Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Silence of the Hams

20150305 1427(15)

Ok, that title was way too easy!! We had a lot of movie references this week... and of course, good old fashioned Soapy: "I'm showing up at my own Funeral" stuff, so it was an interesting one. I said "interesting "but not "exciting".. (Just keep that in mind)

You have to have some ham (or Canadian Bacon) this week with a nice Bloody Mary to go with Scotty's ear. 
Daylight Savings time is wretched just wretched. 

No, that  wasn't "face of the week"  up there... sorry. It just wasn't. 

20150304 0930(24)

Ava's memorial was held in Ryan's bar in NYC. Why you ask? So it was closer to Ava's bedside!! Within WALKING distance actually!! Delia's back adding some sparkle into my day!  NuKiki is there and Morgan talks Sonny into letting him take Avery. Morgan's reasoning was something like "Avery will have that connection to Ava". Like she's gonna remember?? Either way, Sonny will be bit in the butt later by letting her go, which is all that matters.

20150304 1012(9)

Ava could barely get to the phone without falling over, but she manages to get out of the hospital in a parka and  Stalk. *sigh* Silas and Delia talk her out of talking Avery and escaping. More on her fate later.

20150304 0933(28)

Sam went to Boston to see Nikolas which was nice and touching. Of course it was to tease us about Nikolas giving it up for the Jake news. Which, he didn't. So, again. No point.

20150304 0948(5)

You think we're friends?
Well, we had the whole prison thing going so..

You're DEAD TO ME!
20150305 1449(13)

And, yeah, so Sonny isn't "ABOUT TO GIVE AVERY TO MICHAEL!"! EVEN IF Judge "Monica's Boyfriend " told him to. Even IF it was described in grizzly detail how Sonny's lifestyle compromised his wives and kids. NOPE NOPE NOPE. She's MY FLESH AND BLOOD.  Yada yada. Avery is in NYC-- so no one is getting her too quick anyway. Gave Sonny another reason to rant/rave. (like he needs one)

20150307 0919(9)

Hey Morgan!
I want you to kidnap your own sister. 
Um, well..
COME ON, just DO IT! 
Where to?
My Island...can you believe that ass of your brother won the custody case? He said I'm a BAD FATHER!! 
Shut it! Now, take the baby and use the fake passports I'll provide for you... you'll only have to do life if you get caught. Now GET goin! 

**Note:  this scene reminds us of just what a rat-bastard Sonny is. Doesn't even kidnap his own kid, he makes his Son do it. 

20150304 0942(5)
Billy Miller: Hospital Bed Stay Day 3,440 
So... you didn't remember Sam's boobs..maybe you'll remember my mouth?  You know, the one that doesn't stop talking? Huh? huh? Oh, by the way, you SHOULD take the deal with Sloane and infiltrate the Jerome's. 
Why? Cause I SAID SO!! Geesh!! 

Note: Jake is now OFF THE HOOK for all his crimes and working undercover for Sloane. Still no sign of Monica. 
Who by the way, arranged for Judge Wapner to get on the case for Michael OFF CAMERA because as Tracy said "She always put work before family'. (well, not until Guza but that's another story).

20150305 1450(15)

Spixie gives Nate an eye full. Not that he registered much emotion. It was sort of a Silas.2 moment for him. 

20150305 1450(18)

To prove it, this is the MOST 'distressed' face in that whole scene sequence. Yep. That face. Right there. 

20150303 0808(33)

NO idea why this happened....other than ...oh hell, I don't know.  Nice ring.

20150305 1452(7)

So, my ear bit off.
Oh, Scotty, they reattached it. Geesh..don't be so dramatic!
Huh? What..Can't hear you...

20150305 1440(2)

How do I respond to this? What do I even say? If anyone appreciates this kind of nonsense it's me...but boy it just fell so FLAT, imo. I mean. Come on. Not only have we endured this LONG ASS'D story..and finally found out Luke is Luke, we have to go through this too? Really? *sigh*. Ok. So...hahhaa. Luke's Lector in Silence of the Lambs. Got it. HaHa. Get the Fava Beans ready.

20150305 1440(26)

Franco heard about his Daddy's ear and all of a sudden became the "Baldwin Brother Extraordinaire".  Wants to avenge the ear thing...with Fluke. Who happens to be in MINIMAL SECURITY Shadybook? WTF is that? Seriously? Okay then. You have to use a dolly with straps and a mask, but hey- this place is perfect!  Even his damn door was unlocked.  THE DOOR WAS UNLOCKED. Let that soak in. 
I did get Strafford, Geary and Howarth in the same room so I should be grateful. But boy oh boy, this story is stinkin' up the joint. 

20150307 0909(12)

I'm going to KILL you in EPIC FASHION!!
Why? Your Dad's a loser. 
No, I'm going to keep talking...and use this PILLOW which we know is the worst way to do ANYTHING....
Yeah, pal, tell me about it. I tried that...didn't work
Ok, give it a try...mumffffpphhhh....
(Nina saved him)

Hey!! I know!! Let's all ESCAPE together!! Because now we're BFFs!  Ok! It's a plan! :eyeroll: Franco needs his tumor to grow back and soon. 

20150307 0938(38)

You're dying.
No, Silas I almost died, and was at my funeral, but I'm not dead.
Yet.  Yet. You're not dead--yet.

Oh, and...Ava's going to die. LOL..Silas tells her she's "dying". Of some disease no doubt. Which I don't even want to process at the moment. I mean, Ava gets shot, falls off a bridge, crawls out, makes it to her own funeral...only to die? So either it's a really bad story and she is going to die..or..she's NOT going to die but we'll live through her "fighting not to die".  All I can bet is this is how her charges are dropped. 

20150305 0829(33)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  No scene chewing one for me, just this nice ol' fashioned touch of "Danny Boy" and sweet pie Avery's face.  She even tried to sing along! Awww.

RUNNER UP: Tracy and Alice. Great scenes. They looked like they were having fun discussing kids at the Q's house. 

20150304 1011(26)

FACE OF THE WEEK: Michael double out-Sonnys Sonny!! That's it right there! BOOM! Got "cha!

20150307 0938(30)

PROP OF THE WEEK: AWWWW.... little Irish cutie hat!!  

This week felt like a GIANT step back for me.  WHY with the MOB? We went though all that Jerome-Corinthos jail bonding for nothing?? 
 WHY with the "on the run"??  Jake is still in bed. Didn't I just do a Sunday Surgery with all 3 ladies talking to him in HIS BED? Well, happened again this week. Although Sloane showed up to offer him a way out of his charges he  can GO INTO THE MOB!!! 

Thank you
that Sonny drank a giant scotch and Avery had on a cute hat or my whole week would have been wasted. 


  1. I am first again, yay!! GM to all on this "spring forward" Sunday, and thanks, Karen, for the "Silence of the Hams" SS!

  2. Love this blog! Thank you for writing it!

  3. I tuned in a few times this week after having not watched for the last several weeks. I will be tuning out again.

    Luke storyline is possibly worst I have ever seen...and that includes Casey the Alien and the Vampires.

    Glaring gaps are not only Monica but Laura, Lucky, Ethan, and Lesley. I understand they can't all be on screen but with all the stuff happening with Luke, and Spencer you think they could at least be referenced. ditto for Christina re: Sonny and Michael storyline.

    Robin is also glaringly missing. Her daughter was caught in a fire, she is good friends with Nicholas and miracle worker doctor (called in to help Spencer, she knows Jason is out there somewhere, her mother lost her job, she helped raise Michael as a baby, she has the Lante baby-in-a-bottle. I know Helena was holding her captive but Helena retuned to Port Charles without even a mention of Robin, and now Helena is being held by Nicholas.

    Kiki did not need to be recast.

    There is no use for Silas, Nina or Franco - despite how talented some of those actors are.

    The actor who plays Nathan seems even more wooden and flat in his delivery when put up against Spinelli (and I normally do not like Spinelli). write Nathan off and make Jordan and Sam police officers.

    The only scene I liked was Alice and Tracy. I was thinking how fun it would be to find out Alice was actually Pat Spencer.

  4. GENIUS on the Pat Spencer/Alice thing..but she's not old enough? Ah, who cares, right! We can pretend.

    I am NOT really looking forward to the entire "Spencer back story" stuff. I also think the secret is that Pat and Luke killed their abusive father after a really nasty abusive episode.

  5. Oh Karen hahaha. Your little conversations were awesome! So funny! :)Great job! :)

  6. This week I found myself thinking bring back Casey the Alien. Then I thought I must be nuts. Glad to see somebody else finds this to be worse than that story.

    I assume the escape plan means Geary is going on one of his extended vacations and this will be dragged on even longer?

    Loved your choice for face of the week Karen.

  7. I agree with friscogh, Robin needs to be on canvas. I would be ok with a recast, knowing someday the "real" robin will tire of directing and being in Hawaii and all that stuff and want her job back (maybe???) but GH suffers as they hold onto her job while she's out living her life, happy to have her make silly appearances that go nowhere, just so they can use old flashbacks. Also, it's so odd that this whole, horrible Luke thing is going on and there is no Lucky or Laura. Sorry Tracy, but a visit from Laura might just do the trick. But, alas, she is in GH2, Paris style. This needs to be done.

    Sonny is a turd, always has been, and Carly once again shows why she will never win Mother of the Year. So Morgan will now run away (and reignite his passion) with nuKiki (a recast for THAT character? REALLY???) and we can all yawn and yawn...

    Jason is hottt! Get him out of that bed and charming the ladies already!

  8. For me the scene of the week was Ned and Tracy playing blocks with Danny and talking about babies. It was just so NORMAL and natural. Just proves when you have 2 amazing actors you don't need wild story telling. Just good dialogue.

  9. Thanks, Karen. As usual your blog is more entertaining than the show.

    And friscogh, I agree with all your points. I also haven't watched much lately.

    It was great to see Alice back and looking good.

  10. I'm calling that Ava is going out like Rebecca in the Daphne DuMaurier novel "Rebecca" (or Hitchcock movie "Rebecca").

    I wouldn't want Sonny compared to Maxim DeWinter as Sonny is not that sympathetic.

  11. I love the imaginary dialogue. It's way more entertaining than the show.

    Yes, that's about as much emotion as Nathan can show. He has one default expression where he furrows his brow. He admitted he often doesn't know what to do with his arms in a scene so we get a lot of crossed arms. He's been on over a year now and for me he just can't emote enough and brings down every scene he is in. Just my opinion.

    I love Michael sticking it to Sonny but I feel like the writers want everyone to be on Sonny's side. They keep having people remind Michael how great Sonny is. Maybe Michael's motives aren't totally pure, but I really wish Michael or someone would throw it right back into Sonny's & Carly's faces when they yell about Michael taking Avery away from her biological father that Carly AND Sonny did that very thing to A.J. A.J. wasn't a saint but for some reason every writer since Guza believes that Sonny is better than A.J.

  12. I also thought the best scenes of the week were Tracy and Ned with that adorable Danny. I also like seeing Scotty and Bobbie no matter how lame the storyline is, and it was great to have Alice back. The best part of Casey the Alien story was that the actor was so good looking. I love daylight saving time!!

  13. "LSV422 said...Casey the Alien story was that the actor was so good looking."

    Oh yeah!!! He sure was!!! :)

  14. Shelley said "So Morgan will now run away (and reignite his passion) with nuKiki (a recast for THAT character? REALLY???) and we can all yawn and yawn..."

    I would have loved Serena Baldwin back instead and I hope she does make an appearance because I think the young adults need more than just Kiki.

    The reason behind recasting Kiki is that KA's departure was spur of the moment and story was already written for Kiki. I'm sure rewriting it all would have been a pain plus would have messed up Ava's story. I don't hate Kiki, she just sort just there though.

    Question for everyone: We make fun of Casey the Alien now but did people enjoy the story line back when it was being aired?

  15. SaveOurSuds, aside from Casey being good looking, it was a cute story for little Robin. Farfetched but fun.

  16. It's been so long since Casey the Alien but, I recall it in the same way. Cute for Robin. I remember thinking an alien? Really? Oh well, it's a soap right? In retrospect, I found Casey the alien from Lumina less offence then the Fluke storyline.


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