Friday, March 27, 2015

In Another Head-Scratching Move..General Hospital

Is letting WHO go?

Soap Opera Digest Reports that Ian Buchanan is leaving GH. But---they can hire a NuSloane? Recast Kiki? Have Valerie Spencer on more?   What the hell. 
COME ON. Sorry. Unacceptable. 


  1. Wubs, I hope you're enjoying your vacay! Have a drink with an umbrella in it for me!

    I have been scratching my head at a lot of the GH casting that has been happening this year. I can't say that I don't understand Duke going off into the sunset completely. It felt as if he had kind of been written into a corner. BUT Ian is a good actor and nice looking to boot (and very professional). It feels like those are the qualities that a soap should want but GH seems to want the opposite. Yes, head-scratcher indeed.

  2. It seems pretty clear to me- He's an original GH character. They mean nothing to these new writers. OLTL actors and new characters mean much more.

    Speaking of nuSloan, I did notice that they hat least had the greasy headed sleaze cut his hair. I guess they read our comments.

  3. Yeah I saw that on facebook. Not happy at all!!! What are they going to do? Have him killed? UGH!

    "Di said...Speaking of nuSloan, I did notice that they hat least had the greasy headed sleaze cut his hair. I guess they read our comments."

    Well if they DO read our comments, bring back the original Sloan!!!

  4. Maybe it's just me, but I get the impression he wants out?? I guess I have read it wrong. I'll certainly miss him, the cast is way bloated but if I had to pick someone to go it certainly wouldn't be him.
    @sonya I noticed that too about Sloan, it makes him look a little better. Still don't like the actor or character. Why couldn't they have left the other guy in this role?

  5. "Michelle Latta said...@sonya I noticed that too about Sloan, it makes him look a little better. Still don't like the actor or character."

    Actually Di said it. :) And I don't like his shorter hair. It looks like he is going to go to the army.

    "Why couldn't they have left the other guy in this role?"

    I wish they didn't recast!

  6. I wish they'd left the old Sloan in the role too. I hate this new guy.

  7. Honestly, old Sloan, new Sloan. I personally could care less for the character. Duke Lavery, I'll miss!!!

  8. I can't see IB "wanting out" now...just when he's getting decent stuff as the new mobular guy.

    I wanted him to save Anna from an obviously ruthless and nasty Sloane!!

  9. It won''t be long and the Y & R will pick him up, they like GH actors. In hate to see him go. H e is wonderful!!

  10. Very disappointed once again. He is a good actor and so much more could have been done with his character. Sorry to see him go and wish there were others going instead of him.

  11. This news upsets me. No particularly because it is Duke - I've never been a fan of his; find the character more wooden than Nathan - but because Cartini's assault on General Hospital continues.

    The show is just as mob centric and violent now as it was under Guza.

    The storylines are more demented with children in romances, 1/2 the population in prison or mental wards than ever before.

    Veterans like Anna and Tracy have been dumbed down.

    Vets like Monica continue to collect dust.

    Vets like Mac have been demoted and now get less screen time.

    Vets like AJ, Lucy and Kevin were brought back only to have their characters assassinated.

    your ability to act (ie.,Epiphany and Diane) now matters less than how you look with your shirt off.

    The cast has become so bloated in two years that they don't even have room now for the characters they themselves introduced (Dr. O, Brit, Rosalie, etc.)and/or Cartini pets (Nina, Franco, Silas, Kiki, etc.) are stuck in meaningless stories.

    I've taken to calling it General Orphanage as Cartini seems intent on hiring every out of work soap actor. Focussed more on quality of cast than quality of story.

    When they started at GH Cartini said they were fans of the show and would honour its history. They should apologize...

  12. oops, when quantity of cast

  13. Thumbs up friscogh. You summed up exactly what is wrong with GH.

  14. Ditto for friscogh.

    I'm not a particular fan of Duke, but if they kill him off this is another character brought back from the dead and then killed off yet again.

    If IB wants to leave that is good for him. Also I know characters sometimes get written into corners. But there are a lot of useless characters portrayed by mediocre actors on GH now, and a lot of hammy overacting from some big "names." This also leaves Anna's character at the mercy of that sleazy Sloane.

  15. Can't believe what I'm reading. How could they let a talent like Ian go and keep the likes of some of these other dullards. Definite head-scratcher. I hope they reverse this decision and keep him in the cast. Duke has been one of the most heroic and beloved characters in the history of GH. They haven't written well for him since his return. Should have done much better by Duke, Ian, and the fans!


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