Monday, March 2, 2015

2:20 and I'm OUT!

OH MY GAWD. Liz is blabbing with JAKE...sorry other patients. She likes him...he might like her! OH GIGGLE. Having St.Jaysus come back is such a bad bad idea. We'll get Carly, Sam and Liz sheeze ALL OVER AGAIN!  Billy Miller should have been someone else.

Courtroom: Zzzzzzzzz.

Ava has a tablet by her bed in the hospital (Of COURSE she does) and watches "trial coverage" on it. She has to get back! HAS TO!

Carlos is out. Jules tries to kill him.

Franco faked the entire thing. He said it was performance Art. 

I could NOT deal today. Sorry... left at 2:20


  1. Haven't watched yet but I'm really disappointed with the direction or lack there of for Jakson. I wanted a family story and romance. Instead we get revolving ex-girlfriends. What's the point?

  2. I like that Ric is Defending Sonny
    After their long complicated history I hope SOnny wins custody

  3. BobTodd and Nina: BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: She's an actor from a tv show, Cloris Leachman played her.

    ROFL! What?! :)Woah hey hey! Nina stop hitting him ouch!!! BobTodd push her away! Hit her back! Do something ouch! Nina stop!!! Okay your mad but it doesn't give you the right to hit him. Hmmm she is gonna forgive him. :)

    Nina: We are pals.

    Me: You are more than that now!!! Even BobTodd thinks so! :) Awww they are kissing. :)

    New York City: McSilas cares about Ava awwww! :)Pretty soon, they could fall inlove again! :)Ava doesn't want that bitch Carly to be her daughter's mother! HA! :)

    Courthouse: Go Ric!!!!! :) I'm surprised Carly or Sonny isn't standing up to protect their former golden child. Oh there she is!! Standing up and saying something. Carly has just got to protect Sonny and his wuv for his children.

    Kelly's: Caaaaaaaaaarlos is free! :)Oh look! Caaaaaarlos and Julian are bonding. :)

    The hospital:

    Jake Doe's room: Oh Liz finally admits she has feelings for Jakey poo. Poor Ric. :( Oh look Robot Sloan shows up and wants to give Jake Doe a job being an undercover cop! ROFL! Jason Morgan an undercover cop hahahahaha. Oh oh Dr O is on the warpath!!!! ROFL!

    Liz and Nik: Awww poor Nik!!! The way Nik is talking about Shriners hospital, it's like he is a walking advertisement. Anyway poor Spencer!!! :( I'm glad he is sleeping, but they didn't show him!

    GH bloopers from 2014. Did anybody see this yet?! :)

  4. The bloopers are a riot! I wish they'd show those more often. You see how much fun the cast has and how much they enjoy working with one another.

  5. "RedSoxFaninVA said...The bloopers are a riot! I wish they'd show those more often."

    Yeah love them. I wish they would show them more often too!

    "You see how much fun the cast has and how much they enjoy working with one another."

    Yeah it was fun to see! :)

  6. That video isn't available for viewing in my region.....waaahhh.....

    And here's a link to an article about the use of Shriner's Hospital on GH.

  7. Di said...
    >That video isn't available for viewing in my region.....waaahhh.....

    Me neither....sob!

    >And here's a link to an article about the use of Shriner's Hospital on GH.

    Very nice.

  8. Oh, dear. I was SO hoping Jake would be a new man, a Jason who does not want to kill people or work for the mob. I'd like to LIKE him this time around. I already like Jake so why can't we have a nice leading man type here instead of him belonging to Sam and being a grim criminal type.

    Oh, well...

    I can't let myself have feelings for these mobsters who break the law and order ciminal deeds. Just me, I guess. I would never associate with them in real life and have little regard for them on screen. They can be interesting wituout being murdering swine!

  9. I agree with soaplover about Jake and hoping they would not go down the mob route. I really wanted this to be more of a Quartermaine story than a mob story, have Jason remember his Q past and wrestle with his past life as Jason Morgan. Putting him with the Jeromes will probably end his relationship w/Liz. Ric will do something dastardly and Liz will be out in the cold yet again.

  10. Thanks for the bloopers Sonya - so funny!! Kudos to MW for appearing without a drop of makeup. Ric was great yesterday - Michael has no business going after Avery.

  11. "LSV422 said...Thanks for the bloopers Sonya - so funny!!"

    You're welcome! I hope we get more soon! :)

  12. Out of frustration I, a viewer for the last 36 years, stopped watching a few weeks ago. I continue to check this blog daily.

    So, Spencer was burned and is in hospital? Any mention of Grandma Laura, Uncle Lucky, Great Grandma Lesley - even Nicholas giving them a phone call? Any Great Grandma Helena was taken off screen just a few days before? What a great chance to have Brit or Robin come back to help tend to Spencer short term.

    Once again, just like the Fluke storyline or the Michael storyline or the Lulu being kidnapped storyline, the glaring gap is the omission of FAMILIES from storylines. Seems Cartini would rather save the money to bloat the cast with "name" actors from other soaps as newbie characters.

    Instead of Great Grandma Lesley - a doctor! - visiting Spencer we get Rebecca Budding as a new character and a recast Kiki no one seems to like.

    I sense I will be tuning out for a while longer.

    PS: Where is Robin? Didn't Helena have her but then Helena returned with no mention of Robin. Is Robin off somewhere babysitting the Lante baby in a capsule?

  13. I need for MB to shave that beard, it creeps me out


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