up!

Also, I caught Bold and Beautiful for the Maya reveal! Everyone on twitter had mentioned it so I tuned in the last 3 min of the show !! I think March Madness is on now, but I'm going to try to catch it when it's back on. 30min soaps are awesome. I really want to see how they do this as well. GOOD for them! :)

Have a great week! 


  1. Just too many stories going on!!! My head hurts.

  2. If only Jake had really gotten some psychiatric help and maybe through hypnosis, got his memory back all this crap wouldn't be happening. But that never occurs to him. I thought the scene of the week was when he touched Liz's hand. Speaking of Liz, in the TV Guide column on the upcoming anniversary show, Becky H. mentioned that back then no one over acted. She wa so right. At least 4 actors/actresses are major offenders. B & B certainly is the show to watch right now.

  3. Karen, I also really enjoyed Sonny w/Spinny, although it was strange, as he spent YEARS not liking him!! Whenever Sonny is around children, or is parental in any way, he really shines!!

  4. " were we talking about?I think...I think,,,Jake yeah..Jake
    Oh, Jake. Were we...talking about Jake?I think so. That's the only word on my script---Jake"

    ROFL! Instead of let's talk about sex baby, it's let's talk about Jake baby! :)

    "OMG, remember the time you took me hostage, tied me up and wanted to steal my baby? Hahhaa. Good times, Good times."

    Hahaha. The picture you put up of Carly, it looks like she is saying that hahaha.

    "We all know it's Jason, who had NO WIFE."

    Yes he did. To Sam! Before he "died"

  5. So you can forgive someone who shots you in the head or rapes your son yet you can't forgive someone chained you to a wall. All the saying of Jake's name reminded the times they said the names Brenda and Michael in one single episode.

  6. Cooks7570 -
    Sonny was shooting at Lorenzo when he sot Carly. Carly was in labor and screaming, but Sonny was in bad shape mentally (because Lo had paid someone to pretend to be Lily to haunt Carly) and saw Lo standing over a screaming Carly. The bullet went thru Lo and into Carly.
    Franco did not rape Michael. HE was complicit in the rape but he did not do it. Carly was momentary fooled by the "tumor" and "I'm Jason's bother" crap with Franco, but she has since come to her senses and hates him as much as Rick.

  7. This was a 'watch the last 3 mins of this Friday's show on Monday's recap' kind of week because nothing happened till Fluke behind Val (saw that coming the first ten secs Val opened the door, and then Budig's appearance.

  8. Over the last few months:
    - Ive been not watching more than Ive been watching.
    - Ive been enjoying not watching more than Ive enjoyed watching.

    So this "wife" is suppose to be some big deal actress? Based on the brief scenes Friday I am far more interested in the Val Spencer character than the "wife" character.

    So they recast Kiki and resign Silas to a new contract, but they are going to kill off Ava? If they are going to kill off a relative newbie character she would be the last one I would choose.

    And Ava wanting to speed up her death? Well, let's face it, if you were stuck in a room with Silas wouldn't you be praying for death too? The boredom could kill anyone.

  9. Jason's wife is Rebecca Buding she was on AMC forever as Greenlee. People grew to love her. She IS a good actress.
    Not sure as I can see her as anything but Greenlee tho. Too bad it couldn't have BEEN Greenlee (She totally would pretend to be someone's wife) but you know PP and suing for characters!

  10. "friscogh said...And Ava wanting to speed up her death? Well, let's face it, if you were stuck in a room with Silas wouldn't you be praying for death too? The boredom could kill anyone."

    Yeah! Especially when he just stares at her and doesn't say anything about what is going on with her! That alone can kill her!

    "kdmask said...Jason's wife is Rebecca Buding"

    Huh? I'm confused.

  11. Your commentary is so funny, it's the best part of watching GH.

    Not only is Ava stuck in a hospital room w/Silas, she is stuck in one of the dreariest, most depressing hospital rooms ever. It looks like Silas stashed her behind the boiler room or in the morgue.

    Sometimes I can see something coming a mile away and other times I guess I'm clueless because I was not expecting Luke standing behind the door. I thought Pat would be standing there. It never occurred to me that they filmed this a while ago, I was hoping TG was back from yet another vacation so we could move this story along!

    Speaking of 30 min. soaps, I know a lot of people didn't like Port Charles, but I loved the show and since it was only 30 min. it always left me wanting more. At the end I'd think, "Oh darn it, it's over already!" and then I'd watch GH and think, "Isn't this over YET?" which sometimes is still my reaction. The best days are when you are disappointed when the show is over because it was a good episode. That still happens but not as often as I would hope.

  12. Sonya, looked like Frisco didn't know who Rebecca buding was 'some big time actress"
    SO, I was saying who she was :)

  13. "kdmask said...Sonya, looked like Frisco didn't know who Rebecca buding was 'some big time actress"
    SO, I was saying who she was :)"

    Ohhhh okay!!! :)


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