Thursday, March 5, 2015

Not home where I can watch #GH yet, but checking Twitter for updates. This picture scares the beejeebus outta me!


Well..Luke is now Mike Tyson aka Hannibel Lector. Which I'd find amusing if ..well, if I found this whole dragged out mess funny. 
YAWN! I am now OFFICIALLY BORED of this whole thing. It used to frustrate me.. now? I'm sleeping. Please.
Scotty got his ear bit off but the re-attached it. 

Ava's explaining why she left the hospital. Wants to run

Maxie and Spin.

Michael got custody of Avery.  BUT Sonny isn't going to tell ANYONE where she is cause he's not giving her up! 


  1. I so hope Silas switched the paternity results and Morgan is the father even tho he bugs the hell out of me, hes such a moron most of the time. And I hope Sonny and Julian have a big gun fight and they both die. Love this blog site because I go on right after I know the show is over on the East Coast and then don't have to watch the bad storylines they have on now. :) Thank you :)

  2. Sonny did a stupid thing by not saying where Avery is. If Ava kidnaps Avery he'll get the blame now as no one knows she's really in NY.

    I was hoping Luke had bitten off Scotty's nose.

  3. Same here @mysticcmegg! I read this way before it airs here in Cali and judge if I turn it on by what I read!

  4. Is the mask suppose to prevent him from chewing on the scenery? So far the Fluke story has borrower from Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho, and now Silence of the Lambs. What's next? LOL

  5. SaveOurSuds, You forgot Birdman.
    As for Sonny, there was a mag at the supermarket that said: IS SONNY GOING BACK TO PRISON. Maybe so, for kidnapping Avery.
    All the stories are yawners.
    I record the show, and fast forward thru much of it.
    As my moniker suggests, I should read more. But my poor eyes won't stand for a lot of it; it is easier to watch tv. But GH may just drive me to further eye strain.

  6. Can you imagine if Sonny goes BACK to prison?
    Good GOD! Just stop it already. UGHHH

  7. Courthouse:

    Michael's custody hearing: Carly remembers where she has seen Judge Walters! He is dating Monica! ROFL! Ric complaining about conflict of interest! ROFL! Judge Walters got him good hahahhaha. Michael won the case! He gets little A.L.!!! YESSSSSSS! Oh oh Sonny lied. Sonny don't make this worse on yourself!!!

    Hannibel Lector and Scotty: I was thinking is he going to eat Scotty's brain?!

    Hannibel Lector: NOM NOM NOM!

    The hospital:

    Scotty's room: When Lulu and Tracy were talking outside his room.I thought they were talking about Luke got hurt! I'm thinking what the hell happened?! Oh it's Scotty who got hurt! Oh Hannibel Lector ate off the tip of Scotty's ear!!!! ROFL! NOM NOM NOM! Scotty wins the line of the day! He beat out BobTodd's acting out three's company,(which was hysterical)

    Scotty: It's not so bad? Your brother bit my ear off!

    ROFL! Well Scotty, he did say he was hungry! ROFL!


    Come and knock on our door... (Come and knock on our door)
    We've been waiting for you.... (We've been waiting for you)
    Where the kisses are hers and hers and his,Three's company too.

    Come and dance on on our floor... (Come and dance on on our floor)
    Take a step that is new... (Take a step that is new)We've a loveable space that needs your face,
    Three's company too.

    You'll see that life is a frolic and laughter is calling for you...
    Down at our rendez-vous... (Down at our rendez-vous)
    Three's company, too!

    Down at our rendez-vous...
    Three's company, too!

    Oh look! Hannible Lector in that face mask! ROFL! The guy working there said that incident is on youtube and he watched it. I wanna see! :) Oh man I want to see bloopers!!!! I hope bloopers pop up!!!!

    Lante home: Oh come on Maxie!!! If you didn't have feelings for Spinny, then you wouldn't BE in this mess!!! Just admit it! Spinny just grab her and kiss her! Oh he doesn't grab her but he kisses her! YES! And she kisses him back! YES! Nathan sees the kiss! YES!!!

    NYC Ava's room:

    McSilas: Son of a bitch!

    ROFL! Yes Ava is gone, and don't steal Sonny's line!

    NYC Ryan's bar: YES! Delia dropped the coffee pot!!! :)Baby A.L. woke up!! Sleep well little one? Oh great Ava! Now you put your mother into the middle of this, so she could get in trouble! Wait don't take your daughter! People will be suspicious! Well, not your daughter Kiwi cus she is dumb.

  8. Hands down THE WORST show since the Guza era.

    Bad writing, bad acting, bad melodrama, stupid plot twists.

    Only good thing was the Judge calling BS on the conflicts of interest. 1 good minute in 60.

  9. Why are we copying from every movie with a wacked out character ever written?

    Biting his ear off. This was worse than bad. Enough already! Get to this Pat Spencer stuff so this story can just be over. I just don't care.

    Finally something didn't go Sonny's way!! And you know what? If your child needs a body guard, maybe you shouldn't have custody of them. I know Michael did it out of spite, but he is not really wrong.

  10. Who is it again that people think will play Pat Spencer?

  11. AntJoan, I heard Dee Wallace Stone (or she's just Dee Wallace now?), but I haven't seen it confirmed anywhere yet.

  12. Here's a confirmation on Dee Wallace


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