Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An Idea in an Instant

Here's how the WIFE Story should have been written, imo...

Add Water! 

Hayden shows up. We don't know who sent her. We know she can't be his real wife but has so much information and things that it's almost a done deal. She could have gone to the hospital first. Said she's been searching for months for her long-haul trucker husband. They found his rig in Ohio but he was gone. She'd have medical files--fingerprints that would match Jake Doe. (easy enough to lift his now). She would be at GH because after doing a data base search of  unknown people turning up at hospitals she finally got a hit. Have the hospital tell her that Jake Doe matches her information/fingerprints.. She could have even have brought a toothbrush or something for DNA. 
Have his 'boss' be on Skype. There's a million things. Having him being a long haul trucker could explain so much. 

Have her live in South Dakota. That's far enough away for her to have to stay in Port Charles for awhile and he to be skeptical to go back. There could already be a facebook page of them as a couple. Pictures, yada yada. Google searches (get someone to put them in). Make up a High School yearbook-- I mean the set up could have been flawless. 

We the audience could be like: WOW...she's good. Is it Helena doing this? We wouldn't know until Ric shows up to pay her about a week later.

I'm just riffing off the top of my head. I love Rebecca Buding, glad she's on (although having 800 cast members still sucks). This and the Closet Cancer Ava could be SO much better.

Ok, I feel better now! 


  1. Once again, you score as a wonderful writer. Bravo, Karen!!!
    We are gonna miss you like crazy while you are gone. But have a great time, and just enjoy the heck out of the warm weather.
    Isn't it amazing how quickly you came up with such a great story, so quickly, off the top of your [brilliant] head???!!! There is a team of writers, and you trumped them in less than four hours. You Rock, Girl.
    Enjoy your vay cay.

  2. Well, geesh it just seems like story 101. I don't know why they'd want to write it like this. Or Ava.

    I think I'm not watching the rest of the week. I wasn't going to, then did and regret it lol

  3. I feel they are gonna waste Budig.

    What's the money the Jake clone ends up dead and there's some murder mystery?

  4. Your version of the story is so much better than the one on screen.

  5. I think they are not revealing that he is Jason because they don't know if BM is staying. I read on Soapzone News & Gossip a few weeks ago that BM was two hours late for work due to his many auditions and LW & BH I believe were not happy. There is also the issue of his time with Helena and subsequent chip implant. How did "Jake" meet up with her - in the woods?


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