Monday, March 9, 2015

The Big C

20150307 0959(22)

Ava has cancer. Silas is so broken up. Not that you could tell. Lymphoma. Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Most deadly kind.  She's got bruises...tumors. Ava realizes why Silas didn't turn her in. Silas says no one matches her for a bone marrow transplant.
NOW who is PG with a JEROME Heir? Hmmmmm...who? WHO? 

No one on the registry fits
Delia is too old. 

Avery is so cute, can't stand it. Kiki won't go to the island...Morgan Begs Her.

Spin found out something about Pat. Sure it will take months to come out. Oh it was her address 10 years ago. So, there's that.
Tracy and Lulu are going to find her and knock on the door to see if the person can tell them where Pat is now. 
Where is the address? They never say. Geesh, must be close. 

Sonny MIGHT GET ARRESTED? Really??? WHAT? Arrested? For F sake, can't they find ANYTHING to do with Sonny anymore? 
Sonny says: Arrest me.
Carly says: What would JASON SAY, Michael....

Michael says: Arrest HER TOO!! 

At the last second, Morgan and Kiki come in with Avery!!! They covered for Sonny and said they were always going to bring her back. 

OMG..OH MY GOD. GET THIS--Michael is calling Avery AJ for "Avery Jerome"! AHAHAHAHA yes!!!! 

Franco, Nina and Fluke try to escape. All you need to know is that Nina got tased and Fluke ran out. 


  1. Maybe if the actor portraying Michael were a better actor. Maybe if I had seen the Sonny saga from the beginning. Maybe if I hadn't hated the character of AJ so much. Then maybe I could understand why the heck many folks are liking this Avery story so much. Really, I think it does, in the end, boil down to the actor playing Mikey. He just is not working for me; he seems like a whiney little twerp who is having a tantrum, and taking his father's child to hurt his father. He is pouty and no fun to watch.
    Say what you will about the character, Maurice is a good actor. We need someone is can match his acting chops.


  2. It is really sad that the ONLY way I can see Genie Francis on tv between 3 and 4pm is in a weight loss commercial!

    Carly says: What would JASON SAY, Michael....

    Um, I think Jason would say "Hello. My name is Jake..."

    Does anyone know when Dee's first airdate is going to be? Has that been announced?

    I never liked Ava. Really, I never did. But if they go through with a Cancer storyline, I think Maura West has the acting chops to make it very believable and poignant and knock it out of the part.

    The "AJ" twist was simply brilliant.

  3. I read that "Pat" is supposed to appear on March 20 th.

  4. I agree with you about the actor playing Michael, ishouldreadmore. He's just not selling it.

    I thought the same thing when I saw Genie in that ad, delcodave. She looks so good too. She should have been brought back.

    And I confess to laughing, in a slightly evil way, when Michael said he was going to call Avery AJ. Muyhahahahahahaha

    Ava should write a "will" saying who she wants to look after he baby and have Silas "find it." I definitely would be doing that if i was alive and people were fighting over my child.

  5. GH actors - my take....
    The guy playing Michael is decent when given good material, but the stuff of the last few months for him has been weak IMO.

    Maura West kicks butt and has made the Ava character at least interesting to watch despite the forced and terrible storylines going on right now.

    New Kiki is terrible. Please send the character away.

  6. "Sonny MIGHT GET ARRESTED? Really??? WHAT? Arrested? For F sake, can't they find ANYTHING to do with Sonny anymore?" Nope. The character is worn out yet they continue to have him on FIVE days a week.

    This Sonny vs. Mikey fight for Avery should be great drama in theory but it's way too plot-y and the characterizations are completely flat. Sonny should be going through some growth from all this. He's past sins should be hitting him with self-realization that he is in fact not all that and a bag of chips. Carly should truly be torn between Sonny and Mikey but right now she is nothing more than Sonny's doormat. The CarSon romance is garbage as a result. I need Sonny to be with someone who makes him want to be a better man not someone who acts like his employee. And then there is Michael... Instead of showing us all the layers as to why he is doing what he is doing all we see is the revenge. We don't see Michael's pain or his concern for his little IS there but we not being shown it. Michael is the good guy & the victim and he's being played as the mustache twirling villain. He's been Marty Saybrooke'd. Rant over:)

  7. One thing to remember with Chad Duell, he has the chops. The rape story line was so well done, I totally forgot about the Micheal before him. But they're trying to turn him into Sonny (as Carly pointed out) and maybe a little bit AJ. He's coming off as nothing more than angry, even though what he has to say for wanting Avery (AJ AHHAHAHA) is correct. Sonny's house isn't safe, it's never been safe, and even if he walks away from the mob, he's still Sonny. He, himself, can be dangerous.

    I do wish they'd let Chad do more than one emotion though.

  8. New York City:

    Ava's NYC room: WHAT?!!?!?! Ava has Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma?!?!! :(

    "Karen says NOW who is PG with a JEROME Heir? Hmmmmm...who? WHO?
    No one on the registry fits
    Delia is too old."

    OLIVIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) But the baby is not going to be born for months! How long does Ava have?!

    Ryan's bar: Kiwi is making way too much sense!!! Listen to her Morgan! Woah I can't believe I just said that.

    Shadybrook: No don't listen to Tim Spencer!!! Oh oh Tim Spencer grabbed Nina!

    "Karen says All you need to know is that Nina got tased and Fluke ran out."

    Oh is THAT what happened? I thought Tim Spencer pushed her and she hit her head.

    Q home: They got an address! Oh wait it's not Pat's home anymore! Where oh where is Pat?! Oh where oh where can she be?!!?! Is living somewhere in the outskirts of Port Chuckles?

    Lante home: Oh wow! Maxie! Listen to wooden Nathan!!! It's pretty ironic though. Nathan catches Spixie playing tonsil hockey, and then Spinny catches Naxie playing tonsil hockey.

    Spinny: God's be my witness, this is not the end of Maxie and me.

    Yeah!! Love it! Go Spinny!

    Sonny's home: Michael wants Carly arrested too!! BAHAHAHHAHAHA!

    Kiwi: What happened to you? You used to be the good son. The good brother.

    Translation: You used to be the golden boy! What has happened to the golden boy?!

    Kiwi gave Michael little Avery Lavery, but then Michael just couldn't leave yet. He had to stick it to all of them about her name! Michael wins the line of the day! He beat out Spinny's question about Hannibal Lector's chewing off Scotty's ear.

    Michael: I think I'm just gonna call you AJ.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! LOVE IT! Love it so much! :) Thank you Michael!!!! I bet he will change her last name to Quartermaine! So her full name will be AJ Quartermaine!!!! :) I will call her AJ from now on!!! Goodbye Avery Lavery and hello AJ! :) Great fantastic scene! That scene wins scene of the day!

  9. "delcodave said...

    Carly says: What would JASON SAY, Michael....

    Um, I think Jason would say "Hello. My name is Jake..."

    ROFL! Oh that is perfect! Hahahaha!

  10. Yes, I agree about Genie. I miss her so much!

  11. Silas didn't test Avery for a bone marrow match...right?

  12. Carly said the Quartermaine house "brings nothing but misery." Really? This from a woman who let a SERIAL KILLER live in her house with her young daughter. Edward & Lila seemed happy. Monica and Alan had happy times when they weren't cheating on each other. That had nothing to do with being a Q. Ned and Tracy seem pretty happy other than personal crises that every character on a soap has. Monica must be happy with her new beau, in spite of the fact that Guza killed almost every Q. I just don't know why the Q's became a punching bag for every writing regime. Hardly any soap characters are perfect, but I still think the writers want us to root for Sonny & Co.

    It cracked me up when Michael was at Sonny's and we see Morgan and Kiki in NYC, and a scene or two later it's obviously only a few minutes later at Sonny's, when Morgan and Kiki show up. Guess they used the Soap Opera Transporter!

    I thought Maura West played her scenes very well. I hope she doesn't get killed off even though they wrote her into a corner. I wish they hadn't had her be a murderer. I hope Franco & Nina stay in their self-contained story at Shadybrook forever so I can continue to FF them!

  13. Maura West will bring you to your knees if they do a long terminal illness story for her-

  14. I actually like Chad's depiction of Michael. He's doing a good job, imo... balancing it out with the more emotional Morgan, it's good. I guess I'm tired of Sonny/Maurice. The exact same lines were said when AJ was alive and he was trying to get Michael.
    Yes, Michael is being a brat but Sonny was the BIGGEST BRAT ever!!
    I Did love the AJ naming twist because I'm weird that way.
    What is missing is MONICA...BIG TIME. I mean, if LC can't come back they need to say so somehow and not just have her 'gone'. If she wants back get her the hell back!

  15. Brilliant to have Franco quote the Talking Heads song with "my beautiful house, my beautiful wife". Then again we have the dangerous criminal Luke in an unlocked room with no guard in there and visitors allowed to be able to remove his restraints. CD isn't the greatest actor but compared to RP he can't look that bad. MW is fabulous! That is real acting. Carly and Sonny are pathetic excuses for parents. NuKiki seems to be miscast.

  16. I agree about Monica, kd. If LC can't come back then they should recast her.

  17. I can't decide who is worse, NuKiki or NuKristina. They even have a similar look.



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